Monday, September 21, 2009

Steve Rogers - Reborn

Captain America – Reborn

Sweeter words were never spoken!

As anyone not living at Ice Station Zebra knows, in the wake of the Marvel Civil War, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) was assassinated while being lead from a New York courthouse. What made this particular hero “death” so jarring was the fact that Cap was shot. Not blown out of existence by Galactus or life sucked by a Black Lantern. He simply took a sniper’s bullet ( and a “killing shot” from his brainwashed lover Sharon Carter) and that was it. One minute Steve was here and the next he was gone. The scene played out more like something from The Bourne Identity or 24 than from a comic book. It felt all too real.

It was ultimately a very satisfying , if tragic, end to a Superhero Icon.

Over the next two years, under the direction of Ed Brubaker, the Captain America title not only survived, it thrived. Cap’s long lost partner, Bucky Barnes, took up his mantle. Sharon Carter and Sam Wilson were made more three dimensional and hence more believable. The Black Widow finally ceased to be a stereotyped character. The plots were tight and the story telling very well executed. Captain America has played out as the best “secret agent” since Nick fury Agent Of Shield back in the late 60’s.

The book has never looked better.

But if that’s the case. If things are going so well with Captain America, why bring Steve Rogers back at all?

Steve Rogers is very much the center of the Marvel universe. He is the hero that OTHER heroes look up to. This is not because of his enhanced abilities. There are legions of Marvel characters that are more powerful than Cap. Steve Rogers commands respect, is able to lead more powerful heroes because of his deep commitment to the value of freedom all people. Steve never waivers on this. He does not defend any one American government. He defends the American DREAM. It was that commitment that lead him to defy an unjust (certainly unconstitutional) Superhero Registration Act. Steve Rogers, every bit as much as Captain America is a symbol of what a hero should be.

The Marvel universe resonated in the wake of Cap’s death. Rogers was the moral center of the Superhero community.

The Center has not held.

Even the heroes he fought in The Civil War. Tributes poured in. Reed Richards is having a crisis of conscience. Tony Stark still has not recovered. Norman Osborne is the most powerful man in the country. And of course The Red Skull is still out there.

Who do you think MUST be the one to restore the center of the Marvel Universe?
It can only be Captain America and only Steve Rogers can carry that honor…that burden.

James Naslund (The Spirit of ’76) died trying to fill in as Captain America after Steve was lost at the end of WWII.

Steve Rogers II (The Cap of the 50’s) went insane

John Walker (US Agent) was not up to the task morally

Bucky Barnes would be the first to tell you that he is not the man to rally the troops.

It can only be Steve Rogers.

Former 4F Army reject.

The product of the Super Soldier Program. But it was not the formula that made Captain America. It was Steve Rogers who made the formula merely a bullet in the gun. Captain America was a creation of Roger’s heart and commitment to freedom.

Welcome back soldier. Now let’s saddle up and get back in the war!

That’s 30!


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