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Thanks for another great year!

Happy New Year from everyone hear at the store! I don't think we can really express our gratitude enough to all you guys and gals for making this another great year and one in which we've grown so much as a store and as people. You all make doing this so great and we're so glad to have in our lives and making every week fun and special. We look forward to the new year and making the store even better than ever.

To start us off we've got some great signings and additional events starting up in January and continuing well into the new year. We're extremely excited and can't wait for it all to come together. Of course, this year in comics looks absolutely stellar with Marvel coming straight away into Seige and beyond and, of course, DC wrapping up Blackest Night among other things. It's been a great year for comics and this year is looking even better.

In the coming days and weeks keep on the look out for the announcement of these events and the unveiling of our new $5 bill! Stay tuned, be safe and we'll see you next year!

Some other random tidbits of news:
1) We will be closing early on New Year's Eve, most likely 6pm unless the snow gets really bad.
2) We will be closed New Year's Day
3) The weekly delivery will resume its normal schedule on Wednesday, January 6th.

Monday, December 28, 2009


What up world?!
Coming to you live and in color over here at Comic Book Jones, I've just had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of BLACKEST NIGHT #6!

That's right kiddies, I read it and lemme tell you...IT'S AMAZING!! Geoff Johns is a frickin mad scientist and as far as I'm concerned he is by far the best writer of the 21st century. That's right I said it and what!
Obviously I can't tell you about the issue because it doesn't come out til Wednesday but lemme just say this, if you thought issue #5 was awesome, wait til you read this. You will be screaming like a little girl on Christmas just like I did.
The "New Guardians" are ridiculous. Some of the characters most of you probably saw coming because Johns has been foreshadowing their incorporation since issue #1.
All the pieces are falling into place and this is it for the DCU.
This will change the status quo for years to come. I honestly can't think of anything that DC can do to truly top this story.
Get your rings ready and get your ass to the store early on Wednesday and read this book ASAP!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Happy Holidays World!
It came and its gone and now it's time to recover. I'm not eating til next week. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. This was a christmasy week in comics. I think every good book came out this week. So much good stuff to sit back and read after stuffing my face. A bunch of sweet first issues came out and books from every major event going on. Let's jump into it.

First off I want to talk about some One-Shots that came out from Marvel this week, both books are parts of Marvel's 2010 major stories.

Captain America: Who will wield the shield.

I've really not been happy with the way things are going on right now with Captain America. I'm really not opposed to bringing back Steve Rogers but the way they've been going about it really doesn't tickle my fancy and the fact that they've completely jumped the gun by making Steve appear in other books without officially bringing him back in Cap Reborn #6 is pretty stupid if you ask me.
In this issue the question is posed "Who will wield the shield"? Bucky is with The Black Widow and he's talking to her about how he feels now that with Steve being back, he should give up the mantle of Captain America. Over at the New Avengers secret base, Steve is contemplating telling Bucky to keep the costume and shield because he saw the future and if Bucky gives up being Captain America he will die. The end result leads you to believe that Marvel has some bigger plans for Steve Rogers than having him run around when Bucky has been doing a fine job of filling his shoes. I thought this was the best way of keeping Bucky as Cap and having Steve still be open for new opportunities, I mean they did make Norman Osborn head of a government office. All in all it was a pretty descent issue and a fair way to save a good idea poorly done.

4 out of 5

Fall Of The Hulks Gamma

The second half to the beginning of the "Fall Of The Hulks" storyline. In this issue a major death happens to catapult events into motion. General Ross is killed in battle with the Red Hulk. This issue is a funeral for Ross and the start of the fall. I've been looking forward to see what Jeph Loeb had in store for us since the beginning of the Hulk relaunch. Finally after so long we as fans who stood by and waited are finally being paid back. The answer of the identity of the Red Hulk and The Red She Hulk will finally be answered and what the hell has been going on since day one will FINALLY be answered. Things have been rocky for a while but it's nice to finally see the Hulk making sense and everything going on finally heading into a modern day "who done it?".

3 out of 5

Avengers Initiative #31

Another book to come out this week dealing with a major storyline just jumping off. This issue is the back story to Taskmasters introduction to the Cabal in "Siege: The Cabal One-Shot". In this issue Taskmaster is told that Norman Osborn is coming to Camp HAMMER for an inspection and if all goes well that Taskmaster may be looking at a promotion. After a staged inspection, Norman gives Taskmaster a position in a bigger organization he's involved in. After the Dr. Doom bot blasts Taskmaster in the face and explodes, He's in the hospital where he asks to rescind Osborn's offer. After Norman threatens him he's told where his first mission will be. ASGARD!
It wasn't necessary but it was cool to see how Taskmaster came into the position as a member of The Cabal and to see the seeds of "SIEGE" being sown.

4 out of 5

New Mutants #8

This being the seventh part of the X-Men's current crossover "Necrosha", the story is finally picking up the pace. In the New Mutants issues thus far, Douglas Ramsey aka Cypher returned, tried to kill Magma and beheaded also returned member Warlock. Now after an attempted reboot by the Hellions, Cypher is fighting the techno organic virus' coding. The team battles with The Hellions while Sunspot and Karma rush to save Magma's life. Dr. Nemesis injects her with a serum to activate her dormant X-genes and save her life. Magik stabs the virus infected Warlock with her Soul Sword, which gives light to the possibility of undoing the programming and saving the recently returned infected. In the end, Cypher is saved and returned back to being alive. I've been bashing this storyline thus far because as far as X-Men crossovers is has been of the weakest stories. At this point things are starting to pick up and begin to note worthy.

3 out of 5

X-Men Legacy #231

Part eight of the "Necrosha" storyline, This issue follows Blindfold as she tries to deliver information she learned from Destiny to Cyclops. She explains in the heat of battle non the less, that Destiny told her the fight would be on two fronts, Muir Island and Genosha. Cyclops sends Blindfold along with a team to Muir Island where after an almost failed precognition, Blindfold is possessed by Proteus. Again, another part to a bigger puzzle finally making this story worth while.

3 out of 5

As much as I don't like that Marvel is bringing back Steve Rogers and now in "Necrosha" they're bringing back almost all of the dead mutants with the possibility of returning them to normal, these stories are forming some really interesting ideas and hopefully will play a bigger role in the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Now over in the DCU, "Blackest Night" is in full affect with three books this week.

Green Lantern #49

We haven't seen John Stewart in a while. He's been heading toward the planet Xanshi. Xanshi is the planet that John feels responsible for the death of everyone on the planet. He arrives and finds a power battery belonging to Green Lantern Driq of Space Sector 667. Oddly enough, Driq is the first Green and Black Lantern. He died but his green ring never left him to be reassigned. After a strenuous battle, John can't win and decides to head off back towards earth. He leaves the planet to warn Earth of Xanshi, when he sees just how close he and Xanshi are to Earth. In a backup Tales Of The Black Lantern Corps, Jean Loring with The Atom and Mera are inside of a Black Ring. Inside the ring, Jean explains how the Guardians of the Universe were never tasked with saving the universe and were never given responsibility to battle back the darkness. It's revealed that Nekron is the avatar of the darkness and he's been put into place to save the hero's from ever really dying and to one day return the universe to the Darkness. Truthfully, the issue was great but I really enjoyed the backup story so much more. I wish the issue was just the backup story.

5 out of 5

Teen Titans #78

In this issue, Deathstroke, Rose and Jericho fight for their lives against the Black Lanterns. You find out that Jericho's eyes grew back after Vigilante cut them out. When Black Lantern Ravager came to get him, he made "contact" and jumped into it's body. Walking around in the darkness, he finally was able to escape after Rose tried to burn Ravager last issue. After a lengthy battle, Jericho realizes that they have no chance to defeat the Black Lanterns and tries to jump from each one in an attempt to make them destroy themselves. His plan works and he, Rose and Deathstroke survive. Deathstroke poses the idea of the three of them sticking together saying "Together, we could be more than a team, we could be a family." Rose declines the offer and tells Deathstroke that if she ever see's him again, she'll kill him. She then states that her long thought mother isn't dead because she didn't come back like Jericho's mother and she's going to find her. Not a half bad story dealing with the Slades. The idea was pretty much family based and a way to give Deathstroke a true sense of family and heroism.

4 out of 5

Blackest Night JSA #1

Picking up right from "Blackest Night #5", Wildcat, Powergirl and Mr. Terrific are back at the Brownstone examining the dead bodies of Black Lantern Earth 2 Superman and Psycho Pirate. The rest of the team are in the middle of fighting off the other Black Lanterns and trying to save people from getting killed. Stargirl is upset and wants to go after Damage after Jean Loring tore out his heart and turned him. Jay Garrick is running back and forth between the battle and the brownstone relaying messages. He gets told by Mr. Terrific that he needs Green Lantern, Stargirl and Lightning "to create a light energy of their own" to defeat the Black Lanterns. Mr. Terrific realizes that his Black Lantern counter part will realize the same thing and that they'll head to the brownstone. A really good issue. I have a feeling that we'll see more potential members for a possible "White Lantern Corps" by the end of this mini series.

5 out of 5

Now, three new number one's came out this week that I think you should check out and get on your pull list ASAP!

Chimichanga #1

New this week from Eric Powell creator of "The Goon" comes, Chimichanga. The book is about a bearded girl from a traveling circus who trades a couple of locks of her beard for a rock. The rock is actually an egg which hatches some creature she names Chimichanga. This comic is laugh out loud funny. Any fan of The Goon will love this book. Eric Powell is a master of his craft and this book is the perfect example of how he can make complete nonsense absolutely entertaining. If you passed this book up because you don't know anything about it, Eric Powell or The Goon then you need to get yourself familiar now.

5 out of 5

Angelus #1

Those of you who read "Witchblade" are familiar with The Angelus. For those of you who don't know, The Angelus is the heavenly light side of "The Balance". For centuries, The Angelus entity has picked a host and been in complete control in it's attempts to overcome and kill the Darkness. Dani Baptiste, the former bearer of The Witchblade is now the host of The Angelus. Recently relocated to New Orleans with her would-be girl friend and roommate Finch, Dani is dealing with her new powers and wonders what's going to happen. While the two girls are out site seeing, they are attacked by a three headed blue creature. Dani turns into The Angelus and is saved by one of her followers and servants Sabine. Sabine and the other angelic Angelus followers explain to Dani that they served the former host's of The Angelus and wish to do the same for her. Dani is confused as to what The Angelus truly is and wishes to find out more. Another book that you should be reading. If you don't know anything about The Witchblade, The Darkness or The Angelus, Top Cow has been putting out trades to bring people such as yourself up to date. Go out and check them all out and get this isse because you will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5

The Last Days of American Crime #1

The first of this three issue mini series from Radical Comics, comes Rick Remender of Punisher and Fear Agent fame's book "The Last Days Of American Crime". In a not to distant future, as a response to an increase in domestic terrorism and crime the US government decides that they are going to broadcast a signal that will neurologically pacify any person in unlawful behavior. A news paper breaks the story and also explains that the government will also be getting rid of paper money and creating refillable credit cards, effectively recording every transaction made and preventing drug deals and crimes in general. Graham Bricks the main character is a security guard at a bank who enlists the help of Kevin Cash and Shelby Dupree, two criminals with the ability to help him steal a machine and set it up so that they can refill an unlimited card, basically pulling the last possible bank job. This idea isn't too far off because talk of getting rid of paper monies and going with some form of electronic banking has been floating around the United States for quite some time. Fans of Remender's or of Crime books in general will love this comic.

5 out of 5

and that's all for me folks. As you can see, there will not be any new comics this week except "Blackest Night #6", so I don't have anything to "Jones" for. I am however going to be doing a special edition of Previews and Reviews. I'm going to be renaming the column along with doing a special edition of it. Stay tuned and see what I come up with.



As you may have heard there will be no delivery this week because of the holidays. As a result there will be no new books except for one, Blackest Night #6! We figured this would be a good time for all you boys and girls to catch up on some of your favorite series and start new ones. So, to help you along with this process we are extending an extra 10% off this Wednesday to bring it up to 20% off total for everything in the store! Pick up that trade you've been eyeing or jump in to a series you've been procrastinating on buying.

We also have free Marvel 2010 calendars to give away, free special variant issues of Fall of the Hulks Alpha and a free special issue - Origins of Siege. So you've got three cool free things to pick up, Blackest Night #6 (which is huge!) and a special 20% discount on everything in the store so make sure you stop by to pick up all these special goodies.

Please be advised that we will also be closed on New Year's Day with shortened business hours on New Year's Eve. We'll keep you updated!

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Alfred Pennyworth...Superhero!

Christmas is almost upon us and as the spirit of the season permeates the air we see more and more reminders of just what the holiday really means. One of the nicer stories that I have come across recently that illustrates that one not be SUPER to be a hero is to be found in the current Batman 80 page giant on sale now. This years Annual has reverted to the formula that was popular during the Silver Age. It is not a single story but a series of shorter tales wrapped around a theme. While it is not explicitly stated, this years Batman 80 Pager centers around Christmas.

Much to my delight Alfred Pennyworth, the erstwhile butler and father figure to The Batman, stars in his own story entitled “Pure As The Driven Snow”. It is written by David Tishman and wonderfully illustrated by Alex Konat (who obviously has a crush on a young Teri Garr). The story concerns Alfred’s friendship with a young prostitute named “Rose” but who’s real name turns out to be Rhonda. In the aftermath of a crippling blizzard, Alfred picks his new friend up and takes her to The Wayne Foundation Ball for underprivileged children. This is fitting as Rose is very much still a child herself and certainly underprivileged. At the Ball, Alfred treats Rose to an evening as a “princess” and even stands up for her honor (in a somewhat comic manner)when some of the OVERPRIVILEGED make untoward remarks, challenging her honor.

Later Alfred provides Rose with new clothing, more in keeping with a young college age girl and a ticket back home to Sioux Falls where she hails from. Alfred is giving her a chance at getting her life back. At the bus station Rose reveals to Alfred that she is shocked that someone would do so much for her and want nothing in return. This has never happened to her before. Alfred tells her that he does it to honor the memory of his best friend who had died (Bruce Wayne).

It is a simple story, a vignette really, but it illustrates that compassion is the greatest super power that anyone can possess. Alfred is the perfect character with which to illustrate this point as he has always put the needs of others before himself. Like Bruce/Batman, Alfred also knows that the redemption of a single person is as great as a victory over the most vile super villain.

“Pure As The Driven Snow” is a perfect Christmas story. Konat captures something in the eyes of both Alfred and Rose that puts a lump right in the readers throat. It is one of the very few comic book stories that WILL bring a tear to your eye. The storytelling by Tishman is simple and touching. There is no wasted dialogue and no unnecessary artwork. In it’s ten pages we learn to empathize with both of these characters.

This time, the good guys win.

Batman 80 Page Giant #1 is a great all around book and is worth the purchase price just for the privilege of reading “Pure As The Driven Snow”.

Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays… everyone…and do try to stop by Comic Book Jones to say “hi”. I can guarantee that it is one of the “warmest” places to be around the holidays!
Until next time…

That’s 30!


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Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones.

What up world!?
Did everyone have as much fun as I did at the Comic Book Jones 2 year celebration?? It was awesome, such a good time with new friends and family. If you missed it, I feel bad for you.
Now, this was a pretty big week in books, some good, some bad. I'll cut the crap and get to it..

Let's jump into this weeks offering of "Blackest Night" tie-in books.

Outsiders #25

This issue is the second part of the Outsiders dealings with "Blackest Night". The issue picks up in the Outsiders base where The Black Lantern Tara is trying to convince her brother Geo-Force to kill her and end her suffering as a reanimated monster. Meanwhile, Tatsu, Creeper, Killer Croc and Halo are dealing with Tatsu's reanimated Husband and children. This is where the fun starts and some revelations come to light, literally. Tatsu's soulsword can see the soul of the person it cuts, in attacking her dead Husband, she comes to find out about the coming darkness and Nekron. After a long battle, Halo gets back into the fight and "lights up" The Black Lanterns and heads off to save the other members of the team. She arrives, destroys Tara's black ring as Geo-Force turns her into stone. Halo then states that "the light is calling her" and dissappears in a great flash of light.
The team "disbands" to take time to recoop and spead time with their families to reflect on al the current events that have been going on since Batman's "death".
This issue also marks the end of Peter Tomasi's run on the book as the next issue welcomes in the creative team of Dan Didio and Philip Tan. This was a really good tie-in because we get to see the possible creation of a "White Lantern Corps"? I'm kind of sad to see Peter Tomasi go off this book because he's done a bang up job since he got on the book and has done nothing but good for it. Needless to say, good issue, great tie-in.

5 out of 5

Justice League of America #40

This issue mainly focuses on Vixen, Dr. Light and Gypsy battling Black Lantern Steel, Vibe and villain Dr. Light. Sadly, Zatana's battle with her Father Zatarra is cut out. This issue is pretty much a verbal battle as the Black Lantern's attempt to belittle and discount Vixen, Dr. Light and Gypsy as valid super-heroines and as women in general. It's a very emotional issue as the Black Lantern's are trying to get the women to react to their verbal abuse and have some solid emotions to feed off of. In the end Dr. Light with the help of the puddle formerly known as Plastic Man and her female teammates takes down the three Black Lanterns. Again, another example of a possible "White Lantern Corps". Potential members being Vixen and Dr. Light. This wasn't exactly a great issue, well written as it was and to the point, I felt that the battle should've been more of a battle as opposed to it being a shouting match in between punches.

3 out of 5

Superman / Batman #67

I'm am going to bash this issue to pieces. I'm sorry I spent the money to even own this issue. I really think that DC should've done something else and used Solomon Grundy in another book or just saved him for the main "Blackest Night" title. Picking up from last issues mess, Black Lantern Solomon Grundy is beating the crap out of Bizarro. Francine Langstrom is attempting to give her Husband Kirk aka The Man Bat the cure to his bat serum and save him from a life as a monster and Frankenstein and S.H.A.D.E are attempting to stop Grundy while all this is going on. The issue is mostly about monsters and loss, that's pretty much my take on the idea behind the story. I'm really unimpressed and I feel that this concept isn't needed. Solomon Grundy is a great character. He should be running around ripping people apart and feeding. Man Bat should'nt even have been in this issue because the last time we saw him was in the last issue of The Outsiders, where he was in a swamp with Killer Croc being chased. Bizarro is just totally left field and should've been saved for the bigger story I feel. Don't feel bad if you missed these past two issue of this title because truthfully, you'll kick yourself if you go crazy looking for them. Go to the store sit down and read them. Buy something else.

1 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #43

Last issue we saw Kyle Rayner die, this issue he is given a second lease on life. In the wake of Kyle's apparent death, Natu and Guy attempt to stop Kyle's ring from leaving him and the Black rings from inhabiting him. Guy becomes so enraged that a Red Rage ring finds him and he becomes a half Red Lantern half Green Lantern. He starts tearing through the Black Lanterns and is a one man death machine. Kilowog and the remaining Corps gather round Kyle attempting to hold off the Black rings from taking him all the while holding off the Black Lanterns. A Star Sapphire shows up and with the power of Natu's love for Kyle resurrects him. Guy is on a killing spree even adding Yellow Lantern Cryb to his list. This issue was intense. Peter Tomasi shows us again why he is the man to be following Geoff Johns on this massive journey through space and the DCU.

5 out of 5

Over in Marvel this week, we're given another chapter in the ongoing "Necrosha" storyline.

X-Force #22

In the last chapter we saw Selene and her zombie mutants make their way to Genosha, where she began to raise the dead island and it's unfortunate inhabitants. In reanimating sixteen million mutants only about a million of them still have their mutant abilities, interesting considering the fact that these mutants died long before M-Day. Selene needs her sword to begin sacrificing mutants so that she may become a god. Eli Bard who was her servant back in Roman times lost the sword in a battle with the animal spirits that protects Warpath's tribe. He explains to Blink the story and asks her to help him find it. She sells him out and tells Selene about his plan. They are sent to find the X-Men and her sword or else. The interesting thing about this issue is the revelation that Eli Bard used the Techo Organic Virus and Caiban in a plot to help Selene "finish her journey". It's sad that this is how they're going to bring back the mutant populace. I and I'm sure others out there aren't buying this and feel that it's a cheap way of rebooting long dead characters.

3 out of 5

One book that came out this week from Marvel that everyone needs to read, buy and become fans of if they aren't already is X-Factor!

X-Factor #200

Newly renumbered and relocated, the team takes on it's first case in NYC. Valeria and Franklin Richards come to report that The Invisible Woman is missing. Since this book is so amazing and I honestly can't bring myself to tell you anymore of what happens in this milestone issue, I suggest you get out of the house and read it yourself. Trust me, this is one book you don't need to know every little thing of every little character. Peter David truly shows that he is a master of his craft and you will agree.

5 out of 5!!

New from Boom Studios, we get a brand new number one issue..

Incorruptible #1

Spinning out of the hit Boom Studios series "Irredeemable" comes "Incorruptible". Nick Nitro is the FBI's most wanted man and on the run. He's the only one to survive a battle with The Plutonian (he's the star and superhero supreme of Irredeemable.) The story starts off with Nick's old crew going to rob a diamond exchange when they are barricaded by the authories on a bridge. The shootout starts and Nick Nitro shows up to save the police. After helping the cops arrest his old crew, Nick heads back to his secret base. There he meets with his girlfriend named "Jailbait" and has the police chief in the trunk. He then tells them that he wants to go straight ever since looking into the eyes of a God. This series is the polar opposite of "Irredeemable", Nick Nitro being a criminal wanting to become a hero as The Plutionian went from hero to villain. So far so good, anyone who's a fan of "Irredeemable" will really enjoy this.

5 out of 5.

with that said, "That's all folks".

Here's what I'm JONESIN' for this week in comics!

THOR #605

Friday, December 18, 2009

R. Beast is back

For those of you who don't know, the CBJ website hosted my webcomic R. Beast's Out of Love, and continue to do so... About five months ago... the webcomic stopped updating. Listen guys, I'm sorry, okay!? There was so much going on... and i just plain didn't have the time to continue drawing the damned thing. Fortunately for you, I've freed up a whole bunch of time and i've decided to continue drawing it. (It's all written from beginning to end... just a matter of getting it done?) So you can check it out at the link above (and catch up if you're new to the fun.) It will continue for now as a bi-weekly strip, and may or may not go back to updating weekly. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to continue on with this venture, i promise you it will be completed... i don't, however, promise you'll be pleased with the end result...
Think of it like a pumpkin pie..
Also - congrats on CBJ for an awesome two years!

your friend,
Tiger's beard

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mabel Normand.... Staten Island's Forgotten Star

The biggest star in the world today pales in comparison to Charlie Chaplin for his sheer notoriety . “Charlot” was a major star in every country on the planet that could project silent films. Because of the lack of sound Silent Movies had no language barrier and so a star could enjoy universal appeal. Movies in the 1910’s and 1920’s also had little to no competition. They were the only form of mass entertainment. To this day, millions of people who never saw Chaplin in a single film know who he is and immediately recognize photos of “The Little Tramp”. It is very hard to imagine the average movie fan in Samalia recognizing a photo of Steven Segal 100 years from now.

It might surprise you to know that one of the biggest stars of the early Silent Era came from Staten Island. The extraordinarily talented and beautiful Mabel Normand was born in New Brighton on November 9, 1892. She would only live for thirty-seven years but in her short life Normand helped CREATE the language of cinema. A language that we still use today.
To say that Mabel was beautiful, vivacious and talented only hints at the amazing person that she was. Normand was not only a major comedy star who worked along such legends as Chaplin, Arbuckle and Sennett, she was also a writer, director, producer and even ran her own production company for a time. It was a lesser feat for a man to walk on the moon than for a woman to be so influential in the early part of the twentieth century. In fact, her accomplishments were SO extraordinary that I wonder if we can truly appreciate the scope of her impact from our vantage point of 2009.

It was hard enough just being a woman in 1920. Imagine being a beautiful, smart and AMBITIOUS woman trying to be a player in a fledgling industry dominated by men. It is even more amazing that BOTH Mabel and Mary Pickford became serious powers in the young film industry.

Mabel entered film in 1909 at the age of 16. She was an artist’s model, even sitting for the famous Charles Dana Gibson, the creator of “The Gibson Girl”. She soon began to work for Mack Sennett’s Keystone Studios. At first Mabel appeared in film as a bathing beauty but it was not long before Mack discovered her flair for comedy and began to use her as a featured player in his ground breaking shorts. In 1914 she starred with Chaplin in what is considered to be the first feature length comedy, “Tillie’s Punctured Romance” and became an international star.
Unfortunately Mabel would be linked to two scandalous murder cases in the 1920’s that would ultimately impact her career and her health.

Director William Desmond shared her interest in books and the two formed a close friendship. He was murdered in 1922 only minutes after Normand had left his home. She was closely scrutinized by police but never considered a serious suspect.

In 1924 her chauffeur Joe Kelly shot and wounded millionaire oil broker and amateur golfer Courtland S. Dines with her pistol. At the time Dines was romantically involved with Normand's friend and film star Edna Purviance.

Newspapers speculated wildly about Normand given reports of her drug use along with her many past appearances in films with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle who had also recently become enmeshed in scandal in which he was accused of raping and killing a young starlet (Virginia Rappe) during a wild multi day party in his hotel suite. Arbuckle was later found innocent but the excesses of the stars of “Hollywood Babylon” resulted in a public backlash that would hamper or destroy the careers of the stars caught up in scandals that were damaging to the studios for which they worked. Even the great Chaplin would fall victim to scandals involving under aged girls that would culminate in a paternity suit that irrevocably damaged his public image. (Chaplin was not in fact the father of the child but was found guilty despite blood tests proving this).

It made no difference that Mabel had only a passing connection to these murders. By 1924 even the SUGGESTION of scandal was enough to ruin a star’s career and Mabel found herself, while not black listed, certainly in decline.

Mabel would go on making films for Hal Roach (home of Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang) in 1926 and would marry former co-star Lew Cody. However by this time her health was in serious decline. She would pass away from tuberculosis in 1930 at age 37.

While Mabel’s star did not burn long, it burned with particular brightness and her pioneering contributions to the creation of a new art form should never be forgotten.

That's 30!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Forever Night...Forever Knight

Has anybody noticed the de-fanging of the American (or even NON American) Vampire? With shows, books and movies like Tru Blood, Vampire Diaries and Twilight, it seems the Vampire in the post Buffy/Angel era is more concerned with the soap opera state of their relationships with teenaged girls than they are with taking a bite out of humans.

News flash….Vampires are NOT supposed to be all cuddly! …Monsters much???

Even Angel was good for the occasional homicidal rampage when his soul would go missing. Spike was good for a brawl even AFTER he got his soul back. Hell, even Angel knock off Mick St. John from Moonlight spent as much time throwing down as he did romancing the admittedly ravishing Sophia Miles (of Underworld fame).

Now anyone who even remotely knows me, understands that I still mourn the passing of both my beloved Buffy and (in a manly way of course) beloved Angel. Both shows were able to make vampires compelling and even sympathetic without ever letting the audience forget that these creatures are inherently dangerous. Anne Rice gave us a plethora of Vampires who could out brood Angel himself BUT would regularly take time out from self reflection to rip out a neck or two. I grant you that Angel AND Spike were both obsessed with young Buffy Summers, but SHE could totally kick their asses!

I realize that True blood in particular is very popular but the Vamps there seem as much obsessed by sex and drugs as by BLOOD. Which for most of them is synthetic!!!! What is THAT all about?? Faux Blood is like taking your sister to the Prom!

Where is the carnage?

Where is the murder??

Where is the mayhem???

Where is the FUN??!!!

Ok…enough moaning on my part. Let’s talk about a TV series that may be before your time or have escaped your notice. It was part of the “Crime Time After PrimeTime” late night line up on CBS during the 1992-1996 seasons. It was about an 800 year old vampire turned Homicide Cop struggling, and eventually FAILING in his quest for redemption.

I am talking about Forever Knight.

The adventures of Nick Knight, an 800 year old Vampire struggling to find a place in the modern world was the grand daddy of Vampire TV Shows. The concept was borrowed from the Tomb Of Dracula Character, Hannibal King, created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan some years earlier. (King was a private investigator rather than a Homicide Cop and he never actually drank HUMAN blood but he WAS also seeking redemption).

FK was essentially TWO shows in one. The main plot thread would deal with the murder of the week, with a sub plot in flashback to one of nick’s previous “lives” spanning the eight centuries of his existence. These flash backs found Nick interacting with the likes of Joan Of Arc and Hitler. There are essentially two conflicts that cover the life of the series.

Firs t is Nick’s struggle to regain his humanity and his evolving relationship with Natalie Lambert, the coroner who aids him in his cases. Unlike the defanged Vampires of more recent shows, Forever Knight never lets us forget that Nick is inherently dangerous and that he is perhaps MOST dangerous to the humans he cares for. Nick desperately wants to regain his humanity but is always struggling against his Vampiric nature. Because of this he keeps Natalie at arm’s length for as long as he can. Also unlike more modern Vampire Boy meets Human Girl stories, when Nick consummates his relationship with Natalie, he kills her. Nick’s story is ultimately a tragic one ending with him begging his sire, Lacroix, to end his existence. The final shot of the series is Nick on his knees, his back towards Lacroix with his Sire about to plunge a stake into his own “son”.

The other on going conflict in the series is between Nick and his Vampire family. Lacroix and Jannette (his paramour for centuries) simply do not understand why Nick would want to abandon his Vampire nature, and by extension, them. Through the series flashbacks we see that the three spent centuries together and that it was only within the last hundred years or so that Nick set out on his quest for humanity. We see many times where Lacroix foils Nick’s plans. He considers Nick and Janette his children and will not suffer losing either of them. When Nick first comes across Lacroix in modern times, he believes he has killed his sire in a fight. Later Lacroix resurfaces to become Nick’s sometime ally. As for Janette, she now owns a night club for vampires and begins to rekindle her own relationship with Nick. While she does not understand his desire to become human, Janette does not actively try to stop him. In a delicious bit of irony it is Janette who becomes human through her love affair with a mortal. What Nick could never achieve no matter how hard he tried, came to his lover by accident.

Through the length of the series, Nick begins to lose those humans who kept him tethered to the mortal world. Both of his partners (Schanke and Tracy) are killed. And when Natalie dies by his own hand, Nick sees the futility in his quest, realizing he was damned the first time he took an innocent life. His only chance for peace now lies in oblivion.

What makes Forever Knight so special is the fact that the good guys ultimately lose. We spend three seasons rooting for Nick, who is essentially a good, though tortured person only to see him fail. He fails not only himself, but those he cares most for. In many ways this show is far more “adult” than any Vampire series that has come along in all the years after. Geraint Wyn Davies as Nick and Nigel Bennett as Lacroix are wonderful in their roles and perhaps the most believable Vampires ever put on film. They are individuals who are ALSO Vampires, not the other way around. They also understand the consequences of their actions. Even Lacroix is not merely evil but a multi layered personality who is, in fact capable of remarkable loyalty and love for his “children”. Bennett’s portrayal shows us a cynical man who has simply seen too much of the human condition over HIS 1500 year existence to ever embrace Nick’s idealism.

Nonetheless he proves to be Nick’s best friend when the chips are down.

FK is also a remarkably SEXY show. It does not get nearly as graphic as Tru Blood or even Buffy. It’s sexuality is suggested rather than depicted, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks. This technique is always sexier than merely showing semi naked bodies. In Forever Knight the act of feeding is a deeply sexual act and the actors all convey this very strongly.

While not widely viewed, Forever Knight has influenced every Vampire series that has followed. The best of them (Buffy and Angel) manage to actually expand on some of the themes of heroism and loss extant in FK. Angel and Spike are never QUITE defanged. The others are merely shadows of a great concept.

Forever Knight is currently available (all three seasons) on DVD and I recommend it highly for any fan of Vampire fiction or just good TV.

That’s 30!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What up World!?

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes on Wednesday. I'd also like to thank Comic Book Jones and my lovely wife-to-be for having birthday cake at the tailgate on Thursday night. If you missed that party, you're nuts because it was hysterical. My face hurt all day Friday from laughing so hard.
This week was a big week in books and I've got a lot to talk about, so let's dive right into it shall we...

This week we got four "Blackest Night" tie-in issues. In each book we're given different solutions on how our heroes deal with The Black Lanterns. Each has it's own interesting way of how to deal with The Black Lantern Menace. At this point everyone got The Flash's message about the Black Lanterns and this is how our heroes dealt with them:

Booster Gold #27

In this second part to Booster's dealings with The Black Lantern Blue Beetle,
Booster comes to the realization that Ted had created a light gun at a point in his career. Booster, Blue Beetle and Skeets all head to Ted Kord's Beetle base and find his light gun. The combined powers of the light gun along with Booster's suit's blasters weakened The Black Lantern Beetle but don't destroy him. Booster grabs him and tells Skeets to open a portal. They separate the ring from his decaying body and bring him to "The Vanishing Point" where they bury Ted Kord for the second time.

3 out of 5

Adventure Comics #5

In this second part of Super Boy Prime dealing with the Black Lanterns, not only does he tear through them but the offices of DC Comics itself. That's the fun part of Earth Prime, all the superheroes he's worshiped and fought are just fictional characters to him the same as they are to us. Black Lantern Alexander Luthor leads the Black Lantern siege and they torment Super Boy. Belittling him and telling him all his emotions and outbursts will never let him become the hero he believes he was. Varying the spectrum of emotions til finally Super boy gives in and decides to join The Black Lanterns. He grabs the ring and goes through all the different spectrum's again til he becomes a RED RAGE LANTERN spewing blood and rage on The Black Lanterns, finally defeating them once and for all.

4 out of 5

Doom Patrol #5

In the second part to the Doom Patrol's dealings with the Black Lanterns, They battle their former team mates to a stale mate. It gets to the point that the scientists on Oolong Island decide to open a boom tube and send the Black Lanterns off the island. Where do they get sent? We aren't told and I'm sure it'll come back to haunt the Doom Patrol at some point. Sadly this was the weakest of all the "Blackest Night" books this week. The fights were good but the fact that no one on either side could best the other is a little hard to believe and the fact that The Lanterns get boom tubed off the island and we aren't told where they get sent off to just doesn't sit right with me.

2 out of 5

R.E.B.E.L.S #11

Last issue Vril Dox was given a Sinestro Corps ring. This second part to the REBELS dealings with The Black Lanterns is probably the best example of them dealing with their current situation as well as dealing with the ongoing battle they've been dealing with since issue one. Harbinger and Vril Dox's wife Stealth are tearing through the Sinestro Corps that are in that sector as well as adding them to the Black Lanterns. Not only does our anti-hero hero have to deal with them but the constant nagging of a message from Sinestro telling all members of the Corps to go to Korugar along with the threat of Starro and his legion of followers which includes Vril's son Braniac 3. Lyrl Dox creates a gateway that will allow Starro to breach the shield that Vril put up and allow the Starro's to continue their conquest of the galaxy. Another group to utilize the ability to create light, they use this to their advantage killing The Black Lanterns and banishing Starro and all his followers.

5 out of 5

Over at Marvel, I've got a serious bone to pick with two books that hit the selves this week.

New Avengers Annual #3

Following the events of New Avengers The List, the real Hawkeye aka Ronin aka Clint Barton was captured after a failed attempt to assassinate Norman Osborn. Clint is being held captive and being tortured to find the location and the real names of the New Avengers. The girls of the group, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird and the newly out of retirement Jessica Jones decide they are going to get Clint out of The Dark Avengers tower. Norman and company head over to the Brooklyn base of The New Avengers while the ladies free Clint. Everything was fine up until this point, a little late in the Marvel timeline because Clint is free and moving around in New Avengers for some time now but none the less a cool story then...

STEVE ROGERS IN HIS CAPTAIN AMERICA COSTUME SHOWS UP AND SAYS "THANK GOD THE AVENGERS ARE HERE, THE WORLD HAS GONE TO HELL BUT WE'RE HERE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!". WTF?!?!? Again, Cap. Reborn hasn't finished and he's making vital appearances in pivotal points leading into "Siege". Why even have a series where he comes back, why not just do like they're doing and have him just randomly pop up. why not just do it that way and have him "flashback" explaining how he returned from the dead. Why make us loyal fans pay for a series that we already know the conclusion to?

3 out of 5

and over in Iron Man, the nonsense continues...

The Invincible Iron Man #21

So if you've been sleeping under a rock you've been missing one of the best incarnations of Iron Man since his original series. Long story short, to prevent Norman Osborn from getting all the information on all the registered heroes, Tony Stark downloaded all the info into his brain, backed it up onto a series of files and then deleted his own brain.
At this point in the series, Tony is a vegetable and needs certain components to basically reboot himself back to life. That's all good and fine but the F-ed up part is again STEVE ROGERS is a key component. Another book that uses Steve before he's "officially" come back. Again what's the point of having him die? What's the point of having a series in which he's "Reborn" if we're just going to jump ahead of everything.
Sorry Marvel but you're really beginning to piss off a lot of people.

3 out of 5

On the bright side of comics, Image put out two new offerings this week. First up is God Complex.

God Complex #1

In this new series of Greek Mythology, Apollo now going by the human name Paul, decided he doesn't want to be a God anymore and wants to live and die like the mortals they've governed over for so many centuries. Zeus and company feel betrayed and are extremely angry at Apollo for his decision and begin to hunt him down. "Paul" got a job working as a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. One night a bunch of thugs come into the restaurant looking for protection money and meet Apollo. From that point on the former God becomes a local legend as much as he doesn't want to be. In outing himself in the media, the Gods find out about him and send a witch to get him. This series rocks so far and if you passed it by, do yourself a favor and check it out.

5 out of 5

the next new series this week from Image is the first out of 5 new one shots in their Pilot Season series.

Murderer #1

In this one shot, Jason a random person has telepathic abilities. He can hear everything everyone is thinking around him. He uses this "power" to save people or his version of saving people by killing evil people. In this story, Jason happens to hear a woman's thoughts about how she gets beat by her husband and she thinks he's going to kill her. He follows her back to her apartment and listens in on her husband's thoughts. He is going to kill her so Jason does what he feels he has to do. He kills the husband. He then explains to the woman what he is and how by killing bad people the voices go away for a while.
The story is one of man concepts Robert Kirkman has had selfed for quite some time. Pilot season has given him a chance to put out these one shots and which ever one we all vote for will get a four issue mini series.
The thing that bothers me about this concept is that the past two "Pilot Seasons" have been about giving up and coming writers the chance to showcase their abilities.
This time around it's solely Robert Kirkman, don't get me wrong I love his writing but he's already a name in the industry. This totally defeats the point and from what I've heard the "Voting" is FIXED! CONSPIRACY ANYONE?!?!?!

3 out of 5

With that said another edition comes to a close. Make sure you're at CBJ on Thursday for the 2nd Anniversary Bash with guest stars galore! Don't miss it because you'll be kicking yourself for it.

Now what I'm Jonesing this week aside from hanging with everyone on Thursday!

HULK #18

Friday, December 11, 2009



Thanks to all those that came down to "An Evening with Socko Jones," it truly was something special and absurd. If you missed it, we will have it posted up on the website in a few weeks but there's no way it can match the experience of actually being there. We will certainly do more in the future!

All that aside our big two year anniversary is finally here on Thursday, December 17th. It's hard to believe. A lot has happened in the past year and we feel that with each passing day we get better and better and are extrememly grateful to all of you for coming to our store, spending time with us and sharing your love of comics. We are eternally in your debt and so this day is for you. Come down, meet some awesome artists, writers and other creators, get some sketches, pick up some killer books and hang out with us for the day. After the day is done we'll be celebrating at the Cargo Cafe and would love for you to join us. All the information can be found below!

To wrap up the news for the week I would like to remind our Magic players that we are running a special anniversary sealed deck tournament on Friday, December 18th. Should be a whole lot of fun, we're expecting a good turnout. Once again, read on for more info!


Thursday, December 17th marks our two year anniversary. Last year's event was huge and this year its going to be even bigger! The first phase of the day begins at the store where we'll be having a killer signing and a 25% off everything special sale throughout the day. We've just added writer Ben McCool (writer of Image's upcoming title Choker!) and John Broglia (God Complex), here's the full lineup:
  • John Broglia (God Complex)
  • Mike Cruz (Million Dollar Eyes)
  • Evan Dorkin (Beasts of Burden, Milk & Cheese)
  • Bryan J.L. Glass (Mice Templar)
  • Ken Haeser (Living Corpse)
  • Mike Lilly (Black Terror, Detective Comics, Nightwing)
  • Stephen Lindsay (Ham & Eggs, Jesus Hates Zombies)
  • Ben McCool (Choker)
  • Lauren Monardo (Ham & Eggs, Venture Bros.)
  • Alex Robinson (A Kidnapped Santa Claus, Box Office Poison)
The day doesn't end there though! Once we close our doors for the evening we will then be embarking to Cargo Cafe for a couple of drinks and celebratory tomfoolery so if you're of age make sure you come down and hang with us. Do not miss this!


On Friday, December 18th we will be hosting a MTG sealed format tournament! Please aim to arrive at 5:30 PM because we'll be starting at 6:00 PM sharp. Entry fee is 6 packs. The main prize will be a Magic The Gathering life size standup as well as various promo cards. Other prizes will be based on the amount of attendees so get all your friends together!


E-mail us your full name and birthday and receive a special gift from us when your special day arrives! Send your e-mail to with the subject line "Birthday."


Anita Blake Executioner #3 - 1/13/09 (Old Date 12/16/09)
Blackest Night #6 - 12/30/09 (Old Date 12/23/09)
Blackest Night Flash #2 - 1/20/10 (Old Date 1/13/10)
Black Panther #12 - 1/13/09 (Old Date 1/6/10)
Daredevil #504 - 1/27/10 (Old Date 1/6/10)
Deadpool #19 - 1/20/10 (Old Date 1/6/10)
Deadpool #20 - 2/17/10 (Old Date 2/3/10)
Flash Rebirth #6 - 1/27/10 (Old Date 12/23/09)
Guardians o/t Galaxy #23 - 2/17/10 (Old Date 2/24/10)
Kick Ass #8 - 1/6/10 (Old Date 12/23/09)
Nova #33 - 1/20/10 (Old Date 1/13/10)
Spider-Woman #4 - 12/23/09 (Old Date 12/16/09)
Strange #4 - 2/10/10 (Old Date 2/3/10)
Ultimate Comics Avengers #5 - 3/17/10 (Old Date 1/6/10)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What up world!
Damn was this a big week not only in comics but in t.v too. Did anyone see Steven Seagal: Lawman or The Jersey Shore? Absolutely terrible but surprisingly funny none the less, bad television all around. Steven Seagal "supposedly" became a cop 20 years ago and suddenly decided that now was a good time to make a show about him and his comrades. Whackness. He talks about being a martial artist the whole time and then they have sequences of slow motion which is supposed to reflect his "ninja skills".
Jersey Shore is every bad thing about being an Italian / American in America today. Not only are they the stereotype "Guido's" but they're proud of that fact, that's like a hooker being proud and getting a tattoo that states she's a hooker.
If you've got nothing better to do and you feel like submitting an hour of your life you're never going to get back then check these shows out and laugh your ass off.

Now this weeks books were pretty big hence why again, I'm doing my reviews later in the week because there are some big things that happened that everyone needed to see and read for themselves so we can all "YES or NO!" together!

Let's talk about the Blackest Night books that came out this week;

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1

In all honesty I think this should have come out last week. The story takes place in Washington, DC. Wonder Woman is following a trail of dead bodies to Arlington National Cemetery. None other than Max Lord is waiting for her after leaving behind all those dead bodies. Max was the one time liaison for the Justice League but eventually ended up being a villain and got his neck snapped by Wonder Woman. It's a good battle between Wonder Woman, the undead soldiers and Max Lord. She uses her lasso to create a bright enough light to destroy most if not all of the undead. The reason I said this should've come out last week is because in the "Blackest Night Timeline" at this point Wonder Woman is a Black Lantern. My only complaint is I wish that this dealt with the Amazons. We've got plenty of dead Amazons since the "Rise of the Olympians" story arc in Wonder Woman.

3 out of 5

Blackest Night Flash #1

Another book I feel should've come out last week. In this issue Barry Allen is running around in the background of the core "Blackest Night" book. He's going through all his memories of how he became the flash, how his mother died and how he dealt with Reverse-Flash. He thinks that The Reverse-Flash is going to come back since he snapped his neck. I'm a little lost, did this happen at the end of "Flash Rebirth" which is also written by Geoff Johns? The last issue for "Flash Rebirth" hasn't even come out yet so using that as a reference point is a bad idea. Needless to say the rest of the issue deals with The Rogues going to deal with their fellow reanimated rogues. Not bad but I just wish it had come out last week.

3 out of 5

Now let's talk about the new series that DC debuted this week;


Spinning out of the pages of JSA and The JSA 80 Page Giant comes this new book. Feeling like they're not really making a difference, Magog, Power Girl and the rest of the rookies branch off from the core team and create "The All Stars". Doing things differently after an almost botched battle with some bizarre new enemies, Magog beings to train the team in tactical battle. Creating different scenarios for the team to prepare for such as losing their abilities and being able to handle a fight as "normal people". This isn't much of a drastic change for the JSA but it's a step towards them becoming more of a paramilitary group as opposed to being just super heroes. Freddie Williams II's artwork pops off the pages, you're so drawn into his panels you almost forget to read what's going on. Matthew Sturges does a great job of giving this group of characters the team dynamic and their own individual personalities. This book is for everyone even if you've never read the JSA before. I totally recommend it.

5 out of 5

Now, over to Marvel to see what groundwork they've begun laying for 2010 and beyond.

First up is;

X-Force Annual #1

Having a new incarnation of X-Force, we're given a brand new annual. In the first story, Wolverine dives into a Hydra base in search of a father who's daughter is a mutant. She's in need of a bone marrow transplant and he's the only one who can do it. It's not a very good story and sadly it has no relevance to anything that's going on in any of the X-Books. It's written by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame but like I said it has nothing to do with anything. It's a self contained story that hopefully will have some relevance later on in a story line.
The second story is about Deadpool being on Utopia and having a grand ole' time shooting, stabbing and dismembering the re-animated former Acolytes of Magneto. It's a simple Deadpool story and as always it's laugh out loud. I really love when Deadpool calls Cyclops on his cell and asks him if he knows that Magneto is on the island and telling people that he's an X-Man. Overall this backup story saves this annual because even though it's funny and silly it has relevance to what's going on in the X-Books.

4 out of 5

Now, three books came out this week laying serious groundwork for their respective titles.

First up is;

Fall Of The Hulks Alpha.

First off I'd like to say "Thank You" to Jeff Parker. He does an amazing job of using villains who aren't exactly in the limelight as they once were. The combined forces of The Leader, Red Ghost, The Wizard, Egghead who is later replaced by M.O.D.O.K, The Mad Thinker and their silent partner in crime Dr. Doom form "The Intelligencia". This "team" of villain scientists comes together to gather intel from around the globe. Their common link is that with this intel, eventually it will serve each of their own purposes. The story is told through the eyes of The Leader, as it follows him and the team throughout their brief and unknown history. As the story progresses everything always leads back to The Hulk. The Leader is always haunted by him in some way or another. Eventually, Dr. Doom betrays the team once they gather all the information and libraries of knowledge they can get. The Leader goes underground. M.O.D.O.K shows up and the two men talk and figure out a way to bombard someone with Gamma radiation and Cosmic energy to create "The Red Hulk".
Finally, we're given a clue as to who and what the Red Hulk is.
If this is any indication as to how "The Fall Of The Hulks" is going to be then I guess it was worth the wait.

5 out of 5

Dark Avengers Annual #1

Not too long ago, No-varr aka Marvel Boy left the "Dark Avengers" because he became aware that they were in fact impostors, faking heroes that were really villains and criminals. Since then, he's been trying to built a communication device to get in touch with the Kree Supreme Intelligence. After a knock down, drag out fight with the Sentry, he finally makes contact with the Supreme Intelligence and is told that he now replaces Captain Marvel as the Kree's protector of Earth. He is given his own set of Quantum Bands that are created specifically for him. This part of the story was great. This was the whole point of the annual, to show what he's been doing since he left and to built past that point.
Bendis does a great job of filling in the blanks but then drops his pants and poops all over the story at the last two pages..
Why in God's name do we see STEVE ROGERS in civies and BUCKY dressed as Cap!?!?
Not only are they the last page but the two of them are talking about how this new Captain Marvel may be a valuable asset to their cause. Steve Rogers is dead still. Cap. Reborn hasn't finished yet, thanks for ruining an already ruined surprise. JERK!

4 out of 5

Siege: The Cabal

We all knew it was going to happen. Norman Osborn was bound to eventually crack. The first two pages show him talking to himself while holding the Green Goblin mask. The basic premise is Norman decides that Asgard isn't supposed to be on Earth and that the Asgardians are going to be more trouble than he can handle, so what does he do? Well he gets the Cabal together and demands that everyone help out Loki in removing the Asgardians from Earth. Taskmaster now takes the spots of Emma Frost and Namor since they're defection. Norman tells the group that they must help Loki. Dr. Doom arrives and refuses to help Norman with anything. He in fact tells Norman that "You are not a king nor a kingmaker". Osborn then unleashes his mystery "weapon" and it begins to kick the crap out of Dr. Doom. As always, Doom had sent a Doom Bot that releases killer techno bugs that kill everything. Luckily The Sentry shows up and saves Osborn from becoming lunch.
Osborn talks to the President and asks him if he can go into Asgard and invade it. The President tells Norman that they haven't done anything to merit any kind of strike let alone an invasion. Norman and Loki plot as to what must be done to make The President give him permission to invade Asgard. They come up with the idea of creating an "incident", along the lines of how the super hero Civil War began.

This book was awesome. If you missed out then get to the store and get on this. It's the beginning to the end for Norman Osborn.

5 out of freakin 5!

Some good, some bad but all in all a great week in comics. I'll see you kids at the store on Wednesday not just for comics but it's my 27th birthday and that's where I want to be.
Don't forget this Thursday night the "A NIGHT WITH SOCKO JONES TAILGATE"
It starts at 9pm and it's going to be so much fun your face is going to hurt from laughing.

Now what I'm JONESIN' for This week in comics:


Friday, December 4, 2009



Alright boys and girls, full steam ahead as always. Our big bag anniversary bash is right around the corner but before we get to that we've got our first tailgate party in a few months. We're very pleased to announce the very first installment of "An Evening with Socko Jones." More info to be found directly below this little intro.

We've also got an extra special Anniversary-style Magic The Gathering event planned for the day after our anniversary so make sure you read up on that for all the info and hoopla.


It seems like it's been forever since we've had a tailgate party and the one we wanted to do conflicts with out 2nd Anniversary Bash (Avatar). So, we figured we would do one just to do one on Thursday, December 10th since it's been so damn long. Here's the deal, we're going to have "An Evening with Socko Jones" in which he'll essentially have his own talk show at the store. There will be dramatic stories, interviews, tales of love lost and an undying passion to bringing comics to the masses. So join us for this special event. We'll have free food, drinks and of course our obligatory special sale where we pick a number out of a hat and everything in the store will be anywhere between 15%-70% off! Don't miss it!


Thursday, December 17th marks our two year anniversary. Last year's event was huge and this year its going to be even bigger! The first phase of the day begins at the store where we'll be having a killer signing and a 25% off everything special sale throughout the day. We've just added writer Ben McCool (writer of Image's upcoming title Choker!), here's the full lineup:

* Mike Cruz (Million Dollar Eyes)
* Evan Dorkin (Beasts of Burden, Milk & Cheese)
* Bryan J.L. Glass (Mice Templar)
* Ken Haeser (Living Corpse)
* Buz Hasson (Living Corpse)
* Mike Lilly (Black Terror, Detective Comics, Nightwing)
* Stephen Lindsay (Ham & Eggs, Jesus Hates Zombies)
* Ben McCool (Choker)
* Lauren Monardo (Ham & Eggs, Venture Bros.)
* Alex Robinson (A Kidnapped Santa Claus, Box Office Poison)

The day doesn't end there though! Once we close our doors for the evening we will then be embarking to Cargo Cafe for a couple of drinks and celebratory tomfoolery so if you're of age make sure you come down and hang with us. As we get more information on this special day we'll be sure to send it to ya!


On Friday, December 18th we will be hosting a MTG sealed format tournament! Please aim to arrive at 5:30 PM because we'll be starting at 6:00 PM sharp. Entry fee is 6 packs. The main prize will be a Magic The Gathering life size standup as well as various promo cards. Other prizes will be based on the amount of attendees so get all your friends together! We currently have plenty of Magic 2010 and Zendikar boxes in stock!


Alright, the rental program is finally in full force! We here at Comic Book Jones are now giving you the option of renting graphic novels and trade paperbacks. It's a very simple system and we hope that you become a part of it and help it grow into something great. This is meant as a way to get you into books you wouldn't normally read, try stuff before you buy and/or catch up on a series you might be behind on.

Here's the breakdown of how it all works. All you have to do is pay $20 to join. With your initial membership you receive 10 points. All rentable books have a point value assigned to them depending on their monetary value. All rentals are for 3 days. When you've used up all your points you can buy more. The more points you buy at once, the more points you'll get for your money. So, with that said:

$5 - 6 points
$10 - 12 points
$15 - 18 points
$20 - 26 points
$25 - 32 points
$30 - 40 points
$35 - 46 points
$40 - 54 points
$45 - 60 points
$50 - 68 points

If you find that you like a book so much that you have to buy it, get a load of this - the cost of the rental will be deducted from a BRAND NEW COPY! How awesome is that?

In addition, if you have any old trade paperbacks, graphic novels or collections you don't want just bring them in and you will receive points towards the rental program. The selection of rentable titles is growing daily! Help yourself out by helping us and bring your old crummy books to the shop!


We're very pleased to announce that our featured creator of the month for December 2009 is Warren Ellis. If you haven't read anything he's written, shame on you! His writing is absolutely awesome and perfect for the comic medium, some of our personal favorties include Transmetropolitan, Planetary and Freakangels. All of these books and many more can be yours for 20% off through the month of December! Here's a quick look inside this colossus of the industry:

* English author of comics, novels and television
* Responsible for many of the most successful non-superhero related comics
* Not afraid to explore the medium in new and exciting ways by contantly reinventing himself and his mode storytelling
* Plain and simple, if you love comics you owe it to yourself to read at least one of his books, simply amazing!


Batman Widening Gyre #4 - 1/6/10 (Old Date 12/23/09)
Captain America Reborn #5 - 12/16/09 (Old Date 12/9/09)
Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield the Shield - 12/23/09 (Old Date 12/16/09)
Nova #33 - 1/13/10 (Old Date 1/6/09)
Superman Secret Origin #4 - 1/20/09 (Old Date 12/23/09)