Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Come Blow Your Horn – Remembering Sinatra

When you make a visit to Comic Book Jones you are greeted by comics, collectibles, wonderful and friendly people, and more often than you might realize…

By Frank Sinatra

I can’t count all the times I have walked through those doors and had my ears graced by the man known as Old Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board, The Voice, or (my favorite) Mr. S.

It’s hard to believe that Sinatra has been gone for sixteen years this month because not a day goes by that I don’t run across him in some way. And so have you, whether you know it or not. Frank has so influenced popular music that he continues to shape musical tastes to this day. Just ask Michael Buble. Ask Harry Connick Jr. Ask Paul Mccartney!

No less a publication than Rolling Stone has this to say about the Great Man:

“Baritone Frank Sinatra was indisputably the 20th century’s greatest singer of popular song…”

Rolling STONE!

Sinatra, like Muhammad Ali and Babe Ruth was a game changer. His personalization of lyric and phrasing has become the Rosetta Stone for modern vocalists.

Sinatra conquered every level of the entertainment business in a career that spanned sixty years. Aside from his remarkable recording career, Sinatra was a key figure in outing Vegas on the map. Along with his Rat Pack (Martin, Davis and Bishop), Mr. S defined cool for generations.

As if that was not enough Sinatra was an academy award winning dramatic actor with a filmography of over 50 films including classics like “From Here To Eternity”, “The Man With The Golden Arm” and “The Manchurian Candidate”.

No less a personage that the immortal Gene Kelly stated that a young Sinatra was the best dancing student he ever coached.
There was literally nothing in the entertainment world that Sinatra couldn’t do.

Back to his recording career. If you have ever listened to a concept album by any artist (That is an album with a central theme) , you can thank Sinatra. While recording for the Capital label Sinatra, along with Woodie Guthrie invented the concept album. His 1955 album “In The Wee Small Hours “ inspired other artists to create concept albums. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” anyone?

Of course Frank’s off hours exploits were legendary, filled with booze, broads and bar room brawls. But the lesser known Sinatra helped financially strapped and even terminally ill people whom he never really knew. Among them the legendary heavy weight champion Joe Lewis. Sinatra built schools and encouraged young artists. He was mercurial with wide mood swings. He got up off the deck when his singing career crashed in the early 1950’s with his performance in “From Here To Eternity”. He said great things and very stupid things.

Sinatra was completely and utterly human. We shall NOT see his like again.

Come Blow Your Horn!

That’s 30…Pally!


Monday, March 10, 2014

What If?

The thing I love the most about our shared hobby is not the comic books, or the TV shows, or the movies. It isn’t the games or novels or related APPS.

It’s the people.

I may be biased but I really believe that the people who gravitate towards comic books and all the things that go with them are pretty special. For the most part our fellow collectors are kind, compassionate and intelligent.

There is a strong element of humanism that runs through our community.

There is one other quality that the community shares. Almost everyone of you is a “What if?” and a “maybe someday” personality. You see the world in much broader strokes than the average person. Life is more that just those things that directly impact your immediate existence. You are question askers!

What IF a man could fly?

What IF we travel from the inner mind to the Outer Limits?

What might happen a long time ago, in a Galaxy far away?

Can we REALLY make a small side trip to the Twilight Zone?

And so on…you are all so full of wonder. It is why so many of us try our hand at creating things. It may be a comic, or a blog, or a pod cast. We write, draw, sculpt, build, create…

And wonder.

The best thing we create are all the wonderful friendships.

We look over the next hill and wonder every day about our place in the Cosmos.

(You KNEW I was going here didn’t you?)

Last night on FOX in PRIME TIME the sequel to the classic Carl Sagan hosted series COSMOS made it’s debut. Hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, author, and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, Cosmos, A Space Time Odyssey asks a LOT of questions. More importantly it prompts US to ask a lot of questions.

Like the original series, Cosmos is set to air thirteen episodes. And like the original, this new Cosmos will not only explore deep space. It will explore the heart , soul and endlessly questioning nature of humanity.

The first words of the first episode come from Car Sagan, in his own voice. He reminds us that “The Cosmos is all there ever was and all there ever will be”

At one point in the early part of the premiere episode Tyson points out that while we will need our imaginations to take this journey of the mind, we will also need science, because the reality of the Cosmos is so much more than anything we could ever imagine.

The opening episode takes us from the Big Bang, to 16th Century Europe to beyond the Universe and into the Multiverse. We revisit the Cosmic Calendar which compresses the existence of the Cosmos to a single calendar year. We, you and I….everyone we have ever heard about…all the wars…all the science…all the literature…EVERYTHING in the human condition took place in the last few seconds of the last day on the Cosmic Calendar .

Pretty humbling. But, as Carl once said, WE are the way for the Cosmos to know itself.

The Cosmos would be a pretty poor place if there were no one to bear witness…to wonder at it all.

The thing that stuck most powerfully for me from this first episode is a story that Tyson tells about how, as a young teenager Carl Sagan reached out to him, as he did with many young people. Sagan invited him to his laboratory and spent the day with him. Sagan, who was the face of science at the time and very famous felt that it was important to connect with young people. To give of his time and pass along his own sense of wonder.

It almost makes me think Sagan collected comic books. As Tyson observed, he learned more than what sort of scientist he wanted to be. He learned about the sort of person he wanted to be.

Watch Cosmos. Wonder at it and keep asking questions.

That’s 30!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DCUO Three Years In

DC Universe Online has just hit it’s third anniversary! DCUO as it is known to it’s many players it THE superhero MMORPG. City of Heroes recently shut it’s doors after a long run so if you are looking for a Superhero MMO fix you can’t do better than this FREE TO PLAY offering.

Here are the nuts and bolts :

• Available on PC, PS3 and PS4 as a digital download
• Eleven Million registered players
• Based on the DC Universe BEFORE the New 52

I’ve been playing this game since it’s launch and let me tell you, there have been MANY changes. The game is totally immersive and highly customizable. You can choose from a litany of Powers, gear styles (in the thousands), alignment (Hero or Villain), and roles (Damage dealer, Healer, Tank or Controller).

Each character can have his own personal lair/hideout, specialized armories, crafting abilities and of course LOOK. I’ve seen a lot of Wonder Women, Supermen, Batmen and even X-Men, Caps and Spidermen. BUT the vast majority of players create their own distinctive looks. There is no end to the possibilities and imagination of the players regarding their look.

There are more missions than I can count but they encompass everything from Solos to Duos, Four man alerts and , Eight man raids. Your missions take place in Gotham, Metropolis, Central City, The Wastelands and most recently MOGO.

The most current trilogy being played out is War of The Light which centers on the entire spectrum of all the Lantern Corps. Part one has just released. Concurrent with fight for the light are plans to release a Wonder Woman based trilogy and one centering around the New Gods.

There is no lack of content to keep you engaged!

As a player you can remain a free agent or join one of the many “leagues” that have sprung up in the game. The initial leveling process is solo based so you might want to wait until you reach level 30 to join a league.

Character creation is a breeze and very easy. When you first start the game you are asked to choose a mentor from among the iconic DC Heroes and Villains depending on your alignment. From there character creation is as simple or intricate as YOU want it to be.

Once you have reached level 30 by completing your mentor missions the real game begins. From this point you can take part in RAIDS and advanced content. Though if you remain F2P you will need to buy DLC packs for much of this content. Should you reach level 30 and like the game I would heartily recommend subscribing to the Legendary tier which is about $10 a month but includes all of the download content and many other perks, such as an unlimited cash cap, free lair and free armory.

If you prefer you can opt for PREMIUM status which only requires a total of $5 spent on mini transactions at anytime while you are playing. Once you have spent $% your Premium status is permanent.

However you want to play (F2P, Premium or Legendary) DCUO is a must try for any Superhero fan. There are even leagues out there that are heavy into the role playing and comic book connections.

As to game play, combat is real time and fast paced. Unlike many other MMOS this is not a turn based game. Your reaction time and skills play a big part in how successful you are in game. Gear and skill points are second to YOUR skill!

Three years in, DCUO continues to grow and grow BETTER. But new comers don’t get left behind. Unlike many other MMOS a new player can catch up to the highest levels within the first month or two of starting. The progression path encourages players to reach top tier very quickly.

Go on. Give it a try. It’s free after all. AND if you are on the Playstation look me up! My in game character is MUN EL and I’ll be happy to show you the ropes!

Now I gotta get back! Brainiac is acting up again and needs a beat down!!

That’s 30!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

For Carl

Happy New Year all! I’ve been gone for a bit but that hiatus is now officially over!
So where do I start in this brand spanking new 2014? Why with a look back of course.
As a child, young man and dad, I was always fascinated by speculative fiction, known to most of you as SCI-FI. The Outer Limits. Twilight Zone, Adventures Of Superman and of course Star Trek were all sources of wonder for me…
Science Fiction novels and short stories were considered a separate, and not quite legit form of literature. But authors like Asimov, Heinlein and Bradbury regularly took me to far off worlds of ideas and adventure.
Oh and comic books too…Mystery In Space, Strange Adventures, Challengers of The Unknown and The Fantastic Four were firmly entrenched in the realm of Science Fiction.

There was not quite as much speculative fiction in the 60’s and 70’s as there is today but it was rich and inspiring.

And then there was real life!

We had Mercury, Gemini and Apollo! Man on the Moon!!!

There was Voyager and Mariner and a Space Shuttle program…

The prototype was fittingly named “Enterprise”…

We were all looking forward…and we had a guide.

His name was Carl Sagan.

Carl was one of the great minds of the last half of the twentieth century. He was a key member of the development teams for the Mariner and Voyager Programs. Carl was also:

• Was one of the first scientists to warn of Global Warming likening it to Venus’ atmospheric conditions, of extreme heat due to a greenhouse effect that he, himself had discovered.
• Theorized the existence of water oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa. This was later confirmed.
• Proved the existence of organic matter throughout the Solar System.
• Pioneered SETI, The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

And then there was the 1980 PBS TV Mini Series…Cosmos. The complete title, which most people tend to forget, was “Cosmos –A Personal Voyage”.

A Personal Voyage…

It certainly was for me and for millions of others who went along for the ride on Carl’s Starship Of The Imagination. In it, for thirteen episodes, Dr. Sagan took viewers on a trip through time and space. We examined the origins of the Universe and our own Origins. We explored the ancient library of Alexandria and glimpsed a possible future where technology outstripped our wisdom.
We learned that mankind occupies only the last minute of the last day of December on the Cosmic Calendar…we just got here.
And we also learned from Carl that…”we are a way for the Cosmos to know itself”.

For all of his intellect and accomplishments, Sagan still possessed a great sense of wonder that was childlike and infectious. He was always looking around the next corner , or over the next hill…and he made us want to look too.

Carl was absolutely certain that life was not only possible outside the confines of out planet, but that the Cosmos was absolutely teeming with life. In recent years there have been clues that Carl was right. Although SETI has yet to discover a signal from a technological civilization, we have only been scanning for a few decades with limited technology…and as someone once observed, “It’s a big ass sky”.

Carl once observed that we have only dipped our toes in the shores of the cosmic ocean and that the water seems inviting.
Even the TITLES of the episodes were filled with wonder:

"The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean"
"One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue"
“The Edge Of Forever”
“Who Speaks For Earth?”

Titles filled with promise, curiosity and wonder.

Cosmos was Science…but not fiction. It was the philosophy of science and a cautionary tale.
Today , some thirty plus years after it’s production, much of the science in Cosmos has been updated. But the wonder remains and keeps it fresh.

In fact Cosmos, so resonates in the popular imagination that a sequel series Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey is set to make it’s debut this year. It will be hosted by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and is co produced by Carl’s widow Ann Druyan and Seth Macfarlane (yes THAT Seth MacFarlane).

I suspect that this new Cosmos will also be filled with Carl’s sense wonder as we collectively dip some more toes into the cosmic ocean.

That’s 30.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comic Con Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year again. The annual new York Comic-Con is just around the corner! Last year the con was attended by 105,000 fans over a four day period. This makes NYCC the second largest comic book and pop-culture gathering in the country. Second only to the San Diego con!

We WILL catch them sooner than later, just watch!

In fact , according to our friends ar NYCC, the con is the second largest annual event of ANY kind in all of New York. Impressive.
This year the con will take place from October 10th through the 13th at the Javits Center. If you don’t already have tickets you may just be shut out. As of this writing (September 10th) the ComicCon site has tickets for THURSDAY only. However, local comic shops may still have tickets. Be sure to check with CBJ on this as soon as possible if you are going to attend.
This year , as every year there will be a ton of guests including William Shatner, Stan The Man Lee, and even


Yes Rocky is going to be at the con! Are we looking at Expendables 3? Or are we looking at a Thunderlips rematch???
YES, the legendary HULK HOGAN is also going to be on hand for the festivities.

Of course there will be literally hundreds of comic book creators on hand. Artist’s Alley is always a highlight of the con.
Getting back to TICKETS. This year they are RFID, which means they have to be activated. You will be tapping sensors to gain entry. If you pick up your tickets onsite they will be active. If you have them mailed to your home you can activate them online. RFID should make enterint the event a much smoother experience for all.

Check out the NYCC website (www.newyorkcomiccon.com) for this year’s mobile app. It is a great way to get up to the minute info. Last year there were a lot of announcements that hit the app over the four days. It’s free, making it a no-brainer.
There IS a coat check but it gets VERY crowded. Also you would NOT want to check any valuables, just jackets and coats.
ComicCon show hours are : Thursday 3:00PM to 9:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 10:00AM – 7:00 PM and Sunday 10:00AM – 5:00 PM. Artist Alley and screenings run well after ths show floor closes. Check out the con program or your mobile app for exact times on that.
A couple of tips:

1) BRING YOUR OWN FOOD or EAT OFF SITE. Food at the Javits Center is very expensive and will seriously cut into your comic buying goodness. There are a lot of more moderately priced choices in the area. Personally I bring a few sandwiches!
2) I recommend bringing a back pack or any bag that can be CLOSED to hold your purchases. While theft is pretty rare at ComicCon, the floor is SO crowded that keeping your belongings out in the open is not a good idea. Also watch your cash! Purses, in particular are not the place for cash. Keep it in your pockets. When you buy something take a few extra seconds to count out the money and count back the change.
3) When you are making a purchase from the comic vendors, always ask for their BEST price or make a reasonable offer. Only NOOBS pay full price! Seriously, bartering is all part of the game and your BEST deals will come on Sunday afternoon. Vendors hate hauling all that stuff back and will often give you a sweetheart deal!
4) Many of the screenings are going to be tough to get into. NYCC does NOT empty the theater after each event. If you want to attend that “can’t miss” panel or screening make sure to line up EARLY. Same thing with the panel rooms. There is limited space, so make sure to leave yourself a lot of time.
5) You won’t be able to see everything. That’s just the way it is. There are hundreds of events going on at the very same time. Make sure to hit the website, review the program, and check your app. You will need to make a plan in order to get to all the events that you don’t want to miss.
6) Take breaks. Especially on Saturday, when the floor is most crowded. You will be glad you did. Navigating through the huge crowds make this a physically challenging weekend. It’s easy to get hot, tired and…cranky. A few 20-30 minute breaks away from the crowds can make your entire day better.
7) The Javits Center is convenient to all forms of public transportation. Use it. Parking around the center is both difficult and expensive.
8) And finally…..HAVE FUN! It’s a great time!

OH and this JUST in! The world's yummiest FBI agent will be signing at ComicCon! Gillian Anderson is making her NYCC debut. She will be signing Friday, Saturday and Sunday and apearing in a panel as well! Could we be looking at some new X-Files news??!!

That’s 30!


Remembering 9/11

I wrote this twelve years ago a few days after 9/11. It showed up in some of the local papers. I thought I’d share it with you all. A lot has happened in the years since. Stay safe.

I took the Staten Island Ferry to NY this morning, as I have countless days from the time I was in high school, through my days at Hunter College, and for the past two decades working in the "city that never sleeps." In all respects, the trip was exactly the same as it has been every one of those thousands of days... except it wasn't.

As I came through the turnstiles on the Staten Island side, I found myself looking for faces. The familiar faces that we ignore everyday, but are so
much part of the background of our lives. I didn't see many. Perhaps I will see more tomorrow.

I stopped for my morning coffee at the Dunkin Doughnuts stand. The same Middle Eastern man who always serves my coffee with a smile and a good morning. Except he didn't smile today. He looked hurt. Maybe he'll smile tomorrow. I hope so.

I took the very same seat on the boat as I always do. Usually I open my coffee and bury my face in a book or read the sports pages. Today I didn't.

Today I took a minute to really taste my coffee. Funny... most days it has no taste at all. This morning it was the best cup I ever had. I hope it tastes
this good tomorrow.

I continued to look for familiar faces. People who also take the same seats every day. I did see one young lady that I "know." She usually travels with her friend. She wasn't there today. Maybe tomorrow. I hope so.

I stood out on the foredeck as we passed the Statue of Liberty. Funny how I never really noticed just how beautiful the old lady really is. Was she
standing just a bit straighter today? It must be my imagination... at least I think so.

The cloud reaches out over the water this morning and I could smell it while we were still five minutes from the dock. Everyone was looking at the naked skyline, now barren of its grandest symbol. The eyes of my fellow passengers became very hard. Not anger...not fear...something else. Something that told me that I wouldn't want to get into a fight with us. As for me, I glanced over to the Empire State Building. She dominates the skyline once more. How lonely she looks.

Walking up past Battery Park to Bowling Green Station, I saw every eye was turned up Lower Broadway. The Towers and the shade she cast downtown now gone. The acrid smoke brought coughs from many people. We wore the coughs somewhat proudly, I think. It was sort of like doing pennance. Perhaps the air will clear tomorrow.

On the train a pretty girl smiled and said “good morning” to me. Normally suspicion or shyness would have prevented that. Will she smile tomorrow? I hope so.

My shoes still have the dust that collected on them last Tuesday when I walked along South Street to the ferry. I noticed the shoeshine stand in Grand Central was back to normal. Several men were having their shoes shined. I'm not quite ready to part with my dust just yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crack Top and The Origin Of Mitch Maglio's Comic Collection

Why would a grown man allow himself to accumulate 17,000 comic books? Why would ANYONE for that matter bother to collect and collect and COLLECT a huge number of books that they will almost certainly never get the chance to re-read? Think about it. If I were to sit down and read every comic book that I own it would take me 236 days (given an average reading time of 20 minutes a comic)…IF I did not eat, sleep, bathe, raise a family, or (gasp) take a Star Trek break.

I love reading comics …but not THAT much!

So why the 17K? Value? Investment? Well sure my collection IS worth quite a bit, but MOST of the value resides in less than 10% of my books. In fact it costs me more to keep the vast majority of my comics than it would to just give them away. I have to bag them, board them, RE-BAG and board them every five years, and store them. It’s more costly than you might think!
Bottom line is that I keep them for sentimental reasons. I am lucky enough to have most of the comics books that I have ever bought in my life. MY mom was not one of those moms who tossed out all my old comics when I moved out.

Thanks Mom!

So, for me, my collection is sort of a time line of my life. I can go into any box, flip through books and create a flood of memories. Events from thirty or forty years ago, that I would certainly have forgotten become vivid memories once again when I happen upon a comic that I was reading at the time.

So let’s cue the fog effect and that wavy screen thingy as I take you back to the summer of 1966 …

THE YEAR OF THE GREAT COMIC BOOK COLLECTING QUEST!!!! (pat. pending, us.reg pat. off.)

An earth quaking (or even shaking) event that lead to my adding over 300 comics to my collection during the summer of 1966, in the mythical land known as Brooklyn N.Y. . This event was so world altering that even today, those who lived through it only speak of it in reverent whispers of awe (shucks) and wonder (bread). Even now the very fabric of space/time struggles to recover from the blows of these mind numbing confrontations.

(I give great hyperbole, don’t I?!)

It was of course was the epic CRACK TOP CONTEST. It was no holds barred. It was no quarter given. A fight to the death with riches untold for the winner and lifelong humiliation for the loser! The payout was to be (cue dramatic music cue please Waffle) THREE HUNDRED (Slightly read) Comics!

Like most of the world changing tests of skill held over the years on 102nd Street and Flatlands Avenue in the Canarsie section of my ancient homeland, this one was arranged by the neighborhood hustlers (each 12 years of age …making roughly 24 years of con artistry between them!) Howie and Henry…or as we knew them…”The Brothers”. (In fact they ARE brothers and as far as I know STILL con artists) As near as we could figure it The brothers had tons of everything. They were always on the look out for toys, games, candy, ice cream, and yes, comic books. No junk yard was safe from the prowling of Howie and Henry. They were the hustlers by which all hustlers are judged. The well spring!

Henry was the neighborhood genius (more on that at a later date) whilst Howie was the muscle. Or as much muscle as you could be after getting beaten up on a regular basis by my cousin Cindy (the toughest kid on the block).

Word of the pending Crack Top contest moved like wildfire through the neighborhood spreading as far as the distant land of 101st street! All the best players were shining up their spinning tops in preparation for the gladiatorial spectacle set for that Saturday! There was Jimmy “No teeth” Weaver, Bunko Bill Stevens, Mark “the Hammer” Levy and many others.

Inevitably though it would come down to a battle of will, skill and moxie between me and my nemesis, arch enemy, and all around pain in the nether regions, Alan “Hail Mary” Baker.

Many had been our confrontations with no clear winner. He was the leader of Thrush whilst *I* was the head of U.N.C.L.E.! Our gangs would square off and taunt each other relentlessly….Alan would save his most crushing taunt (BUGGA! BUGGA!) for the coup de gras! Few were those who could easily recover from a well placed *grr* Baker “Bugga! Bugga!”, but balance was maintained by the fact that my second in command was the aforementioned Toughest Kid On the Block. One glance at Cindy’s Clint Eastwood type stare would freeze the blood and quicken the pulse of any miscreant…and boy was Alan miscreanty! (Is that even a word?)

But I digress. The long and the short of it is that my ONLY real competition for the golden pile of four colored goodness was the aforementioned *grrrr* Baker.

(To this day I cannot say the word “Baker” without a mental *grrr*…which often confuses the people at my local bakery by the way).
We were the undisputed masters of the hallowed game of crack top.

You see, Crack Top is a game of skill, aggression, planning and plain blind luck. Masters of the game can stretch their lineage all the way back Ancient Times (also in Brooklyn) and the teachings of the greatest Crack Topper of them all , Harry Donnenfeld. (Actually I can’t back that up. There is no evidence that Harry Donnenfeld ever actually even handled a spinning top but I like to get his name into my stories whenever possible. Hi Harry!)

Crack Top involves the use of spinning tops. It was, is a toy that is shaped more or less like a triangle with a metal or plastic point on the narrow end. You wrap a string tightly around the body of the top and, with a flick of the wrist the top unravels and (theoretically) spins. It requires great technique and nuance to do well. If NOT done well the consequences can be…dire. (I would tell you about the great Spinning Top fatalities of 1898 but children may be reading this column. )

Contestants start their tops spinning in a circular arena drawn on the ground. The last one spinning has the opportunity to “CRACK” a top or tops out of the circle. The player, if he is particularly skilled, can even break a top right in half thus “cracking” the top. Said top destroyers are the best of the best.

Alan *grr*Baker was the best….

I was better.

(Another dramatic music cue…Come ON Waffle, wake up! You just can’t get good help these days!)
Back and forth we went, cracking tops. The low whine of the gyrating toys filled the air. Hands trembled.
Brows were furrowed with sweat.

(As an aside Alan could sweat like no other. He was clearly the neighborhood sweating champion. This has been attributed by experts to Alan’s unusually furrowy brow. What furrows that guy had! We could often hear his mother commenting on this as she hung out the wash. She would say to no one in particular, “That $#@#$ Boy can really sweat!”)

One by one the other players fell by the wayside. They lost their tops to Alan or myself. Even worse others suffered the humiliation of watching my nemesis or myself blast their tops to microscopic pieces. The day was hot…it was long. Popsicle sticks littered the concrete. Yoohoo cans lay in silent testament to the grueling battle. Even Saturday morning cartoons went unwatched as all eyes were riveted to the battle of the Top Titans. (It is said that the idea for the Superbowl sprung out of this particular Crack Top contest but I cannot verify that…yet.)

Finally the only men left standing were Alan and myself. It was a dead heat.

Now here is where the rules and etiquette of Crack Top get muddy. In a strict tie the players each spin their tops and the last one spinning wins. But for legendary players (and brutal enemies) like Alan and myself this would never be enough! There had to be more.
There had to be death.

We quickly huddled with Henry (Howie and Cindy keeping watch over the skittish crowd that could riot at any second! They would be our only protection if things got ugly.) and decided to use the dreaded Donnenfeld Protocols.

Even today , some four and a half decades later, I wonder how any of us survived the Donnenfeld Protocols. Clearly it was foolhardy on all our parts. We had no idea about the forces were about to release. All I can say is that we were young and foolish.

Anyway, the D.P. called for Alan and I in turn to lay our BEST top in the center of the ring, giving the other a chance to CRACK his prized weapon n half. The first to successfully destroy his opponent’s top would win and claim the prize comic books.

And so it began. The tie breaker. There was more at stake then mere bragging rights. More at stake than even the pile of pulp wonder gleaming in the sunshine. This was a battle for honor! Pride! If I could win…if I could emerge triumphant never again would the words “Bugga! Bugga!” strike fear into the hearts of the innocent. No Klingon Warrior had ever fought for a more noble cause! (well maybe the great Tribble Hunt, but I digress.)

Henry flipped a coin and all eyes were on the silver disk as it flew up, caught the sunlight and came back down into the hand of the neighborhood genius. Heads. Alan would get the first shot.

It is no easy thing to strike a top no bigger than a nine year old’s fist with the point of another top. So it was no surprise that he missed on his first attempt. So did I. back and forth we went. Just missing by a hair. The stress in the crowd was palpable. You could FEEL the thumping of hearts as *grr* Baker and I battled back and forth . Half an hour went by, then an hour! Wrists flicking….tops spinning. Near miss after near miss. Something had to give.

One of us would have to crack first. Then on Alan’s tenth attempt…time slowed as he brought his wrist down, freeing his deadly crusher of a top. I could actually see the point rotating as it plummeted towards my prized weapon. A top known to one and all as ”The Penetrator”. The point of Alan’s top scored a deep gash along one side of my top….a collective gasp went up!
Henry bent down and he examined The penetrator with the eyes of a surgeon.

“NO BREAK”!, he declared. I would get another chance but my top was badly damaged. The scoring would surely put the balance off and if I failed to get the top to spin I would lose by default. I could not style the spin even though I was KNOWN as a fineness player. The top would have to be POWERED into a spin. I was literally going to have to THROW it. This technique was almost unheard of. Only the Great Donnenfeld was said to have mastered it. But I had no choice.

I knew what Superman would do. I knew what Cap would do…and I knew what Harry would do.

I wound the top as tightly as I had ever done before. I would need the added torque! I called upon the Zen of Top spinning and focused my gaze to a single spot on the body of Alan’s evil toy. And then I heard the voice of Donnenfeld…
“Use the Force, Mitch”

Not really. This was 12 years before Star Wars came out but I couldn’t resist. What I actually “heard” was the “Bugga!Bugga!” I would get if I lost.

I brought my hand down like a sledge hammer and released the top. It was Ali against Liston. Mantle hitting a 500 foot drive. It was Kirk making out with a green chick!

My top hit the ground spinning serenely. On either side was precisely one half of Alan’s “top.

A collective roar went up. I had won. I had won for truth, Justice and The American Way. I had won for the little guy and Klingons everywhere. But mostly I had just won THREE HUNDRED COMICS!

I turned slowly to my opponent, humbled in defeat, his broken top in his hands .He looked , silently acknowledging his defeat…and I said

“Bugga! Bugga!

That’s 30!