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Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

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Still ironing out all the details but the program is going to work like this: All you have to do is purchase a membership for $20, this starts you off with 8 points. You use these points to rent books, their point value being determined by the price of the book itself. You can purchase additional points or get them for free by attending events at the store or by spending a certain amount of money at the store. In addition, any books you bring in for the program will give you points to use towards rentals for yourself.

This is meant as a way to get you into books you wouldn't normally read or check out. To top it all off, any money you spend towards the rental of a book is deducted off the cost if you ultimately decide that you like it enough to purchase a brand new copy. So start getting those old books into the store!

I myself brought it a bunch of stuff and I'm all about this.

that said lets get down!

X-Force #21

Picking up where the Necrosha one shot left off, all hell is breaking loose on the newly formed Utopia. It's a who's who of dead mutants, hero and villain alike. It's a cool concept and all but I'm sorry it just doesn't have the same fire that "Blackest Night" does. For example, when Banshee shows up and starts kicking everyone's ass he turns around and realizes what he's doing and starts to apologize but quickly reverts back to his "Zombie" state and continues the attack, does this mean that under the Techno Organic Virus that some remnant of who these people were still remains and they'll eventually over come it and come back? If so it's a cheesy way to bring back countless numbers of dead characters. I'm sorry but at the end of the issue when Selene brings back the dead mutants of Genosha and the number of mutants in the world starts to grow exponentially its not a "oh man this going to be awesome" its more like "oh crap how are they going to ruin this and attempt to dig themselves outta this hole?". I'm a huge Marvel fan and I'm still interested in the idea but I don't like the way it's going so far, it just seems like a bad attempt at bringing back the mutant populace to it's once great numbers.

2 out of 5

The Ghoul #1

Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson's new book Ghoul dropped this week and I'm sad to say for a first issue it's really not impressive and falls short of new fans wanting to read on. The story is about Detective Lieutenant Lloyd Klimpt and The Ghoul (who looks like Solomon Grundy!) and how D.L Klimpt needs the Ghoul's help in finding out if a certain actress whose family dates back to the 1930's is one in the same as her mother and grandmother. What the hell does he need some big ass monster's help for that??
I'm lost. I feel silly saying that but I am, who needs some giant Ghoul to help figure a case out like that and to top it off before they start investigating this case, they have to fight the Devil and his demons because its "Walpurgisnacht"
which I looked up and this is what I got:

"Main Entry: Wal·pur·gis Night
Pronunciation: \väl-ˈpu̇r-gəs-\
Function: noun
Etymology: part translation of German Walpurgisnacht, from Walpurgis St. Walburga dieda.d. 779 English saint whose feast day falls on May Day + German Nacht night
Date: 1823

1 : the eve of May Day on which witches are held to ride to an appointed rendezvous
2 : something (as an event or situation) having a nightmarish quality"

Alright so issue 2 has some serious potential and from what I'm told this story ties into "Dead she said" and "City of others". If you haven't read those, well get to work and start trying to piece something together. Overall I'm not impressed with "The Ghoul" so far.

2 out of 5

Dark X-Men #1(of 5)

Another miniseries dealing with the "Dark X-Men" written by Paul Cornell (of Capt. Britain and MI-13 fame). This time around the team consists of Dark Beast, Mystique, Mimic and newly re-named Omega. Norman Osborn sends the team out to check on a town of people who nearly all walked off a cliff in some trance continuously saying "I'm an X-Man". Mystique goes above and beyond "evil" and guises herself as Jean Grey just to rub salt in the wounds. When they get to the hospital to speak to one of the people, Mimic and Omega go nuts and start tearing the town apart. Suddenly, a form escapes this man and it's none other than another long dead or thought dead mutant Nate Grey aka X-man from the "Age Of Apocalypse". You remember Nate, Dark Beast and The Sugar Man being the only three to make it through the M'Krann crystal and show up in the 616 Marvel Universe right? Do you remember how Nate died? He gave up his energy to the earth because towards the end of his series he'd become a shaman...Anyways, I loved his character back when and I still think he's awesome and has some serious potential to do either good or evil depending on who he sides with but..I'm not impressed because Marvel seems to be bringing back all these long dead characters. I'm sure there's something big planned for all the newly "reborn heroes and villains" but honestly, why kill them if you're just going to bring them back. It's all lost it's shock and awe since Superman died and came back. That ruined any death and return as being cool.

3 out of 5

Punisher Max #1

Jason Aaron writes crime stories like no other, if you've never read his DC Vertigo book "Scalped" then you're missing out on one of the best monthly titles out there. Aaron has become the "go to guy" over at Marvel being given the reins of Weapon X Wolverine and countless tales among the different Marvel books. Now his take on The Punisher, In the Max Universe, there are heroes and villains but they don't have super powers and they aren't invincible. It's more reality based. In this relaunch of the title Garth Ennis made so popular, Aaron comes up with the concept that the mob needs a "Kingpin", a boss of all bosses to fake out The Punisher and somehow take him out. Enter Wilson Fisk, bodyguard and now the figure who will pose as "The Kingpin" ( but we all know what's going to happen, it's just fun to watch his rise to power). It's as simple as that and just as fun reading. Steve Dillon (who drew the Marvel Knights Punisher with Garth Ennis) is back drawing our favorite vigilante and it's just all so frakkin cool. Pick this book up and get ready for some serious ish!

5 out of 5


Warren Ellis gives us his new mini about man making gods. This is what I'm talking about. This is Mr. Ellis in his prime element of writing. The story starts off with a scientist in England talking to an American about what had happened to bring about the end of the world. He begins to explain how different countries each brought about bringing some semblance of superhero / god to life. I really don't want to ruin the details because it's really good. Ellis really researches his work prior to writing and you can see it because he makes good points of reference that make you stop and think "oh man could this really happen?". I've said it before and I'll continue to say so "Warren Ellis writing books for Marvel and DC, hit or miss. Warren Ellis writing his own books, ALWAYS A WINNER!".

5 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #42

The Black Lanterns are full and have now just turned their attention to destroying the Central Power Battery on Oa, the one and only power source to the Green Lantern Corps. If it's destroyed it's over and The Black Lanterns win. What do you do? What are you willing to sacrifice to stop the dead from destroying everything? Kyle Rayner answers that question by losing his life. That's right I said it. This is the issue that is going to be sought after. Kyle Rayner in a fight to survive and stop the Black Lanterns from destroying everything, sacrifices his life. Yes he is dead and his ring goes off looking for a replacement. This issue is really a turning point as far as I'm concerned because the Black Lanterns aren't fighting or looking to enlarge their ranks anymore, like hive minded ghouls, they just stop once they are 100% powered up and all move in on the Battery. They can be defeated but at what cost and how many of our favorite superheroes lives will be lost?

5 out of 5

R.E.B.E.L.S #10

In the midst of attempting to stop Lord Starro from taking over the universe with his Starro's and save his son from being a pawn in Starro's plan, Vril Dox and his ragtag team must now face the reanimated Black Lantern's of his dead wife Stealth and Harbinger. Not only does he get to fight them but he becomes a Sinestro Corps Lantern. How freaking cool is that? It's about time when a Lantern of any color dies that someone within proximity gains their ring. REBELS is such a good book to start with but this tie-in with Blackest Night just makes it that much sweeter. Who wouldn't want to see a Brainiac with a 12th level intelligence become a Yellow Lantern because he can instill great fear into people. Awesome!

5 out of 5

Booster Gold #26

Booster feeling sorry for himself travels back to Ted Kord's real funeral where his family of heroes show their last respects. Booster reflects on all his mistakes and wonders what if people had really given Ted the respect he deserved and didn't treat him like a Z list hero that just happen to make it onto Max Lord's Justice League. In the present Rip Hunter is looking for Booster because The Flash's message about Blackest Night has made it's rounds and he wants Booster for whatever reason, little do they know Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle is now a Black Lantern and on his way to go see his best friend Booster Gold. B.L Blue Beetle attacks Booster's relative Daniel Carter aka SuperNova at his home looking for Booster. Skeets and Jaimie Reyes Blue Beetle show up looking for Booster and just so happen to walk right into Ted Kord destroying everything. Booster finally shows up and can't believe his eyes when he sees his best friend back from the dead trying to kill everyone.
This to me is the typical "If your mother became a zombie would you shoot her" scenario. It's not a bad issue but I can't wait to see what happens next when Booster actually has to make the choice of fighting his friend or die trying.

5 out of 5

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