Friday, December 18, 2009

R. Beast is back

For those of you who don't know, the CBJ website hosted my webcomic R. Beast's Out of Love, and continue to do so... About five months ago... the webcomic stopped updating. Listen guys, I'm sorry, okay!? There was so much going on... and i just plain didn't have the time to continue drawing the damned thing. Fortunately for you, I've freed up a whole bunch of time and i've decided to continue drawing it. (It's all written from beginning to end... just a matter of getting it done?) So you can check it out at the link above (and catch up if you're new to the fun.) It will continue for now as a bi-weekly strip, and may or may not go back to updating weekly. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to continue on with this venture, i promise you it will be completed... i don't, however, promise you'll be pleased with the end result...
Think of it like a pumpkin pie..
Also - congrats on CBJ for an awesome two years!

your friend,
Tiger's beard

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