Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What up World?!

Back for another edition of where I rant and rave about what came out this past week in comics. This week things got a little hectic because Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 came out on Tuesday and pretty much controlled my life til yesterday when I beat it. Now I have to play again as the Pro-Reg side of things. If you liked UA 1 or X-Men Legends, this is your new addiction....

Marvel Zombies Return #3

Last week I spoke about how I felt that the topic of coming to terms with being Zombies and never being able to go back to normal was'nt addressed in the last issue, well I opened my big mouth and got exactly what I wanted this week in issue 3. We find Spider-Man attempting to create a cure for the disease and he needs the help of Kitty Pryde. Zombie Wolverine is running wild eating everything he can and has come to terms with the fact that "he is the best at what he does and what he does is kill." I was really happy with this issue not only because it's a brawl of blood and guts between a living and undead Wolverine but for the fact that it does address how Spider-Man will no matter what try to always be the hero. The conversation he has with Kitty about trying to prevent what happened to his earth is very heartfelt and sad to see that behind the monster still lives a hero.

5 out of 5

Blackest Night #3

This issue was fantastic. We get to see the "Zombie" JLA fight the JLA. We get to see Jason the new Firestorm merge with Zombie Ronnie Raymond Firestorm. We're introduced to the Indigo Lanterns, who shed a lot of light on the whole situation and explain what the hell is going on and how to stop it. We witness the reanimation of all the major villians who died that were in the JLA masoleum. I can't spoil the fun for you, this issue had me oooing and ahhing like a newborn comic nerd. Did anyone else notice the Black Lantern who resembled Black Adam on the screen when Jason was in the JLA Watchtower and come on did anyone notice how "DAWN OF THE DEAD REMAKE" that whole 2 pages seemed...Geoff Johns saluting George Romero anyone???...

5 out of 5

Anti Venom New Ways To Live #1

I'll be honest, I wasn't going to even bother with this book because I thought it was going to be terrible and very gimmick-y toward a character I've always liked; Eddie Brock. Well they shut me up and fast. This issue was AWESOME!! Brock now dubbed Anti-Venom uses a "cured" junkie to help him locate drug dealers and HE KILLS THEM!! Eddie's using his new lease on life to save people but in the process gets caught in the conflict of "How do you really save people?".. His "cured" junkie steals dope from the dealers he killed, so his curing touch does it really purge people of their disease and save them or does it just create a clean slate so that in this case this girl can get F*ed up all over again? During his battle with the dealers he comes across NYC's own vigilante The Punisher and the last page will have you screaming...Go get this book. Paulo Siqueira's artwork is phenominal.

5 out of 5

GhostBusters Displaced Aggression #1

I hate to say it but I really didn't like this book at all. It starts you off in the old west where Peter has been "displaced" to, He's somehow managed to build a photopack and a containment unit and ghostbusts in this little town. He explains how they were fighting Koza 'Rai father of Gozer (you know the bad guy from the first film) and he sent all the Ghostbusters to "The four corners of time because he didn't trust death could keep them from stopping him". Then out of nowhere this girl Rachel who was Egon's prize student during his stint at NYU shows up with Ecto 11, helps him bag some ghosts and then heads out to gather the other "displaced" Ghostbusters. Snore...I hope the next issue is worth it because this was just a snoozefest. I hate reading something and having to force myself through it. So many things that are done that make no sense like since when can a well become a containment unit in the old west..Shit if that was the case they should've done that from the get-go so when Walter Peck (you know from Ghostbusters the movie) shut down the containment unit, it would'nt have been so apocalyptic.

2 out of 5

Ultimate Armor Wars #1

Warren Ellis one of my favorite writers pens this Ultimate universe take on "The Armor Wars". Sadly Mr. Ellis is hit or miss when it comes to him writting other people's characters and thus far I have a feeling this book is going to be a miss. Tony Stark heads into the remains of New York (I'm assuming this is maybe a month after Ultimatum..they don't give a time frame) to recover his "ornament" from a sub level lab he has under Stark Tower. He gets down there and finds Justine Hammer daughter of Justin Hammer just sitting there. They have a conversation and then Tony is alerted to a presence below him where his "ornament" is. He heads down to find someone who resembles Ultimate War Machine but who is referred to as "Ghost" (Marvel 616's Thunderbolt?) They battle and Ghost makes an exit with what Tony came there looking for. He then takes Justine back to Stark Industries to help her because she's dying from a failed nanite process and thats the end of issue one. WHACK! This doesn't have the same feel or texture as the original "Armor Wars" did. I truly hope Mr. Ellis picks things up next issue.

2 out of 5

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