Thursday, November 5, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Whaddup World!

I'd just like to say to all my fellow NY Yankees fans, Congrats. It was a good World Series and the Phillies weren't a pushover. Moving right along...

Don't forget! Next Friday the 13th @ Cargo, CBJ is finally having its GRAND OPENING PARTY along with our friends over at BOUND FOR GLORY TATTOOS. It starts @ 10 and is going to be crazy fun. Mark your Calendar NOW!

Now onto what I thought was rockin and what sucked in the world of comics this week.

Stumptown #1

Did you happen to see this title on your checklist this week? Did you happen to walk past it when you were picking out your books yesterday? Well stop. look down. pick up this book and read it. In fact, buy it, go home and read it and then thank me. Greg Rucka's new book Stumptown dropped this week and it's awesome. Dexedrine C. Parios who everyone calls "Dex" is a private investigator as well as a bad gambler. She finds herself in the hole for 17,000 and change to the Confederated Tribes Of The Wind Coast Casino. She is given a do or die deal where she has to find the Casino owners grand daughter. From there it's twists and turns as she begins to put the pieces together and starts finding out that this is some smaller piece to something way bigger. Fans of Ed Brubaker's Criminal, Jason Aaron's Scalped and crime noir books in general will fall head over heels for this book. It's only the first issue and already I want more. Here's a little food for thought: This is what "Dex" was named after.

Dextroamphetamine is a psychostimulant drug which is known to produce increased wakefulness and focus in association with decreased fatigue and decreased appetite.

5 out of 5

Haunt #2

Last month I said how much this book felt like it was the bastard child of Spawn. Simple because Todd Mcfarlane is one of the writers and I felt his influence all over the place.
This issue I get my foot put in my mouth up to the knee. Robert Kirkman is the other writer on the book and in this issue you really get the sense that he's the one driving the car.
Our story continues as Daniel and the recently deceased Kurt Kilgore combine to become Haunt.. actually... we don't know the amalgamations name yet. After stopping some hit men from gunning down Kurt's wife, they call in a specialist to clean up the mess they've made disemboweling said hit men. Without giving away the rest of the story it's not the bastard child of Spawn. Kirkman really shines in his writing. The conversations between the Kilgore brothers when they're combined and apart are very reminiscent of "The Walking Dead", "Invincible" and even "Marvel Team-Up". One brother has been trained to be a killer and the other is so desensitized by his brother's stories that killing doesn't affect him like he thought it would. Mcfarlane's elements aren't lost either but nicely tucked into Kirkman's dialogue. The espionage and crime feel are a major layer in the story but not the overall flavor of the book as a whole. Not to mention that Greg Capullo and Ryan Ottley do an amazing job of complimenting each others work. I hope this book continues the way it's going because it's got a lot of potential.

5 out of 5

Deathlok The Demolisher #1

In a near distant future, corporate governments no longer have wars or conflicts on their own or foreign soil but battle it out in THE BATTLEZONE! Thats the premise of this new take on Deathlok. Charlie Huston takes the basic premise of a solider turned into a cyborg for profit and sport and gives it the modern day twist of our own professional athletes hungry for fame and fortune.
In this future, The Roxxon Broadcast Company airs Battlezone in which nations battle with teams of troops instead of whole armies over their conflicts. Combatants just like sports players gain stats known as kill points for each death on the battlefield, depending on what type of kill they make they get extra points, i.e; a close kill is worth more points than a ranged kill. The star player of BattleZone is Mike Travers, a cocky, over the top one man show who doesn't care about strategy or who he's fighting for or why just that he wants to continue his endorsements and keep his kill points up.
This book thus far hits the nail on the head and hard. Huston like I said takes the sports theme and really gives it the one two punch. Travers character is so concerned with being in the limelight that when he's told he's going to be given command of his own squad and needs to be concerned with caring for their lives along with winning, he just brushes it off and makes snide comments and rushes off to get interviewed. Travers character mirrors many examples of how fame and fortune go to your head just like many of our favorite players do. From murder to drugs, just because your famous you think your unstoppable.
"Deathlok" didn't even show up in the issue and it was awesome. Great set up and some really well placed undertones. Any fan of Deathlok, Rollerball or the Running Man will really enjoy this book. It's a seven issue mini-series so if this is an example of what's to come, I'm stoke.

5 out of 5

Cinderella: From Fabletown with love #1

Spinning out of the pages of probably the best monthly book Fables, comes this mini-series starring everyone's favorite princess turned spy Cinderella. Agent Glass Slipper is given the task of finding and recovering magical items of power from their homelands that have made their way into the Mundy world aka our world. Cinderella is the James Bond of Fabletown. She owns a shoe store as well as globe trots on missions dealing with Fabletown. She's got fables that she's been using as agents since her first coming to the Mundy world after escaping the homelands during the emperor's rule. Quickly given information from both Beast (of beauty and the beast) and Frau Totenkinder (the witch from Hansel and Gretel) about the situation of how these artifacts need to be obtained quickly before exposing Fabletown along with the homelands being up for grabs since the fall of the empire. Cinderella is given no easy task and makes her way towards the beginning of her adventure. If you're not reading Fables then get to work on that ASAP because it truly is the best comic out there in my opinion. This series I'm sure will have some ramifications of the core book in some future storyline so keep your eyes open. Great set up and quick movements make this book worth the read and something extra for fans of Fables.

5 out of 5

Doom Patrol #4

This weeks serving of Blackest Night is Doom Patrol #4. I'll say this off the bat, I'm not the biggest fan of the new Doom Patrol book and I think Keith Giffen has been taking his time molding the book into what his interpretation is, not a bad thing but four issues in and it's still sludgy. This being a Blackest Night tie in makes this issue a little better. The Doom Patrol are no strangers to members dying and this is where Giffen really has some fun. He's got a bullpen of dead characters to play with and this is just the first part of the story. All in all not a bad issue. I'm curious to see what happens next and I think everyone else is too.

3 out of 5

Now what I'm JONESIN' for next week!
R.E.B.E.L.S. #10

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