Monday, September 14, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

What's up world! Another exciting week in comics has come and gone and here I am back again to chime in with my two cents. Let's get right into it.


As some of you may or may not know DC has a little ongoing book called R.E.B.E.L.S. It's a relaunched title left over from the 90's. This book has been catching my eye for a while now but I've never gotten the chance to just sit down and read up on it. This past Wednesday I sat down and read issues 1-6 and I must say I really enjoyed the book and found myself hungry for the next issue. The basic premise of the title is Vril Dox aka Brainiac 2, leader of L.E.G.I.O.N (Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network.) gets overthrown and becomes hunted by his own "forces" and must figure out what happened and how can he fix the situation. Without giving the whole story away, We get to see more on Supergirl's trip into the 31st century and we're finally introduced to the brains behind Starro, who in fact is named Starro and controls all those little starfish sobs and is running the show right now. The story is fairly quick paced and the artwork is really good and reguardless if you know anything about the characters previously, they have these little "Encyclopedia Galatica" info boxes that give you some background on what planet they're on, who's who and what's what. I think everyone should give this book a shot and see if I wrong but I think it rocks and I can't wait to see what happens next. For fans of The Legion of Super Heroes this is your new favorite book!

5 out of 5

Marvel Zombies: The Return #2

What should I say about this book?...Did I like it, did I hate it, was it worth $3.99???I found myself indifferent about this issue. I dig the concept of where the story is heading but at the same time I feel like somethings missing. In the end of issue one, we see Zombie Ant-Man feasting on The Watcher of whatever parallel earth he lands on and realizing the potential of the multiverse becoming an all HE can eat buffet. In this issue we're brought to an Earth where Tony Stark is an alcoholic BIG TIME and doesn't even care to remember to charge the Iron Man armor. Rhodey comes to save the day as Tony and everyone else at Stark Industries is eaten alive by the newly infected thanks to Zombie Ant-Man. Ant-Man shows up because he's missing a piece he needs to jump from Earth to Earth and Tony has it and doesn't even know what it is. This issue wasn't exactly what I thought was going to happen considering the subplot of last issue with Spider-Man and how he comes to terms with the fact that no matter what he'll be a flesh eating Zombie and reguardless of who he was, nothing will ever change. I'm curious as to how this will be addressed in the rest of the miniseries.

2 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #40

Blackest Night: Batman #2

This week we get two books dealing with the ever growing "Blackest Night" story arc that will soon sweep across all the DC titles in the coming weeks. First up, Green Lantern Corps. This issue is pretty much in the thick of things happening on Oa. Arisia comes back from Daxam after helping Sodom free the Daxamites from Mongul's yellow Lanterns and is welcomed by her dead family. Kyle is taken away from the battle by Black Lantern Jade, who tries to trick him into letting her change him so that they can be together. Salaak, Isamot and Vath head down in the planetary citadel of the Guardians to find that there are 8 splotches of goop which quite possibly are the remains of the Guardians but where is the 9th Guardian?? Salaak is interupted by the arrival of The Alpha Lanterns and Finally puts these Robocops in their place stating that since the Guardians are no longer running Oa, that He, Guy and Kyle are not the top dogs in charge. The best is the end where all those Lanterns were executed come back and make things even worse. This was a damn good issue.
Over in BN: Batman, Jim and Barbara Gordon do their best along with the GCPD to stop the newly resurrected villans from killing all of Gotham but fail miserably, Deadman jumps into Barbara and saves her fathers ass, Red Robin shows up just in time to save Dick and Damian from becoming the next meal on the Black Lantern's ever growing platter and we're shocked by The Graysons and The Drakes looking to turn their children into breakfast. Pretty frakkin sweet

5 out of 5

War Of Kings Who Will Rule One Shot.

I really annoyed and pissed off that they still didn't explain if Black Bolt or Vulcan survived. I'm really mad that they're setting up yet another Galactic crossover event that's being called "The Realm of Kings". I think it's unfair that people are almost forced to buy another mini-series or series of one shots to have to continue reading titles like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. I feel at this point that Marvel should just make an ongoing book dealing with The Inhumans / Kree and the Shi'ar. I feel that would be the best bet of continuing readership on such universe expanding stories and it would save people money in the end instead of having to spend more money on a limited series. Good story, Good set ups but people's pockets are hurting.

1 out of 5

The Spectacular Spider-Man The Complete First Season

I got my hands on this DVD the other day and I spent most of today watching it. This show is awesome! If you're a Spider-Man fan this dvd is a must for your collection. Get to the store and have them order it for you. It's soo good I can't even explain how awesome it is. It's got new origins for pretty much the entire cast of villans, It's a modern take on Stan Lee & Steve Ditko's run on Spider-Man and best of all it's filled with action. Not like two seconds of fighting but a major portion of the show is Spider-Man kicking ass or having his ass kicked. I was skeptical at first because of the animation but within minutes of watching the first episode I shut my mouth and enjoyed the show. You will not be disappointed, GO GET IT NOW!

5 out of freakin 5

Now what I'm Jonesin' for this week!

BEASTS OF BURDEN #1 (Be at the store for the SIGNING!!! 6-9 on Wednesday!)

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