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Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!

May I welcome you to a well over due


After taking another hiatus, I'm back. Again.

Starting with this installment I've switched up the randomness of the books I read to keep it a bit more interesting.

This week I pulled a book from the Squadron Supreme section, and got something by the one artist I completely abhor:

'Supreme Power:Nighthawk' #4 of 6

Oh boy, Steve Dillon. Since I've been reading comics he's been the one artist I completely avoided. I find his art terrible in most cases, but not in this book, which surprised me a little. Don't let my not liking him stop you from checking him out. He did do Preacher after all...On the other hand, writer Daniel Way is amazing. His work on Wolverine and Deadpool are great. Check out anything by him.

Well, since this isn't the begining of the story, I was a little lost. Long story short, someone has been poisoning the cocaine of this city, killing off all the lowlifes. In the course of this happening, the poison gets passed into an aerosol form and used in balloons the mayor son's birthday party. During the party, a few children, including the mayor's son, died due to the poison. That's where the issue picks up. We start in a bar listening to a news cast on the deaths where a lowlife at the bar starts going off on the situation. after being told to leave it cuts to the mayor holding a gun to his head, ready to pull the trigger. His aids come in to bring him to his speech at city hall, but he brings the gun along. This then cuts to Nighthawk finding some dead coke heads and a kid lookin' to score. He scares the shit out of the kids and books it to look for who filled up those balloons. The guy just so happens to be a clown that doesn't speak. This quite character traps Nighthawk and knocks him out.

With two issues after this, I'm kind of hooked. I may hate the artist's other work, but I'm going to go back and read these all. If your a fan of good ol' super heroes books, and want to read something that inspired Alan Moore, check out Squadron Supreme.

Time for my favorite metal midget!
I'll give Nighthawk #4

3 Warrior Dios out of 5!

A good issue by my standards. Nothing super special, but worth sitting down and reading in the lounge. Drink some coffee, read about some murderous clown. Sounds like a good day to me.

Well folks, see you next week in this hive of scum and villainy known as


- Waffle

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