Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feel Sorry For Me...

Hello my delightfully delicious CBJ sinners!! It's your Creepy Uncle Stephen again... Don't worry, all inappropriate touching will be on hold for a while due to injury. Yes, pity me.

On Monday I made the mistake of playing outside with my children. Why is that a mistake you ask? Well, for several reasons.
  1. I don't want anyone getting the impression that I'm a good Dad. Dear LORD--the damage that would have on my carefully groomed rep.
  2. I don't generally enjoy being outside or partaking in outdoor activities. That out there is the real world... I like it here in the interwebs where I'm safe and sound, snuggled into my Geekiverse.
  3. I'm not exactly the physical specimen I was in my youth. Back then, I was a nationally ranked athlete. Now I'm a shapeless geek with carpel tunnel.
So here's the thing... I fell down. Hard. On my driveway. Trying to kick a stupid soccer ball back to my kids. I know, it's ridiculous. My legs went out from under me, I hovered in the air for a second or 2 --just long enough to put my arm back in a hair-brained attempt to break my fall-- and then down I went. (insert comic sound effect here)

I thought I broke my elbow. My doctor thought I broke my elbow. Luckily the x-rays say otherwise. No breaks. No dislocations. Just a shitload of swelling and pain. Oh yeah, and the bruised pride that goes along with looking like a total pussy in front of your kids.

Here I am in the little waiting room, waiting for them to process my x-rays.

My multiple doctor visits over the past 2 day depleted my funds so much that I had to bail on appearing at the Pittsburgh Comic Con this weekend because I simply can't afford it now.

Sucks, right? Yeah, it totally does.

But there are a few lights at the end of the tunnel. For starters, I will be at the Baltimore Con next month!! I think many of you CBJers should road-trip down to it and come see me! I would really love the attention... ;)

Also, a NEW PAGE of Saints & Warlords was posted today for your viewing pleasure!! ( What, you thought I was going to go an entire blog post without shamelessly plugging my shit? Why, that's just madness!!

Also, as Socko posted earlier, I'll be appearing on the radio show "Where Monsters Dwell" tonight sometime between 9-10. You can listen online right here:

Finally, on Sunday night starting at 8pm, I'll be the guest on the podcast The Zonecast. I'll be babbling for about an hour... and the cool thing is, you can listen live and also interact. You can check that one out here:

Ok, time to go wallow in self-pity before my Orthopedic appointment today. I love all of you in a highly inappropriate manner. Always remember that.

~ Creepy Uncle Stephen

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