Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time To Make Your Holiday Gift Lists!

OK Ya Gold bricking Yahoos!

It’s time to get ready for the holidays and my ideas about what should be in every hobbiest’s collection. If you DON’T have them, now is the time to get them on your lists and send your loved ones scurrying to CBJ to pick ‘em up! (Don’t you love unbridled avarice?!)

1) Marvel Masterworks Hardcovers! - Whether you are a Spideyophile, an X-person or a wannabe Ben Grimm, the best way to get your mitts on those early adventures from Marvel’s Halcyon Days of Yore (short of mortgaging the house) is these little gems! You can even save a few shekels by going for the paperbacks but Hardbound books are forever!

2) Women Of The DC Universe Mini Busts – just because they are so cute!

3) EC Collections – If you have never read the great 1950’s EC Horror, War and Crime comics…why you can hardly even BE a comic book aficionado! These were the 1950’s version of comics for adults and were wildly popular among college students, until Frederick Wertham came along and …uhhh….pooped on the party! They are also available in hardbound, slipcased editions.

4) DF Holiday packs – This year they are doing Cap #600 and Spidey #600 variant packs at only $20 retail. It is a great way to get into variant collecting if you are interested.

5) PS3/X-Box360 – NOT a comic book I grant you but with all the great comic related games that came out this year, NOW is the time to get that next-gen console!

6) …and for your brand new baby game system, you must have Batman-Arkham Asylum, X-Men origins Wolverine and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I played all of these games and they all ROCK!

7) Bags and Boards – A case of each and you may not have to worry again for a whole year! AND they look like BIG gifts wrapped under the tree!

8) Fleisher’s ultimate Superman Collection – The original 18 Superman cartoons made by Fleisher Studios back in the 1940’s . Every fan of Superman OR classic animation must have these gems! And while you’re at it add Fleisher’s Popeye collections to your list as well!

9) Star Trek – The 2009 Blockbuster is out on DVD and BluRay on November 17th. It is a must, IF you can wait for the holidays and not run out to get it right away.

10) Doc Savage and The Shadow Double Novels – These Pulp Magazine throwbacks are becoming very popular and are a great value. If you want to see what comics were like before the pictures, you want these. They are also great for stocking stuffers!

11) The Super Goof Mini Maquette – For the Comic AND Disney lover in all of you. Celebrate the merger with this great statue!

12) Famous Monster Art of Basil Gogos volume 1 and 2 – If you are familiar with the wonderful FMF Magazine and the cover art, this is a great collection. If you ARE’NT familiar with it then it is STILL a great collection. It really deserves a place on your bookshelf!

13) Overstreet Comic Book price Guide – just because!

14) Waffle’s Waffles – Not many people know it but CBJ’S world famous Waffle markets frozen…uhhh waffles…and I just made that up…so don’t actually go shopping for the waffles of Waffle…though maybe he DOES make waffles…do you?

15) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus editions – Buffy…comics…Buffycomics…nuff said!

And there you have it…fifteen…FIFTEEN…well fourteen anyway can’t live without holiday gift ideas! As for me I am hoping that someone delivers the original 1966 Batmobile to my doorstep on Christmas morning but that may be hoping for a bit much!

That’s 30!


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