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Whudup World!

Not a bad week in comics last week. Some good, some bad but hey, it happens.
This past week Marvel Comics was bought by The Disney Corporation...WoW...ok but seriously, Disney isn't going to waterdown anything Marvel does and they're not going to do anything really aside from thrive off them. Due to the current economic situation we're in, not very surprisingly has comic readership and sales gone UP!..simple fact that most people know, in times of crisis, the entertainment industry sees a big increase due to the fact that cheap entertainment helps people escape " their reality". Now that I feel like my H.S economics teacher lets get down to business.

Exiles #6 (of 6)

In an interview before the book came out author Jeff Parker said "that he wanted to return the mystery behind the exiles. To make readers wonder what the hell is going to happen next." Alright so did Jeff accomplish the job or not? Yes and no. Here's how I feel about it; The book should've been a mini series first off. Many people out there want to read Exiles stories. The Multiverse is unlimited in the possibilities of potential earths and the story could've gone on and on. The story told in 6 issues really could've been done in an Exiles Giant Sized or another Annual. The fact is, it took 6 issues that included 2 story arcs dealing with the typical Exiles adventures across different earths righting them (cocktease) and the last issue was basically what the whole series should've been about from the get go. You come to learn (if you didn't read it, cover your eyes!)The timebroker is actually an incarnation of Kang! At least one version who stumbled upon the reality outside space and time where he can view the multiverse and send in teams of other worldly heroes and villans to right wrongs or wrong rights..The Crystal Citadel and everything inside is all his doing and from the very begining has set into motion the many events that have spanned the series as a whole. I'm happy as an Exiles fan to have 2 new stories with an all new team and to finally know what the hell has been going on since Judd Winick wrote the book but I'm kinda pissed that it was only 6 issues and that the purpose of the book was swayed til the last issue. What the hell?!

3 out of 5 overall.

Magog #1

The acolyte of the now slain Gog gets his own book this week. I'll be honest, I really liked this book a lot and see a lot of potential as to where it can go. If the book is headed to where we all think it's headed then it's going to be sweet to see how he progresses from Vigilante-esque hero to villan. The stage is set fairly simple; everyone knows who he is, normal people don't bother him, he's got the JSA breathing down his back and he is a "hero" who kills, PERIOD! NO QUESTIONS ASKED. The dialogue in the book is really funny for anyone who likes Keith Giffen. The banter between Magog and his partner "Axel Baines" is almost laugh out loud funny. Overall this book is going to be great in about a year when Magog and his story are really fleshed out and we see him start to prepare for end.
5 out of 5

Solomon Grundy #7

Starting the first of many tie-ins dealing with Blackest Night, Solomon Grundy wraps up the mini series explaining how Cyrus Gold eventually became Solomon Grundy. The series itself was pretty cool because we're finally given an explaination as to the hows and whys of Cyrus Gold's eventual transformation into Solomon Grundy. Sadly the only part of this issue that has to deal with Blackest Night is the last 4 pages when the black ring comes for the newly dead Grundy. The only cool thing I got out of it was what I was told and now see first hand. The simple fact that you can only become a Black Lantern if you die with some kind of weight or tragedy on your soul almost like the Crow, which is cool in a sense but the fact that I can reference something like that so easily kinda sucks. Needless to say Black Lantern Solomon Grundy will continue on in Superman/Batman tie-in.

3 out of 5


OH MY GOD!!! I love Jason Aaron and his run on Ghost Rider. Amazing! If you're not reading this book, bang your head into a wall a couple of times and then get your ass down to the store and read one of the most amazing books Marvel puts out. Aaron's handling of Ghost Rider and his supporting cast has just gone above and beyond all expectations and "oh shit" moments. Between Daimon Hellstorm (Son of Satan) going after the new Son of Satan, Danny Ketch making a deal with the devil to somehow save the world and Johnny Blaze looking for a way into Heaven so he can ride his bike up Zadikiel's ass the hits just keep coming and this is just a mini series leading to something even bigger in the PROPER TITLE!

5 out of 5!

Marvel Zombies The Return #1

I'm Gore Jones you knew I was going to review this comic this week come on! Needless to say I am, was and will be a fan of the Marvel Zombies characters and concept, not for the fact that they're just zombies or marvel characters but the fact that they're very well written characters put in extraordinary situations dealing with some serious problems. So lets recap real quick.
Alien virus infects The Sentry.............Check
He then spreads it and in turn infects the entire world.......check
Reed Richards creates a gateway to other realities....check
The Marvel Zombies are born and eat Galactus...................check
They in turn eat the entire galaxy except for the remaining survivors who escaped....check

The remaining survivors then send them through Richards restored gateway putting them.....well now they didn't say since MZ3 and MZ4 had nothing to do with Wolverine, Spider-man, The Hulk, Giant Man or Iron Man. (We saw Luke Cage in "The Black Panther" not too long ago)So now, where did they end up?
Issue one gives us a look where Spider-Man went and damn the shit has hit the fan. I don't want to spoil this because it's better for you to read and enjoy than for me to tell you what happens. All I'm going to say is The Sinister Six never looked so good...covered in blood and entrails.. haha...

5 out of 5

Them's my reviews for the week...This is what I'm Jonesin' for this upcoming week!


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