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Whaddup World!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and made it through Black Friday madness.
Now that you've had enough to eat and by this point I'm sure you've read your books for the week I can safely talk about this weeks books without ruining anything for anyone. This week was huge so let's get to it shall we..

New Mutants #7

Last issue we saw the return and "demise" of Cypher and Warlock. Cypher has been resurrected by Selene and had one mission; Kill Magma. He made his way into the X-Men's base on Utopia and beat her bloody. Warlock showed up and Cypher torn his robotic friends head off.
This issue picks up right from that point. Cypher begins to fight the techno organic virus that Selene used to reanimate everyone. Small pieces of Warlock seem to be helping him fight off the virus and show his true self. The Hellions show up to retrieve Cypher and to make sure he completed his mission. It's a fight all us old school New Mutants fans have been waiting for AGAIN! This time around the New Mutants are the one's who come out on top. Fighting to get Magma to the infirmary. Cypher is grabbed by the Hellions and they attempt to reboot him but he seems to be fighting it off.
I'm happy to see all these old faces and teams and it's interesting to see the Mutant population grow to what it was before M-Day but Necrosha so far isn't bringing anything new to the table aside from bringing back characters that we all thought were dead. It really taints the idea of your favorite characters dying just to be used as cannon fodder in a storyline six months later. I truly hope it goes show where with a better point than to just bring back everyone that's died.

3 out of 5

Image United #1

Let's take a step back in time for one minute. 1992, I was in Third grade and all I knew was The X-Men, Spider-Man and The Avengers were my savior in school. I would hide them in my binder and when the teachers weren't looking I'd read as much as I could. I had heard that the artists who drew comics at Marvel were going over to some company called IMAGE. When Spawn first hit the stands I almost crapped myself. I'd never seen anything so dark and gritty aside from Batman: The Killing Joke, which was my first comic ever..Weird huh?...anyways, then Savage Dragon came along with WildC.A.T.S, Youngblood, Shadowhawk, Cyberforce and eventually Wetworks. I had found my company. I felt like I had found my own comics. These were all new characters drawn and written by amazing people and I was on the ground floor to awesomeness.
17 years later and I own and still collect every one of those books. This week we're given such an amazing book. Image United pits all those characters (minus The Wildstorm universe because Jim Lee sold them all to DC) together to fight a unknown force. Unlike any other crossover or guest staring book, it's drawn by the very creators who made Image and these characters what they are. This is written by Robert Kirkman, who has said in tons of interviews that he's been a fan of Image and it's stable of characters since day one. This is the truest form of adoration for a set of characters and a company. This is Image's equivalent to "Contest of Champions" or "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

5 out of 5

Powers (vol. 3) #1

YES! FINALLY!! I absolutely love this book and I was sad to hear that it was going to be canceled because Bendis and Oeming's schedules couldn't meet a monthly ship date and they felt it wasn't fair to fans to make us all wait 3 months or more for the next issue. Lucky for us they found the time to get their $%#& together and now this week we're given a brand new volume with a brand new number one. the story picks up right where issue 30 left off. Walker is partnered up with Enki Sunrise former Internal Affairs agent. They work the Powers cases, Super powered people cases. Deena Pilgrim isn't in the first issue neither is the new Retro Girl but we're promised they're going to be a major part in the book. They found the cure to the Powers virus (a virus that gave people a form of powers, like Electro but eventually you die from it) and the weirdest scene in this issue is Walker having sex with his girlfriend and she's got the powers virus all the while he's having flashbacks of his former lives (Walker is an immortal who doesn't remember all his past lives just bits and pieces.)
Needless to say I truly recommend this book and if you've never read it before start from the begining and ask your significant other, mom, dad or whoever to get you all the trades for Christmas!

5 out of 5

Justice League Of America #39

The dead are rising from their graves and causing death and destruction, who better to draw Zombified versions of heroes and villains than Mark Bagley. The remaining team of Zatanna, Dr Light, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Gypsy and Vixen head over to the Hall of Justice looking for Firestorm and to find out if the graves of the dead villains they house there have opened and the villains returned from the dead. Zatanna fights her dead father Zatara as he tries to kills the team. Dr. Light fights the evil Dr. Light and the rest of the team takes on the reanimated corpses of former Justice Leaguers Vibe and Steel. It's not a great issue but it's cool for what it's worth. I was hoping to see this particular book more involved in the core story of Blackest Night itself instead of having it's own side story.

3 out of 5

Teen Titans #77

Taking a break from the ongoing tragedy that is the Teen Titans, J.T Krul and Joe Bennett give us an awesome story about Deathstroke and Rose battling each other and the reanimated corpses of Grant Wilson, Wade Wilson, Adeline Wilson, Wintergreen and the newly dead Jericho. The cover to this issue throws you off because it's all the dead Titans who returned in "Blackest Night Titans". The story is an awesome all out battle between Deathstroke, Rose and The Black Lantern versions of their disfunctional family. Definitely a great issue for long time fans of The Teen Titans.

5 out of 5

Green Lantern #48

Following Atrocitus to Okkara, homeworld of Agent Orange, we continue to see that the Black Lanterns have no power over his rage. The other lanterns show up to calm him down and collect the two of them to go off and find the source of the Black rings and destroy it. They finally have to restrain Atrocitus and promise Agent Orange that he'll be given a guardian as soon as everything is taken care of..if they survive. Now on Ryut, the homeworld of Atrocitus, Sayd and Gathet get to see first hand what the Manhunters did to a peaceful planet that didn't deserve the death sentence it given. Indigo 1 channels the black ring once they find that the source is no longer on Ryut and they realize all hell is breaking loose on Earth. It's now or never.
This issue is awesome. The in-fighting between Sinestro, Atrocitus, Hal and Larfleeze is great. Sinestro blames Hal for everything that's going on and says that "Abin Sur wasn't trying to stop the Blackest Night but was trying to stop him" In many ways it is Hal Jordan's fault for blindly following the Guardians for so long and it's the Guardians fault because they thought they could be the judges of everything in the universe.

5 out of 5

Blackest Night #5


This is the issue that will be talked about for years to come. I waited all week to let everyone get their fix and to read this because it's so crazy that everyone needs to have already read this so I don't spoil it for you.

Coast City were so many people died is now ground zero for Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps. The Black Lantern Battery has manifested itself on Earth and the shit has officially hit the fan.
Barry Allen really plays the linchpin in this series thus far. From being one of the first heroes to die saving his friends and family during a major Crisis and now being "Reborn", he is the catalyst. What his ultimate purpose is we'll just have to wait and see.
The seven Lantern's of the different colors finally arrive and begin what they think is the end assault on The Black Battery when in fact they are giving Nekron more power and in doing so they give him the ability to...
Black Hand has been carrying around Bruce's skull since issue one and we didn't know what purpose it had but finally we find out what it was for all along.
Bruce begins to spew out Black Rings.
In doing so an "emotional tether" is registered between all the heroes and Black Lantern Batman but here's the kicker, Everyone has died at least once.
Wonder Woman, Superman, Superboy, Impulse, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Ice and Donna Troy.
They've all died and come back. Nekron says to everyone "You all fail to realize you didn't escape death, You are still connected to it, to me. I put myself between you and everlasting death. I allowed your numerous resurrections, now DIE."
He then puts Bruce Wayne back to rest which leaves a lot to be questioned like why? Is that really Bruce? The last time we saw "Bruce" he was cave painting a bat signal on the last page of Final Crisis. What's going on? When he gets "re-killed" his connection is severed. Meaning the emotional tether is gone.
Everyone "dies" and becomes a Black Lantern and they'll help Nekron in revealing the Guardians big secret and return the universe to darkness.
Now Hal and Barry have to run because they have rings looking for them too.

Next Month cannot come soon enough. This issue was Gigantic. Geoff Johns has really taken this story, these characters and the entire DCU and made it his own personal playground. If you disagree your CRAZY!

5 out of 5

with that said that's all for me folks. Did anyone notice who's the Creator of the Month @ CBJ? WARREN ELLIS!!! TOLD YA HE'S THE MAN!

This is what I'm Jonesin' for this week in comics.


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