Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another bout with random thoughts:

Submitted for your approval...the Twilight Zone Episode that is my brain!

1) I wonder if Bruce Wayne has as much trouble as I do going to the gym in the winter. It is just SO cold out and maybe I could get my work out playing X-Box?

2) You MUST read Power Girl #8. Power Girl is adorable…Vartox is adorable…the multi-headed snake thingy is ADORABLE! In fact Power Girl #8 is a veritable ADORABLATHON!...(is that even a word?)

3) You know you should keep collecting comics as long as you keep getting antsy for Wednesday to come every week.

4) Long boxes don’t actually hold 300 comics when you bag and board them but the alternative is just wrong!

5) Has there been even ONE bad issue in the Blackest Night saga? Not YET!!!

6) Well Cap is back only Captain America Reborn #6 hasn’t come out yet. Gotta love those deadlines!

7) Mass Effect 2 hits the stores this Tuesday. BE THERE!

8) Have you ever noticed that you never see Waffle and Superman at the same time? Hmmmmm…

9) It would be very convenient to be Wolverine when you need to scratch your back in one of those hard to reach areas.

10) Norman Osborn really has funny looking hair. For that reason alone Normie…must….DIE!...(plus there was the whole kicking Gwen off the bridge thing…that was really not cool.)

11) In our politically correct era you could never call the negative Zone….”negative” because the connotation would be too ummm negative. Today it would be called the Culturally Different Zone.

12) Matt Murdock is Marvel’s Jack Bauer. He NEVER has a good day.

13) The dumbest move any TV Network ever made was cancelling the live action version of The Tick.

14) How many Flashes are there?

15) What genius decided to have Big Apple Con on the same weekend as New York Comic Con? Great planning guys. That’s kind of like Woody Allen challenging Galactus to a fist fight.

17) The only thing cooler than a “gone rogue” Jack Bauer is a sexy red headed FEMALE Jack Bauer gone “rogue”. Check out what Renee Walker does in hour four of 24. Even Jack went…”WHOA DUDE!”.

18) It says here that the Jets beat the Colts this Sunday.

19) Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica begins this week on SyFy (I still hate that logo change!) If the pilot was any indication this is going to be another great show in the Battlestar universe.

20) Speaking of Battlestar Galactica who would have predicted that it would be far more relevant than Star Wars in 2010? Way to go Mr. Lucas! You are like the Omar Minaya of movies.

21) Pizza is one of the few foods that tastes good both hot and cold.

22) Would the super soldier formula qualify as a performance enhancing drug? Do the Avengers have testing for that?

23) Ollie Queen….pssst…Roagine baby….Rogaine! 80% of Superheroes actually re-grew hair.

24) Christmas has been over for a month and I am still picking pine needles out of the carpet.

25) I was flipping through the channels looking for the latest “Evening With Socko Jones” and didn’t find it. Does Time Warner carry it? Time for a letter writing campaign!

And THAT’S 30!


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