Monday, September 14, 2009

Somebody pinch me please!

Let's face it... I'm a teeny tiny fish in the big Comics pond. And I'm cool with that. Maybe one day I'll hit the "big time", as you kids say. Or maybe I won't. Doesn't matter. I've got books that are being distributed, webcomics that are doing fairly decent, and most importantly people who actually dig the crazy shit I put out there! (which still blows my mind...)

But in all honesty Marvel, DC, IDW, etc. aren't exactly breaking down my door trying to get me to write for them. Hence, I'm a teeny tiny fish.

However, sometimes even the teeny tiny fish gets to swims in the most amazing of currents. And that's where I find myself this morning. Let me explain-- we all know I'm an internet whore of the tallest order. I'm shameless in my self-promotion (as all indies should be) and I'm tireless in my virtual networking. And that networking led me to a point where I have an email correspondence relationship with Ben Templesmith. Yes, the very same Ben Templesmith who made 30 Days of Night a geek household name. The same Ben Templesmith who made werewolves cool again with Welcome to Hoxsford. And the same Ben Templesmith who took a corpse and made him into a gentleman. Clearly, this man is one of my heroes in the comics business.

So you'll imagine my delight when I opened my email this morning to find the following artwork waiting for me. This, ladies and germs, is the artwork to the cover of The Complete Jesus Hates Zombies Experience, which is what I'm calling the full collected works once vol. 4 is finished and out. I mean, how did a teeny tiny fish like me get lucky enough to swim alongside Ben Templesmith? I don't know...

All I know is, somebody better pinch me, quick.

~ Stephen

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