Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm just GIVING IT AWAY!?!

Good day, my beautiful little CBJ sinners! It's your Creepy Uncle Stephen again, here to share something with you. No, not that again. This time it's neither attached to me, nor flesh colored. And it doesn't smell like Bleu Cheese.

It's one of my books.

As you (hopefully) aware, Jesus Hates Zombies Vol. 3 comes out in about a week. And since sleep is for sissies, I've been hard at work every night on Vol. 4. Here's the thing - from the beginning I've been planning to have Vol. 4 be linked in a big way to one of my earlier horror books called Happy Panda Funtime Show. Happy Panda has been available through Indy Planet for quite a while, but it never really found an audience.

SO, for those people who dig Jesus Hates Zombies and want to get the connection between it and Happy Panda, I've got the entire Happy Panda one-shot available on my website.

All you need to do is go here and you can read the whole damn thing! It's that simple.

See, I gave you something, and this time you don't even need to go see the Doctor! Ain't I a sweetie?

I'll see you all in December, my lovelies! In the meantime, give Socko and Tiger big kisses for me, and give Waffle a little tickle on his undercarriage (he deserves it).

~ S

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