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Howdy children, and welcome to this weeks installment of


Another week, another random ass comic.
I LOVED this weeks book, so I'm going to jump right in.

From the MISC:A section, I pulled:

"Archibald Chases The Dragon" 1- shot

This book was ridiculous. In an extremely good way. OK, OK, OK, I know the reason I started writing this blog was to rip apart and make fun of crappy comics, but I can honestly say that this series is one of my favorites now. The Archibald stories are all told one at a time in 1-shot form. This being the second installment, I found it very easy to read not knowing what came before. Big plus there.

One thing that stood out immediately was the art of Grant Bond. It's incredible. The shading and colors are awesome. This issue was written by Dara Naraghi, another I've never heard of. The writing fits the art perfectly. Both the art and writing compliment the underlying comedy in this some-what mystery book.

The book starts off with the executive of the film studio Archibald works for talking to Satan. Great start. So, apparently, in the first instalment, Archibald's brother was killed, and he was blamed. After spending time in a mental institution, he was acquitted because it came to light it was really their director. So, after they explain that briefly, we meet Archibald. We find him in a bar, talking to a 'reporter', who is Satan in disguise. He send Archibald off to little China looking for the truth. He finds himself at the 'Red Lotus Lounge', an opium den. So awesome. After getting a little R&R he finds out he is suddenly getting a tattoo. After another few hits, he dreams the dragon tattoo came to life. Archibald wakes up to find all the men in the room dead, his tattoo gone, and the police on their way. While fleeing, he finds the dragon chasing him. After a pretty cool chase scene, he gets his ass saved by his new buddy Vermont. His full name being 'Vermont Loenard Hawkins III', which is an awesome name by any standards. After Vermont gets rid of the dragon, which was the tattoo after all, they chat a bit, and are ambushed by an assassin. This assassin, Xi-Wei, is the one Archibald thought killed his brother, and is also the one who did the amazing tattoo job. After finding she is not the killer, Archibald and Vermont are left off with some leads to the truth.

The issue also has two one page stories in the back. Both written by Dara, it was a cool little extra comical kick. Both artist putting their own spin on Archibald.The fist page (illustrated by Shawn Dickinson, to the left) was actually quite funny. The second (illustrated by Tom Williams) of the two was OK. They both prove how outlandish this book can be, without all the blood and violence.

Another cool little extra is the paper doll of Archibald on the back cover. Awesome.

So, now time for the heads.
I'll give "Archibald Chases the Dragon"
4 Dio heads out of 5

The book was just plain cool. I'm excited to grab the trade and read the whole story, which I suggest you do too. Everything from the art to the writing was good. Well, time to go read the trade, I can't wait.


Well, until next time jerks, this has been


- Waffle

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