Thursday, September 24, 2009

Superman Week!!!!

This is a GREAT week for superman fans! So many Superman related titles hit the shelves yesterday! There was Blackest Night – Superman, Superman/Batman, Supergirl, Justice league and two others that I will review here…Superman Secret Origins #1 and Powergirl #5…why those? Simple, I haven’t gotten around to reading the others yet!
Superman Secret Origins #1

I can’t tell you how many times I have read different versions of Superman’s origin. From reprints of Action and Superman #1, to the silver age Superman’s Life Story in Superman #146, to Byrne’s Man of Steel, Superman For All Seasons and many, MANY more! Even for a lifelong Superfan like myself it was getting to be a bit much.

So it was with a sense of resignation that I picked up the first issue of Superman Secret Origin #1 at CBJs last night. I knew that with the team of Geoff Johns and Gary frank that the book would look great and be a slick read. Nothing new or special but a passable page turner….


Geoff and Gary have given us a start to this series that has the potential to overshadow the great Green Lantern Secret Origin reboot! Johns has borrowed from nearly every era of the superman legend to give us a synthesis for the new century. There are elements from the Smallville TV Series, the Byrne reboot, the Chris Reeve Superman films , the Mort Weisenger Silver Age elements and of course there is the core Siegel and Shuster concept as the foundation. In very short order we are introduced to old friends Pete Ross and Lana Lang as well as a fascinating first glimpse at a young Lex Luthor. Unlike a lot of origin mini-series Johns has avoided the needles exposition that is typical of such runs. It is a great read and leaves you wanting to see issue #2 right now!

Frank’s illustrations are fluid and realistic. He gives us glimpses of Annette O’Toole as Lana and Chris Reeve as Clark. The style is completely modern yet it invokes the charming Silver Age look that Curt Swan brought to the book. Between Johns and Frank we are seeing a Superman origin tale that promises to be a joy to read.

I give this book TEN Yellow Suns!

Power Girl #5

I have been touting this book as the sleeper hit of 2009 since Issue #1! Why aren’t you Goldbrickin’ Yahoos rushing out to buy it???!!!
Issue #5 gives us more PeeGee goodness, sprinkling action , humor, wet cats, missing boots, Spice girls from another dimension and a great scene with one of New York’s Bravest. As always Powergirl goes from intensely intimidating superhero person to adorable girl next door. (I have to move into THAT neighborhood!). Amanda Conner draws such charming characters and imbues each with a distinct personality that is reinforced by the stellar writing of Palmiotti and Gray. I especially like the way that they make Powergirl so much more accessible to the ”normal” people that populate her world. She is not aloof and is just as concerned about getting her cat washed, and her company running as she is about beating up the next superbaddie. Of course there are the obligatory jokes about her ample “charms” but even these are quite endearing, celebrating adolescent fantasies rather than looking down at them. Amanda, unlike many other artists, gives us a protagonist who LOOKS comfortable in her own body.
C’mon people! Support this book. I promise it is worth your while!
I give THIS book 10 freshly bathed cats !!!!
Next – What was Marvel’s Civil war really about?

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