Monday, December 28, 2009


What up world?!
Coming to you live and in color over here at Comic Book Jones, I've just had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of BLACKEST NIGHT #6!

That's right kiddies, I read it and lemme tell you...IT'S AMAZING!! Geoff Johns is a frickin mad scientist and as far as I'm concerned he is by far the best writer of the 21st century. That's right I said it and what!
Obviously I can't tell you about the issue because it doesn't come out til Wednesday but lemme just say this, if you thought issue #5 was awesome, wait til you read this. You will be screaming like a little girl on Christmas just like I did.
The "New Guardians" are ridiculous. Some of the characters most of you probably saw coming because Johns has been foreshadowing their incorporation since issue #1.
All the pieces are falling into place and this is it for the DCU.
This will change the status quo for years to come. I honestly can't think of anything that DC can do to truly top this story.
Get your rings ready and get your ass to the store early on Wednesday and read this book ASAP!!

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