Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What's up Comic Book Jonesers!!

What a week! Marvel put out every damn book they publish it seems. So who saw Halloween 2? I loved it. I thought it was Rob Zombie's "art" horror movie. It's a thinking man's slasher flick, not what everyone was expecting but non the less it was awesome. Check out this video our homeboy Smokey Jones did:

and now onto my reviews for this week.


This week, Kevin Smith's new Batman miniseries came out. I myself am a fan of Kevin Smith, not the biggest fan but I still like his work. So..in this issue we find Batman retelling a tale of him and Dick taking down Baron Blitz. Flash forward to present day and the two heroes are fighting someone else in Blitz's armor. Dick askes Bruce to check something out for him which leads to Batman ending up at Arkham Asylum. It wasn't a bad issue but it wasn't a great issue either. The only parts I really dug were when Poison Ivy uses pot to try and subdue Batman and the 3 pages with Etrigan eating one of Arkham's guards. Nothing really draws you in a makes you want to read the next issue or the next 5 for this series.
2 out of 5


Green Lantern #45

Continuing my coverage of "Blackest Night"; This week gives us a look into the Titans part in the story and how Carol Ferris begins to play her part in the grand scheme of things. Any fan who's been reading Teen Titans knows that they die a lot, This gives the black rings plenty of people to "infect" and boy oh boy do they. The scene with Terra making out with Beast Boy: AMAZING! eww she's a zombie and he had his tongue down her throat. The part where Hank Hall aka HAWK comes back and starts kicking the crap out of the new Hawk and Dove: AWESOME!
Over in Green Lantern we're given a look into how Carol Ferris begins to play a major role in Hal Jordan's life and just how far she's willing to go to for him. Carol takes on Sinestro and attempts to reason with him about what he should be doing as opposed to what he is doing. We get to see more dead lanterns rise from their grave and become Black Lanterns and the hits just keep on coming. I really love the way DC is handling everything with this story. I can't wait to see what happens next!

5 out of 5 for both.

Dark Reign Elektra #5 (of 5)

I was really stoked when I first heard about this mini because I thought they were going to explain why Elektra was kidnapped in the first place by the Skrulls, what they wanted from her and what happened to her after Secret Invasion. We find out that the reason they took her is because she's "evaded" death twice and they wanted to find out why, We find out that Norman Osborn was going to experiment on her and use her for his own needs and then out of left friggin field we have rogue HAMMER soliders who were SHIELD agents putting out hits on her because she caused a Helicarrier to crash during her time undercover with the Hand. What a crock of shit! They don't explain anything beyond that point and we're forced to buy 5, $3.99 issues to find this out! Come on! What nonsense. We don't get to see the Hand even attempt to come for her once, we don't get to see anything beyond a couple of botched attempts on her life and a guest appearance by Marvel's posterboy Wolverine. Thanks for wasting my money. Worth a read if your a fan of Elektra's but not worth buying.

2 out of 5

Darkness / Pitt #1

I'm a really big Darkness fan and a big Pitt fan. I've tracked down back issues from both series for the longest time. I was very excited to hear about this team-up when they first announced it over 2 years ago was it worth the wait? NO! I'm sorry but to randomly have Pitt and his "sidekick half brother" Timmy walking the streets looking for god knows what where as the last time we saw them they were completely different and weren't even on Earth! Where's the bridge to gap the end of Pitt's series to this mini??? Hello Continuity!! The same goes with Jackie just randomly eating italian food as the place gets over run by Zombies? Come on...give some kind of link between this and the respective series. There wasn't even a lead in where it says "These events take place before or after events A,B and C" WTF!! The only redeeming quality of the book is Dale Keown's art. If you're a hardcore fan like me you'll be upset if you're new to one or both of these characters check it out.

3 out of 5

28 Days Later #1

Yes! Good stuff indeed. I can't tell you much aside from the fact that this picks up directly where the 1st movie leaves off and moves forward from there. It's really good and made me want to turn the page. CHECK THIS BOOK OUT! Apparently it's going to be an ongoing so it's really worth checking out even more.

5 out of 5!

and my picks for this week's bookS!

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