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Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What up World!?

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes on Wednesday. I'd also like to thank Comic Book Jones and my lovely wife-to-be for having birthday cake at the tailgate on Thursday night. If you missed that party, you're nuts because it was hysterical. My face hurt all day Friday from laughing so hard.
This week was a big week in books and I've got a lot to talk about, so let's dive right into it shall we...

This week we got four "Blackest Night" tie-in issues. In each book we're given different solutions on how our heroes deal with The Black Lanterns. Each has it's own interesting way of how to deal with The Black Lantern Menace. At this point everyone got The Flash's message about the Black Lanterns and this is how our heroes dealt with them:

Booster Gold #27

In this second part to Booster's dealings with The Black Lantern Blue Beetle,
Booster comes to the realization that Ted had created a light gun at a point in his career. Booster, Blue Beetle and Skeets all head to Ted Kord's Beetle base and find his light gun. The combined powers of the light gun along with Booster's suit's blasters weakened The Black Lantern Beetle but don't destroy him. Booster grabs him and tells Skeets to open a portal. They separate the ring from his decaying body and bring him to "The Vanishing Point" where they bury Ted Kord for the second time.

3 out of 5

Adventure Comics #5

In this second part of Super Boy Prime dealing with the Black Lanterns, not only does he tear through them but the offices of DC Comics itself. That's the fun part of Earth Prime, all the superheroes he's worshiped and fought are just fictional characters to him the same as they are to us. Black Lantern Alexander Luthor leads the Black Lantern siege and they torment Super Boy. Belittling him and telling him all his emotions and outbursts will never let him become the hero he believes he was. Varying the spectrum of emotions til finally Super boy gives in and decides to join The Black Lanterns. He grabs the ring and goes through all the different spectrum's again til he becomes a RED RAGE LANTERN spewing blood and rage on The Black Lanterns, finally defeating them once and for all.

4 out of 5

Doom Patrol #5

In the second part to the Doom Patrol's dealings with the Black Lanterns, They battle their former team mates to a stale mate. It gets to the point that the scientists on Oolong Island decide to open a boom tube and send the Black Lanterns off the island. Where do they get sent? We aren't told and I'm sure it'll come back to haunt the Doom Patrol at some point. Sadly this was the weakest of all the "Blackest Night" books this week. The fights were good but the fact that no one on either side could best the other is a little hard to believe and the fact that The Lanterns get boom tubed off the island and we aren't told where they get sent off to just doesn't sit right with me.

2 out of 5

R.E.B.E.L.S #11

Last issue Vril Dox was given a Sinestro Corps ring. This second part to the REBELS dealings with The Black Lanterns is probably the best example of them dealing with their current situation as well as dealing with the ongoing battle they've been dealing with since issue one. Harbinger and Vril Dox's wife Stealth are tearing through the Sinestro Corps that are in that sector as well as adding them to the Black Lanterns. Not only does our anti-hero hero have to deal with them but the constant nagging of a message from Sinestro telling all members of the Corps to go to Korugar along with the threat of Starro and his legion of followers which includes Vril's son Braniac 3. Lyrl Dox creates a gateway that will allow Starro to breach the shield that Vril put up and allow the Starro's to continue their conquest of the galaxy. Another group to utilize the ability to create light, they use this to their advantage killing The Black Lanterns and banishing Starro and all his followers.

5 out of 5

Over at Marvel, I've got a serious bone to pick with two books that hit the selves this week.

New Avengers Annual #3

Following the events of New Avengers The List, the real Hawkeye aka Ronin aka Clint Barton was captured after a failed attempt to assassinate Norman Osborn. Clint is being held captive and being tortured to find the location and the real names of the New Avengers. The girls of the group, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird and the newly out of retirement Jessica Jones decide they are going to get Clint out of The Dark Avengers tower. Norman and company head over to the Brooklyn base of The New Avengers while the ladies free Clint. Everything was fine up until this point, a little late in the Marvel timeline because Clint is free and moving around in New Avengers for some time now but none the less a cool story then...

STEVE ROGERS IN HIS CAPTAIN AMERICA COSTUME SHOWS UP AND SAYS "THANK GOD THE AVENGERS ARE HERE, THE WORLD HAS GONE TO HELL BUT WE'RE HERE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!". WTF?!?!? Again, Cap. Reborn hasn't finished and he's making vital appearances in pivotal points leading into "Siege". Why even have a series where he comes back, why not just do like they're doing and have him just randomly pop up. why not just do it that way and have him "flashback" explaining how he returned from the dead. Why make us loyal fans pay for a series that we already know the conclusion to?

3 out of 5

and over in Iron Man, the nonsense continues...

The Invincible Iron Man #21

So if you've been sleeping under a rock you've been missing one of the best incarnations of Iron Man since his original series. Long story short, to prevent Norman Osborn from getting all the information on all the registered heroes, Tony Stark downloaded all the info into his brain, backed it up onto a series of files and then deleted his own brain.
At this point in the series, Tony is a vegetable and needs certain components to basically reboot himself back to life. That's all good and fine but the F-ed up part is again STEVE ROGERS is a key component. Another book that uses Steve before he's "officially" come back. Again what's the point of having him die? What's the point of having a series in which he's "Reborn" if we're just going to jump ahead of everything.
Sorry Marvel but you're really beginning to piss off a lot of people.

3 out of 5

On the bright side of comics, Image put out two new offerings this week. First up is God Complex.

God Complex #1

In this new series of Greek Mythology, Apollo now going by the human name Paul, decided he doesn't want to be a God anymore and wants to live and die like the mortals they've governed over for so many centuries. Zeus and company feel betrayed and are extremely angry at Apollo for his decision and begin to hunt him down. "Paul" got a job working as a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. One night a bunch of thugs come into the restaurant looking for protection money and meet Apollo. From that point on the former God becomes a local legend as much as he doesn't want to be. In outing himself in the media, the Gods find out about him and send a witch to get him. This series rocks so far and if you passed it by, do yourself a favor and check it out.

5 out of 5

the next new series this week from Image is the first out of 5 new one shots in their Pilot Season series.

Murderer #1

In this one shot, Jason a random person has telepathic abilities. He can hear everything everyone is thinking around him. He uses this "power" to save people or his version of saving people by killing evil people. In this story, Jason happens to hear a woman's thoughts about how she gets beat by her husband and she thinks he's going to kill her. He follows her back to her apartment and listens in on her husband's thoughts. He is going to kill her so Jason does what he feels he has to do. He kills the husband. He then explains to the woman what he is and how by killing bad people the voices go away for a while.
The story is one of man concepts Robert Kirkman has had selfed for quite some time. Pilot season has given him a chance to put out these one shots and which ever one we all vote for will get a four issue mini series.
The thing that bothers me about this concept is that the past two "Pilot Seasons" have been about giving up and coming writers the chance to showcase their abilities.
This time around it's solely Robert Kirkman, don't get me wrong I love his writing but he's already a name in the industry. This totally defeats the point and from what I've heard the "Voting" is FIXED! CONSPIRACY ANYONE?!?!?!

3 out of 5

With that said another edition comes to a close. Make sure you're at CBJ on Thursday for the 2nd Anniversary Bash with guest stars galore! Don't miss it because you'll be kicking yourself for it.

Now what I'm Jonesing this week aside from hanging with everyone on Thursday!

HULK #18

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