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This week is coming is blazing hot! My stack of books is smoking, there are so many hot books. This week we see Marvel lay down two big events in one week. FALL OF THE HULKS AND SIEGE! Let's jump into this because it's one hell of a column this week.

First up I want to talk about Marvel and the two major story lines they bombarded us with this week. First up "FALL OF THE HULKS"

HULK # 19

Bruce Banner and The Red Hulk begin to thwart the Intelligencia's plans to capture the eight smartest men in the world, first on the list Reed Richards. A new version of the "Frightful Four" emerges as The Wizard, Lyra aka The New Savage She-Hulk, Klaw and the Trapster. They break into The Baxter Building in search of Reed. The Red Hulk makes his way in also and attempts to stop their plan.
I enjoying how "Fall of the Hulks" is being carefully laid out. They still haven't given either of the Red Hulks identities away yet and it's a good use of updating and making old villains relevant again. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next because seeing Bruce Banner use his mind instead of his might to make traps and move people like pawns on a chess board is really cool.

5 out of 5 naked Lyra She-Hulks.


This issue is a little weird if you ask me. Skaar chases Bruce Banner or who he thinks is Banner to Latveria after the Watcher shows up at a hero's parade for Skaar. Betty Ross shows up in the crowd and has Bruce buzzing. As we've all seen in "Fall of the Hulks Gamma", Betty is very much alive and kicking. The fight between "Hulk", Skaar and Doom is awesome. Paul Pelletier's artwork is amazing. He really stepped up his game in these fight sequences. Again, it's another move on Bruce's part to thwart the Intelligencia from getting to their former member and newest target Dr. Doom.
Like I said about "Hulk #19", it's a really cool change of pace to see Bruce Banner outwitting even Dr. Doom himself with his superior intellect. I'm actually glad he isn't the Hulk anymore. I quite honestly do think he's more powerful and dangerous as himself.
The back-up story is really cool too. It's MODOK and The Leader are talking about The Red She-Hulk and how she's a wild card and may turn out to be the lynchpin in their plans. The review a tape of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk attempting to escape A.I.M. Red She-Hulk is sent in to get her back in her cell when the two woman have it out. I hope the end of the issue isn't true because it's BIG!

5 out of 5 crushed gamma hearts

Moving along, now let's see what happen this week with some SIEGE tie-in's.

Dark Avengers #13

I got in trouble from some people for "blabbing" about this issue on facebook. Sorry, I'll remember not to do that next time.
This issue is or was supposed to be the big reveal on the Sentry. How he got his powers, what are his powers exactly and so on. The real story is Bob Reynolds aka The Sentry was a junkie looking for a fix when he stumbled upon a super secret formula and that turned him into "The man with the power of a million exploding suns." As a big Avengers fan I did enjoy the plot twist where Norman Osborn knows about this and gives Bob his daily fix to keep him in line. What I didn't like was now Bendis is hinting that The Sentry has some sort of biblical significance. As far as this being a "SIEGE" tie-in, I felt kinda cheated because they didn't even talk about "SIEGE" at all. The issue was entirely about The Sentry and his powers and his schizophrenia. I'm sure this will have later consequences down the road.

3 out of 5 junkie superheroes

Dark Wolverine #82

Now this was a tie-in issue well worth the "SIEGE" banner. Daken has been playing everyone on the "DARK AVENGERS" team since Wolverine became "DARK WOLVERINE". In this issue we see Daken happily going into Asgard and mutilating the Asgardians. At the same time you see him attempting to give up the ghost on Norman Osborn and hand him over to the Asgardians. What's his price? what will he get out of such a deal? we'll have to sit and wait to find out the answers to those questions. It's just a matter of time before Norman really loses his cool and goes full out Goblin.

5 out of 5 hacked up norse gods.

Now onto my BLACKEST NIGHT section. Let's check out the tie-in's DC served up..


Guy Gardner is flying around killing everything in front of him because of the Red Rage Ring. Kyle Rayner and the remaining members of the Green Lantern Corps, The Indigo Tribe, The Star Sapphires and The Sinestro Corps are trying to stop the Black Lanterns from devouring the Green Power Battery that gives Oa life and The Green Lantern Corps their powers. In the process of doing so Mogo has shown up and begins his "Guardian appointed directive" which is to purge Oa of everything on the surface that's attacking the Green Battery. My favorite part is when Kyle attempts to stop Guy from continuing his assault when Vath tells hims to let Guy continue slaughtering the Black Lanterns and save the Green Battery.
Next issue, the showdown between Red Lantern Guy Gardner and everyone on MOGO.

5 out of 5 genocidal Red Lanterns.


Picking up from last issue, Barry Allen is trying to get a handle on his new role as a Blue Lantern as the Rouges deal with their not so dead compatriots. Barry along with Lantern Walker fight off and try to save Bart aka Impulse as they also fight off The Reverse Flash and Solovar. The Rouges have their hands full as they battle the re-animated Rogues. Captain Cold in particular shows that he can keep his emotions in check and that his freeze gun is a useful weapon against the Black Lanterns. Could he become a member of the "White Lantern Corps" when this is all over? I think maybe so.

3 out of 5 frozen dead baby sisters


I've been waiting for an issue about the effects of "BLACKEST NIGHT" on the magical characters in the DCU. This issue is all about The Phantom Stranger along with Blue Devil trying to stop The Black Lantern Spectre from getting to Hal Jordan. They badger him by saying " Are you going to allow a mere ring-a bauble--to alter all that you are??" in an attempt to get the true Spectre to overcome the ring's influence. After failing, they go to Nanda Parabat where the Black Lanterns are attempting to gain access to the sacred land. Deadman is jumping from Lantern to Lantern trying to destroy them. The Phantom Stranger tells him that he needs to get into his own re-animated body and get control of it because it will play a major role in the upcoming battle. I can't wait to see The Spectre catch up to Hal in "GREEN LANTERN #50 (out this week) and I really can't wait to see what role Deadman will play in the final battle.

5 out of 5 dead shaman


Ted Knight the original Starman is resurrected and going on a massive killing spree in Opal City. The Shade a former villain must battle him to save Opal City from being destroyed. Honestly, this issue really boring to me because it was just a giant fight between the cops and BL Starman and then The Shade versus BL Starman. I hope that at a later point The Shade will play a part in a bigger story but for now this issue was pretty dry. Not the worst of the tie-in's thus far but definitely not one of the best either.

2 out of 5 what the hell??

That's all for me folks.



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