Friday, January 22, 2010



Our first signing of the new year will be under way this week, Wednesday to be precise! We're excited to host two dynamos of the industry, Jacob Chabot and Chris "G" Giarrusso! They will be here signing from 12pm-close so make sure you come down, buy their books and get some sketches. More information can be found below!

Also, don't forget that our special Buy One Get One Free toy sale continues this weekend. That's right folks, buy one toy, figure, or other related merchandise and get another of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This sale ends on Sunday, January 24th.

And for all you MTG players out there we've got the Magic the Gathering Release Party for Worldwake coming at you on Friday, February 5th, with plenty of boxes, intros and fat packs in stock for that day. We are also extremely pleased to announce that we will be starting up Friday Night Magic sometime in March. We will also be able to offer buy a box promotions, pre-release tournaments and other assorted goodies, keep an eye out in the newsletter and around the store for additional information in the coming weeks.

Did I forget to mention that this week is huge and that we've got tons of amazing stuff coming out? Well it's true! Don't forget about the precious sidebar with all this week's new releases, lots of great books so make sure you get your lists in!


I can't tell you how excited we are to have these two amazingly talented individuals joining us at the store on Wednesday, January 27th! Jacob Chabot is known for his recent work on the hit Marvel book X-Babies and Dark Horse's Mighty Skullboy Army! Joining him will be Chris "G" Giarrusso creator of the very awesome G-Man comics and artist of the wildly popular book Mini Marvels. They'll be here signing copies of their books and doing sketches so make sure you come down and show your support! All their work is very kid friendly so make sure you bring the little ones along! We cant wait!!!


This is going to be one for the ages folks so make sure you don't miss it! Choker is sure to be one of the hottest books of the year and we are extremely proud to announce that we will be hosting both writer Ben McCool and artist Ben Templesmith for a signing and release party on the date of the book's release on Wednesday, February 24th! This is Ben McCool's comic writing debut and, of course, you all know Ben Templesmith who is known for his works on 30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Fell, Welcome to Hoxford and Dead Space just to name a few. They'll be here signing all day and this will be followed by an after party with the serving of drinks and an in-store performance by none other than Captain Ahab & the Sea Crackens! Click on the picture below for more info on Choker! P.S - I've read an advance copy of the first issue and it's amazing! Be sure to check out the preview in Walking Dead #69!


Ah, another new set of Magic is upon us, WORLDWAKE! To celebrate we'll be having a release party on Friday, February 5th starting at 5:00pm. This will be a sealed deck tournament where the entry fee is $30, this gets you 6 packs. Registration starts at 4:00pm. There will be plenty of promos and cool prizes to go along to the winners so make sure you come by. Also, for the entire night all cards and card supplies will be 10% OFF! We'll have plenty of boxes and intro packs for sale (I promise!) as well as "buy a box" promotions. f you know you will be coming please RSVP so that we can get a proper head count, you can do this by e-mailing or calling us ( / 718-448-1234). Please arrive on time! Only two weeks away!


Starting in March we will be hosting Friday Night Magic events! FNM will be draft format with the entry fee being 3 packs. Registration will begin at 4:00pm every week. We will have tons of prizes for the winners and door prizes for everyone including special promos, packs, etc. Players will also be able to vote on what sets we will draft. Make sure you don't miss it! A specific date will be set soon, keep on the lookout for upcoming information!


The February fun doesn't end! On Saturday, February 27th we'll be hosting the fine folks at Alterna Comics for their anniversary, showcasing their many varied artists and writers. You'll see some old and new faces on this list and we're happy to have them all down for the event. Come down and try something new and support the lifeblood of the comics industry! Here's the complete list of creators:
  • Mike Bracco (Adam Wreck, Birth, Novo)
  • Mike Czerniawski (The Big Bad Book)
  • Nik Jajic (The Big Bad Book)
  • Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies)
  • Jeff McComsey (American Terror)
  • Peter Simeti (The Chair, Polly & Handgraves, Risers)
They'll be here stocked to the gills with all Alterna titles as well as original clothing and other goodies for you all the enjoy! This will be an all day event so feel free to come down at any point during the day to talk comics, pick up some great books, get em signed and pick up a sketch from the good boys at Alterna Comics!


Everyone's favorite web comic is back! After a long hibernation, R.Beast's Out of Love has returned to offer you more craziness and intrigue from the mind of Joseph Frontirre. I love this web comic and if you haven't checked it out yet you'll be pleased to know that the entire thing is available for your reading pleasure. New pages are added (just about) every week! Just click on the images on the left side of the page for instant transport!


Black Widow Deadly Origin #4 - 2/17/10 (Old Date 2/3/10)
Cloak & Dagger #1 - 3/31/10 (Old Date 3/3/10)
Dark Wolverine #84 - 3/31/10 (Old Date 3/24/10)
Deadpool #19 - 2/3/10 (Old Date 1/27/10)
Deadpool #21 - 3/24/10 (Old Date 3/3/10)
Ghost Rider Heavens on Fire #6 - 2/3/10 (Old Date 1/27/10)
Marvels Eye of the Camera #6 - 2/17/10 (Old Date 1/27/10)
Nation X #3 - 2/17/10 (Old Date 2/3/10)
Nation X #4 - 3/17/10 (Old Date 3/3/10)
Powers #3 - 2/3/10 (Old Date 1/27/10)
Wolverine Origins #45 - 3/10/10 (Old Date 3/3/10)
Wolverine Origins #46 - 3/31/10 (Old Date 3/17/10)

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