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2010 is here and in full effect. It was a fairly light week in comics but none the less some really sweet stuff hit the shelves running.
Marvel dropped the first issues of "Siege" and it's counterpart "Siege Embedded". This is what I thought of them.

SIEGE #1 (0F 4)

Norman Osborn and Loki have been plotting for sometime to rid the world of Asgard, finally they hatch a plan to do just that. Taking points from what caused the superhero "Civil War", they come up with the idea of having the U-Foes attack Volstagg in Chicago. The U-Foes do just that and in the process of defending himself from their attacks, he blows up Solider Field with everyone in it. This is the "incident" Norman needed to justify attacking Asgard and destroying the Asgardians. He jumps into action right after the event and leaves Victoria Hand to deal with the President. Mr. President himself isn't too pleased with the way Norman just takes it upon himself to task a strike force in to invade and attack Asgard, Subplot point one. Ares tells Norman "I'll cut your head off Osborn if you're lying to me." when Norman tells Ares he needs his tactical help in attacking Asgard and that he's justified in doing so, Subplot point two. Osborn then tells his "Dark Avengers" if they help him with this attack and they succeed that "Your debts to me are paid and we're square." subplot point three. Bendis really does have a way of creating multiple tensions that all hinge on the outcome of one characters actions and Norman Osborn is the linchpin in the whole ordeal. "Seven Years In The Making..." is the tag line that follows this title. It's supposed to answer all the questions from the very beginning back in "Avengers Disassembled".
I had some expectations on how this issue would start off considering that we've already known what was going to be the catalyst in the invasion of Asgard, yet I didn't expect to find so many subplots to the bigger story so soon into the issue. The fact that the President gets mad the he's speaking to Ms. Hand instead of Osborn and that Osborn took it upon himself to take command of an attack on this grand of a level is pretty awesome since he hasn't played any role in Osborn's day to day at all since Norman was given his position.

This was a really epic way to start the ball rolling for Marvel in 2010. I know everyone is probably reading this so if you're not then get it or get left in the dust.

5 out of 5 smashed faces!

The counter part to "SIEGE" is "SIEGE EMBEDDED". The concept of an "embedded journalist" is someone with a video camera giving the real insight and on the ground view of an event without all of the filters of mainstream media broadcasts.
The television channel "CURRENT" is all embedded news blogs about people telling stories about life from their view. You should really check it out if you haven't.


Since Marvel has been having these epic life changing story lines, they've been doing an on the ground perspective book that has Ben Urich running around getting all the real news and dirty secrets out that the mainstream media isn't telling anyone. We had it for Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion and now in Siege.
We find our favorite new reporter arrested and prevented from going into Chicago to see the real destruction and loss first hand at Soldiers Field. He is saved by an old friend Will Stern, who is also trying to get the real story. The two men make their escape and begin the real story.
After seeing the site, they get something to eat when they come across Volstagg heading home back to Asgard and to give himself up to the authorities for the damage he's created. Ben and Will persuade Volstagg to come with them and to give them an interview as to what really happened in Soldiers Field. They soon realize that everything is going to go down in Broxton, Oklahoma where Asgard is currently hovering above. They realize that all the embedded news reporters are heading there and that Norman is going to spin the whole story to his advantage.
Todd Keller is a political talk show host who bashes the super heroes and adores Norman Osborn. He's approached by a HAMMER agent who tells him that Norman would like him to be the one to broadcast the invasion of Asgard and tell the American people how Norman Osborn is fighting for their safety.
This book really compliments "SIEGE". I've really enjoyed all the "FRONT LINE" books that came along with every event in the last couple of years. It makes for a good story to not only see what the characters see but to actually have a front row seat to what's really going on. It's like a space ship landing and being a fly on the wall as the doors open to the ship. I'm glad Marvel is using Ben Urich in books like this instead of strapping him up in ASM.

5 out of 5 delicious Cheeseburgers!

Over in Dc we got our weekly helping of some "BLACKEST NIGHT" love this week with three really good tie ins.


I really didn't expect this mini to be as good as it is. Greg Rucka really surprised me with the way he's crafted this series. Admit-tingly, we all didn't know that Wonder Woman was going to become a Star Sapphire when the first issue came out but now this issue dealing with her being a not so dead Black Lantern and her actually having feeling and emotions whilst her bodies kills her friends and family is amazing. Nicola Scott's artwork is fantastic and Nei Ruffino's color work just makes the pictures pop off the page. The artwork alone makes you want to read this story. The fact that Aphrodite makes an imaginary place for Diana to run amok so that she doesn't stain her soul with such horrible acts was really cool. I really thought they killed Wonder Girl, Donna Troy and her own mother. This mini is really worth every single cent and it's almost done! Get your hands on this book because it's soo good.


Starting this month, DC decided to give some old titles one more issue that just so happens to have BLACK LANTERNS raising hell.

Suicide Squad #67

I'm a really big fan of the Suicide Squad. I came upon them way after the original series was over but like the true comic fan I am, I hunted down almost all of the old issues and read the masterpiece that John Ostrander created. The one thing you're guaranteed to do in "TASK FORCE X aka THE SUICIDE SQUAD" is die. A select few characters during the books run and re-runs have actually made it out alive. Deadshot is one of those characters and Amanda Waller wants him back in her crew and the Secret Six dead.
During the recent re-animation, The Fiddler, who was a member of the Squad, has risen and is looking to cause some trouble.
The Six are given a job where they're going to break out a drug kingpin from Belle Reve Prison also the Suicide Squad's HQ.
The entire time Deadshot knows that something is wrong and it's too quiet. He comes to find out that Waller set up the whole thing so that she can get her hands on him and the Secret Six. Little does everyone know that Black Lantern Fiddler has shown up and he's bringing back some of the Suicide Squads departed back for the party.
Gail Simone and John Ostrander craft such an awesome issue I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear reading the story. Jim Calafiore's artwork is absolutely incredible and by far one of my favorite artists. All three of these elements together make this issue a welcome warm up for the Secret Six's involvement in "Blackest Night" in their next issue.


Weird Western Tales #71

Dan Didio reaches back into the ever illustrious history of the DCU and gives us this kick ass issue of Black Lantern Cowboys and Indians. I didn't know what to expect from this issue because sad as it is to say I'd never read "WEIRD WESTERN TALES". I knew it starred Jonah Hex and Scalphunter that's all. Well this issue just smashed whatever expectations I may or may not have had. The story finds us with Joshua Turnbull, the great-great grandson of Quentin Turnbull, Jonah Hex's arch foe. Joshua has aligned himself with Simon Stagg, owner of STAGG Industries and hated grandfather of Metamorpho's son. He gives Joshua an underground lab to run experiments on and just so happens to have a black ring. The Ray captured it and they now want to dissect the ring to see what capabilities it has and what they can gain from it. In the middle of processing the ring, all hell breaks loose when the dead from "The Massacre of Fort Charlotte" decide to come for the ring. Joshua in his attempt to clear the family name of Turnbull runs for the elevator up as his companions meet their fate at the hands of Scalphunter, Super-Chief, Firehair and Batlash. Joshua makes it to the surface to come face to face with his great-great grandfather's arch-foe, BLACK LANTERN JONAH HEX!!!!
The sheer fact that they decided to include Jonah Hex and all these great western heroes is awesome but to make them Black Lanterns is freaking out of this world!!
I'm sure all the old time DC fans will rave about this issue but if you've never even heard of these characters, do yourself a favor and pick up an issue of Jonah Hex now because it's an awesome comic!!!

5 out of 5 ZOMBIE JONAH HEX!!!

and that's how it is. A really good week in comics. That's all for me folks, stick around because the year just started and I've got some really cool stuff planned coming in the next few weeks.



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