Friday, December 4, 2009

Stop and smell the roses!

With the holiday season in full swing it is easy to get so caught up in the shopping, decorating, family gathering etc, that we forget what it is that makes the season so special to us. So before things get too hectic I want to take some time out to reflect on some of the things that hold special meaning to me for this season as it applies to the hobby we all love and to send out some shouts.

First I want to thank all of the people that I have met over the years in this hobby just for being dreamers and visionaries. The readers. You are the people who live the hobby. It is not just a love of comic books that draws you all. It is your ability to see all of the possibilities in the human condition. You all see a universe where anything is possible. For all of you concepts like heroism, honor, love and sacrifice are very real things. I have no doubt that any of you would be great superheroes! You all have the super power that is your imagination.

To the creators. Writers, artists, inkers, editors and all the rest. You are the wonderful people who can reach up to the sky for an idea…and then pull it down and put it to work for you. You are both blessing and blessed. Think of the word…”creators”. In a world where it is far easier to destroy than it is to create, you are the hope of the world. You spend your time building. It might be a star spanning epic or a single moment of great emotional impact. And even though you make it LOOK easy I know that you all make tremendous sacrifices for your art. For every creator who makes a ton of money, there are a hundred who have to struggle by. But you persevere and STILL create. And while you are far too numerous for me to list I will just say that a certain pack of dogs has found a very special place in my heart. Thank you all just for being here.

To all the wonderful people at CBJ. Socko, Tiger, Waffle, Sam…all of you have created a place where we come, not just to shop but to be a part of a community of like minds. CBJ is not about comics, it is about the great people who work there.

As for me, when I think about what this hobby has given me over the years, the things that stand out most are two. First is passing my love of comic books and speculative fiction along to my daughter Alyx. Being able to share something you love with your child is more valuable than any collectible could ever be. Taking her to comic conventions, movies or just shopping at CBJ have been the best gifts this dad could ever have.

The other thing of great value that I received from this hobby is a brother. I met Bob Falcone when we were both in college and I caught him reading a copy of Superman #149 which, as I recall he had squirreled into a text book. This was in 1976 and we have been family ever since. I was able to make that more or less official when he became my daughter’s Godfather in 1991. If Superman was a real guy it would be Bob. Just ask anyone who has ever known him!

So when things get hectic over the next few weeks, stop by CBJ for a smile and conversation, pick up a comic to relax, or just smile and reflect on what a great hobby we all share.

That’s 30!


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