Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Late as always, what else is new. Sorry about the delay, just got caught up in everyday life and didn't get a chance to sit down and blab about what I like and what I hated this week. ANYWAYS....Everyone excited about TERMINATOR SALVATION coming out on WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! Well you should, shit is going to be awesome!!!! I cannot wait for it. Make sure you make it down to CBJ for the tailgate and get your eat and drink on, grab some stuff on discount (come on, they have a sale every tailgate. What've you been living under a rock??) and go see the movie @ 12am!!! YES!

Fusion #1

Being that I've been a big fan of Top Cow since waaaay back when, I really liked this comic. Not only do I get Cyberforce and Hunter/Killer but The Thunderbolts and The "Mighty" Avengers. This story takes place after the events of HK #12, the Cyberforce mini and in between the 1st and 2nd arc's of Mighty Avengers. PRE DARK REIGN. Tyler Kirkham's artwork is incredible. This man knows how to make you wanna turn the page. Accompanied by Abnett and Lanning's sweet story thus far, this book is not to be missed!

5 out of 5

Lockjaw and the pet Avengers #1

If you passed this book up because you thought it was a kid's comic well go back and get it now! It's funny, exciting and really cool to see the "pet Avengers" do what their respective owners would do. These animals are tasked by the Inhuman cainine Lockjaw to track down the Infinity Gems. Great first issue. We're even given an origin story as to how there's a Thor Frog!

5 out of 5

Oracle The Cure #3

I really like Barbara Gordon and the whole Oracle persona that she's made since being crippled by the Joker (way back in The Killing Joke) but the fact that this was supposed to be a tie-in to Battle for the cowl and really had more to do with Teen Titans, Final Crisis and Birds of Prey than Batman. The Calculator is trying to get the Anti-Life Equation off the internet so that he can save his daughter (who was attacked in Teen Titans). Where is any mention of BATMAN aside from the banner across the cover?!?!? NOWHERE!!! It's an ok story, I feel they should've just did this in Birds of Prey instead of making a 3 issue mini and wasting people's time. The worst part is now DC is going to be making another BATGIRL book which I'm assuming is all about Barbara who hasn't been Batgirl for years! WTF!!!

2 out of 5

The Walking Dead #61

I've strayed away from reviewing this comic because well....IT'S ALWAYS GOOD! reguardless if it's a slow issue or packed with thrills and chills, it's always worth the wait. I can't say anything other than I think the priest on the cover is a spy. That's it! I can't spoil it for those of you including my girlfriend who read this book by trade.

5 out of 5

Hawkeye Dark Reign #2

Continuing the aftermath of last issue's blood splattered night of fun for the newly named Bullseye, Norman Osborn spins the hell out of everything to make it look like he was fighting himself, considering he left some trademark evidence. Such as carving a bullseye in one person's head. Great stuff from Marvel and Andy Diggle really knows how to give Bullseye that psycho, I wanna take him home to murder my family appeal. GOOD ISH!!!

5 out of 5

Previews of next weeks book that I'm excited about!!

Battle for the cowl #3 of 3..........who is the new batman!?!?
Vigilante #6.... The conclusion the the deathtrap story arc
Captain America #50!
Criminal Macabre: Cell Block 666 #4

make sure you go see Terminator Salvation and tell all these critics to go shove it!!
We are the Resistance!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Back again for another editon of Previews and Reviews. I hope you guys and girls enjoy reading this every week. LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS!!!! also make sure you check out my blogs @ no-prize.com and on comicbookjones.net. If there is a book you want me to review whether it be YOUR BOOK or something your unsure of, let me know and I'll be more than happy to give you my honest opinion. I read pretty much everything I can get my hands on. Now with that said on with the show....

New Mutants #1
I was a fan of the original New Mutants comic way back when and now we get to see how the years have weighed down on the characters. The really cool thing is Cannonball and company are all about helping Magik and the rest of the "students" are all about fighting her. I really enjoyed this issue a lot and I can't wait and see where Zeb Wells will take the newly reformed team.
5 out of 5

Terminator Salvation Movie Preview #0
Being that I grew up and love The Terminator series and every comic they've put out for it since James Cameron's iconic movie, this book was bound to find it's way in my stack. I don't want to give anything away but if your a fan YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! so worth $3.99. Don Figureoa's artwork is awesome and fits just right with the post Judgement Day background. May 21st can't come soon enough!!
5 out of 5

Deadpool #10
Daniel Way was born to write Deadpool. The laughs just keep on coming with each new issue. This time around our friend Deadpool is still breaking Norman Osborn's balls. RESPAWN! Normie sends Hawkeye aka Bullseye to take care of Deadpool and the slap-stick romp they have is hysterical. So awesome. If your not reading this book your a sad sad person.
5 out of 5

War Of Kings #3 of 6
This issue marks the halfway point of the mini-series that will change Marvel's galactic universe forever. In this issue the Starjammers and The Guardians of the galaxy make a last chance effort to get Lilandra from the clutches of Kid Vulcan aka Gabriel Summers aka EMPEROR VULCAN. So much goodness in one issue it hurts me to finish it. All I'm going to say is at the end your gonna drop the "oh sugar honey iced tea bomb" FOR SURE!!
5 out of 5

The Boys #30
Every month this books comes out and every month I'm upset and angry I still read and collect this comic. 30 issues have gone by and I'm still bored of it. I've spoken to a bunch of people who've dropped the book off their pull lists because they feel the same way. I'm sorry if you enjoy it but I really don't. I'm giving it 2 more issues (because they're starting a new story arc and Carlos Ezquerra co-creator of Judge Dredd is coming in the draw this arc) before I decide if I'm going to stick with it or drop it. I am however looking forward to the Mini-series "Herogasm" that spins off the boys. We'll see what happens then.
1 out of 5

Now onto what I'm looking forward to this week in comics!
Titans #13
Capt. Britain and MI-13 #13
Dark Reign Young Avengers #1
Lockjaw and the pet Avengers #1
Savage Dragon #148