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What up world!?
Did everyone have as much fun as I did at the Comic Book Jones 2 year celebration?? It was awesome, such a good time with new friends and family. If you missed it, I feel bad for you.
Now, this was a pretty big week in books, some good, some bad. I'll cut the crap and get to it..

Let's jump into this weeks offering of "Blackest Night" tie-in books.

Outsiders #25

This issue is the second part of the Outsiders dealings with "Blackest Night". The issue picks up in the Outsiders base where The Black Lantern Tara is trying to convince her brother Geo-Force to kill her and end her suffering as a reanimated monster. Meanwhile, Tatsu, Creeper, Killer Croc and Halo are dealing with Tatsu's reanimated Husband and children. This is where the fun starts and some revelations come to light, literally. Tatsu's soulsword can see the soul of the person it cuts, in attacking her dead Husband, she comes to find out about the coming darkness and Nekron. After a long battle, Halo gets back into the fight and "lights up" The Black Lanterns and heads off to save the other members of the team. She arrives, destroys Tara's black ring as Geo-Force turns her into stone. Halo then states that "the light is calling her" and dissappears in a great flash of light.
The team "disbands" to take time to recoop and spead time with their families to reflect on al the current events that have been going on since Batman's "death".
This issue also marks the end of Peter Tomasi's run on the book as the next issue welcomes in the creative team of Dan Didio and Philip Tan. This was a really good tie-in because we get to see the possible creation of a "White Lantern Corps"? I'm kind of sad to see Peter Tomasi go off this book because he's done a bang up job since he got on the book and has done nothing but good for it. Needless to say, good issue, great tie-in.

5 out of 5

Justice League of America #40

This issue mainly focuses on Vixen, Dr. Light and Gypsy battling Black Lantern Steel, Vibe and villain Dr. Light. Sadly, Zatana's battle with her Father Zatarra is cut out. This issue is pretty much a verbal battle as the Black Lantern's attempt to belittle and discount Vixen, Dr. Light and Gypsy as valid super-heroines and as women in general. It's a very emotional issue as the Black Lantern's are trying to get the women to react to their verbal abuse and have some solid emotions to feed off of. In the end Dr. Light with the help of the puddle formerly known as Plastic Man and her female teammates takes down the three Black Lanterns. Again, another example of a possible "White Lantern Corps". Potential members being Vixen and Dr. Light. This wasn't exactly a great issue, well written as it was and to the point, I felt that the battle should've been more of a battle as opposed to it being a shouting match in between punches.

3 out of 5

Superman / Batman #67

I'm am going to bash this issue to pieces. I'm sorry I spent the money to even own this issue. I really think that DC should've done something else and used Solomon Grundy in another book or just saved him for the main "Blackest Night" title. Picking up from last issues mess, Black Lantern Solomon Grundy is beating the crap out of Bizarro. Francine Langstrom is attempting to give her Husband Kirk aka The Man Bat the cure to his bat serum and save him from a life as a monster and Frankenstein and S.H.A.D.E are attempting to stop Grundy while all this is going on. The issue is mostly about monsters and loss, that's pretty much my take on the idea behind the story. I'm really unimpressed and I feel that this concept isn't needed. Solomon Grundy is a great character. He should be running around ripping people apart and feeding. Man Bat should'nt even have been in this issue because the last time we saw him was in the last issue of The Outsiders, where he was in a swamp with Killer Croc being chased. Bizarro is just totally left field and should've been saved for the bigger story I feel. Don't feel bad if you missed these past two issue of this title because truthfully, you'll kick yourself if you go crazy looking for them. Go to the store sit down and read them. Buy something else.

1 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #43

Last issue we saw Kyle Rayner die, this issue he is given a second lease on life. In the wake of Kyle's apparent death, Natu and Guy attempt to stop Kyle's ring from leaving him and the Black rings from inhabiting him. Guy becomes so enraged that a Red Rage ring finds him and he becomes a half Red Lantern half Green Lantern. He starts tearing through the Black Lanterns and is a one man death machine. Kilowog and the remaining Corps gather round Kyle attempting to hold off the Black rings from taking him all the while holding off the Black Lanterns. A Star Sapphire shows up and with the power of Natu's love for Kyle resurrects him. Guy is on a killing spree even adding Yellow Lantern Cryb to his list. This issue was intense. Peter Tomasi shows us again why he is the man to be following Geoff Johns on this massive journey through space and the DCU.

5 out of 5

Over in Marvel this week, we're given another chapter in the ongoing "Necrosha" storyline.

X-Force #22

In the last chapter we saw Selene and her zombie mutants make their way to Genosha, where she began to raise the dead island and it's unfortunate inhabitants. In reanimating sixteen million mutants only about a million of them still have their mutant abilities, interesting considering the fact that these mutants died long before M-Day. Selene needs her sword to begin sacrificing mutants so that she may become a god. Eli Bard who was her servant back in Roman times lost the sword in a battle with the animal spirits that protects Warpath's tribe. He explains to Blink the story and asks her to help him find it. She sells him out and tells Selene about his plan. They are sent to find the X-Men and her sword or else. The interesting thing about this issue is the revelation that Eli Bard used the Techo Organic Virus and Caiban in a plot to help Selene "finish her journey". It's sad that this is how they're going to bring back the mutant populace. I and I'm sure others out there aren't buying this and feel that it's a cheap way of rebooting long dead characters.

3 out of 5

One book that came out this week from Marvel that everyone needs to read, buy and become fans of if they aren't already is X-Factor!

X-Factor #200

Newly renumbered and relocated, the team takes on it's first case in NYC. Valeria and Franklin Richards come to report that The Invisible Woman is missing. Since this book is so amazing and I honestly can't bring myself to tell you anymore of what happens in this milestone issue, I suggest you get out of the house and read it yourself. Trust me, this is one book you don't need to know every little thing of every little character. Peter David truly shows that he is a master of his craft and you will agree.

5 out of 5!!

New from Boom Studios, we get a brand new number one issue..

Incorruptible #1

Spinning out of the hit Boom Studios series "Irredeemable" comes "Incorruptible". Nick Nitro is the FBI's most wanted man and on the run. He's the only one to survive a battle with The Plutonian (he's the star and superhero supreme of Irredeemable.) The story starts off with Nick's old crew going to rob a diamond exchange when they are barricaded by the authories on a bridge. The shootout starts and Nick Nitro shows up to save the police. After helping the cops arrest his old crew, Nick heads back to his secret base. There he meets with his girlfriend named "Jailbait" and has the police chief in the trunk. He then tells them that he wants to go straight ever since looking into the eyes of a God. This series is the polar opposite of "Irredeemable", Nick Nitro being a criminal wanting to become a hero as The Plutionian went from hero to villain. So far so good, anyone who's a fan of "Irredeemable" will really enjoy this.

5 out of 5.

with that said, "That's all folks".

Here's what I'm JONESIN' for this week in comics!

THOR #605

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