Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What's up world!
Back in the saddle for another edition of Previews and Reviews. Some cool stuff happened in the past week. My band (The Grieving Process) released a new song on our myspace page, head over there and check it out and leave us some love. After 4 years in the waiting Rob Zombie's cartoon movie based on the comic series "The Haunted Adventures of El Superbeasto" finally came out!! For those of you in the NY area with Time Warner Cable, you can order it on the Movies on Demand channel. Definitely worth the wait. This week in comics wasn't too shabby either, some seriously good stuff came out...

Spider-Woman #1

This week we finally got the comic book version of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Spider-Woman. We catch up to Jessica Drew post Secret Invasion to find her having a very hard time coping with everything that's happened. Poor Jessica, she's one of the most notorious people on earth now because of The Skrull Queen posing as her. Abigail Brand head of S.W.O.R.D shows up randomly to offer her a job with S.W.O.R.D hunting down alien species living here on earth. Her first mission is hunt down and find the remaining Skrulls who went into hiding after the end of Secret Invasion. I loved this book and I'm glad to finally have it in my hands as opposed to the Itunes Digital Comic that Marvel has had out for sometime now. Bendis loves this character and you will too. If you passed this one up, forgot it or just didn't care, make it a point to scoop it up now before you're scouring comic shops for a copy of it!

5 out of 5

Blackest Night Superman #2

This weeks offering for Blackest Night and goddamn was it good. The battle between Earth-2 Superman, Superman and Superboy was awesome. In the middle of the fray who shows up but newly resurrected Psycho Pirate. As you all may or may not remember the last time we saw him was in Infinite Crisis as he was having Black Adam's fist smashed through his face. Last seen at the end of Blackest Night issue #3 being part of the resurrected villians from the JLA masoleum. Now, Psycho Pirate is having a grand ole' time toying with the citizens of Smallville while watching on as the SuperMen battle it out in the sky above. Eddy Barrows artwork really makes the story pop and it's almost sad that the book only has 22 pages.

5 out of 5

Superman Secret Origin #1

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank bring us the 3rd and hopefully final retelling of Clark Kent"s beginings in Smallville and his ascent to becoming Superman. Very much like the past tales of Clark's childhood, we see him growing up in the small Kansas town. This time around though Lex Luthor is a member of the town and he still has hair..haha.
I personally thought it was a great issue but the fact is that Johns has almost already told this story in his run on Action Comics. I think it's a little unnecessary for DC to have another book with stories we've already read before and it's a concept that's already been done, MANY TIMES. Those of you who remember that DC relaunched many titles after Crisis on infinite earths to streamline the universe and make things flow but like all of us know, they f'ed that up pretty bad with not keeping the continuity of stories together and due to changes in writers a lot was lost. They attempted to again re-do their mistakes with Infinite Crisis but again lost the whole point of the story; which was again to stream line the universe and make it all cohesive. I can appreciate how Johns is trying to makeup for these mistakes with this book but really what's the point other than to have Gary Frank draw a Superman book.

3 out of 5

Giant Sized Old Man Logan

After months of missing shipping dates due to Mark Millar being ill and then Marvel deciding to give Daken the Wolverine title, We get this Giant Sized finale to the "Old Man Logan" story. At the end of the last issue we saw Logan kill the Red Skull, watch Hawkeye die and come home to find his family murdered by The Hulks. It picks up with Logan not caring anymore and being the best at what he does and this time around it's slaughtering The Hulk Clan. There really isn't much information given about anything other than Bruce decided to "mate" with She-Hulk and have this red neck hills have eyes clan of deformed Hulklings. Logan guts and claws his way to Banner, They duke it out and well.... I still feel like the story ended off before it should have. I think there should've been something more to the story. I would've liked to see more explained on how all the villains got together and took over America, how all the heroes died, how Bruce Banner just up and decided to become a monster once and for all. I really feel this issue was done just to finish the story at hand and maybe dip into it at a later date.

2 out of 5

Marvel Zombies Return #4

This issue was alright in comparison with last issue, after dealing with Spider-man possibly having a cure for the zombie virus, The "World War Hulk" story line comes into play as everyone's favorite green monster comes home looking for the Illuminati with his newly formed WarBound. It's all good and well until the Sentry shows up to stop him and is bitten transforming him into the catalyist of world wide infection. The Hulk gets bite trying to escape the hordes of zombies and he himself sees the same fate. I really hope they wrap this book up tight this week with the final issue. I love the concept and the characters but I don't want this idea to become Marvel's dead horse they love to beat.

3 out of 5

With that said and done, now onto what I'm Jonesin' for this week in comics.


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