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Hey guys, ready for this weeks thrilling installment of


'Cause I sure am!
This weeks book is like nothing I've read before.
I simply try to stay away from them.


So, this week I bring you:
Candy #17

Yay! Girlie comics from the 60's, my favorite. These kind of book are always ridiculously funny. I'm glad I live in the time I do, no one says "Gee willikers!" anymore. And we are all better because of it. The issue takes place in short stories that don't tie together. Candy is your average teen girl, and the book follows the wackiness of her life.

In the first story, Candy discovers some men from Hollywood taking photos of girls for what she thinks is a film. After getting the job, she finds that her pictures are promos for a photo company, not movies. While not what she wanted, she won the bet she made, letting her get pushed down the block in a wheelbarrow. Boy that sound humiliating.

Next, it's Candy's turn to run the soda fountain. To boost business, she throws a fizz fest, what ever that is.Such a good idea that Ted, her boyfriend, exclaims "Candy, I've got to hand it to you! Your idea was a killer-diller!" This may be my new favorite expression, aside from glass-cannon. Turned out everyone thought the fest was thrown by Candy, so no one paid a cent! She owed a whole $12 for it. Uh-oh Candy, looks like some one's thumbs are getting broken.

The next story is a Jitters one. He's this red headed 'Ladies man' who attempts to go after a girl he sees on the golf course. She actually takes him home for some cokes. Her father really isn't this guys biggest fan, so he flips his shit when he sees him with his daughter. Jitters runs off, destroying the father's prized flowers in the process. He tries to fix this by entering the father into a flower contest. He wins, but it turns out the flowers Jitters gave in were fake. Woopsie!

That was AWESOME. I've read my fair share of golden age books, but this was the cheesiest. If you like Archie, this is right up your ally. Nothing much more I can say about it.

Well, for Candy #17, I'll give it

Three Badass Dios out of Five!

Was pretty cool, wouldn't look for more, but I laughed. When do I ask for more?

Also, today's book wasn't all that random. While the side and column of the book was, the choosing was done by my buddy Rafael who happens to write some awesome stuff over at GeekerDome under the name Murdaphace. He chose this excellent book for me, and you should check out his excellent work!

Well kids, another down, 1000s to go. SICK.

See ya next week for the newest installment of

Stay classy.


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