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Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Happy Belated Halloween World!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Sorry for being a slack-ass and being mega late but it's been a hell of a time for yours truly. Now onto a special Halloween edition of Previews and Reviews!

Trick r' Treat The graphic novel

Anyone who hasn't seen this film yet really needs to go and get a copy now. Don't rent it, don't borrow it, don't download it...GO OUT AND BUY IT! It's probably the best Halloween movie in god knows how long. Director and writer Michael Dougherty brings to life the essence of good cinema along with the anthology formula of tales from the crypt based around every horror fans holiday HALLOWEEN! DC brings us the graphic novel interpretation of the film. Written by ex-Manhunter scribe Marc Andreyko and illustrated by some of the top up and comers this graphic novelization of the film is worth every penny. They do take some parts of the film out and extend others but all in all it's worth owning and re-reading however many times you can.

5 out of 5

Dark Reign The List: The Punisher

I've tried to stray away from really covering anything having to do with Dark Reign because it's a very wide spectrum to cover and simply put everyone seems to be a little tired of it thus far. This one shot though really needs to be brought up because 2 things happen.
(Sorry if you haven't read the issue yet cover your eyes!)
1) Norman Osborn shows how far he's really willing to go to cross off the names on his list by having countless HAMMER agents hunt Castle
2) He sends in Daken to disembowel Castle with no reguard for who sees him and what the cost of damage is.

Jesus H.! What a bloody issue, what a mess, poor Frank Castle. Wow, Rick Remender really goes above and beyond in this one because he just took everyone's favorite Marvel vigilante and turned him into dog food. I mean he really put up a good fight with Daken through the sewers and warehouses but he really had no chance. Marvel has been campaigning pictures with R.I.P and Frankencastle promos for a couple of months now so you knew he was going to die and is being brought back as a "monster" but the reality of actually seeing it and reading it is so much more graphic and haunting.
This is a book every collector and Punisher fan needs.

5 out of freakin 5

FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency #1 (of 3)

Holy $**T! This book is awesome from cover to cover. David Hine and Roy Allan Martinez bring to life a website that "explains how the two forms of the living dead really exist" FVZA.org and turned it into a comic I wish Radical Comics would turn into an ongoing. The Art work is the first thing that bites you. Roy Allan's work is amazing, the colors and everything make you want to turn the page. David Hine's story telling is so masterful that you feel like your in a trance and being sucked into the book as you turn the pages. Amazing.
The concept of the story is simple, Vampires showed up with the earliest of American settlers and not to soon after that Zombies showed up. The two are different ends of the same disease. The U.S government gets involved following the Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant sets up the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency bringing in militia's across the states to hunt down the menace of the living undead. The story continues up until the 1950's where President Kennedy announces the cure for Vampirism and that the FVZA has done it's job and any smaller outbreaks with be dealt with accordingly. Dr. Hugo Pecos teaches his grandchildren about the monsters threat and prepares them for the day they might resurface. Well they resurface.
You need this book in your life. It's amazing.

5 out of 5

Necrosha One shot

New Mutants #6

This week begins Marvel's trek into the reanimation of dead MUTANT heroes and villians in Necrosha. The Black Queen aka Selene begins to reanimate the dead using the techno organic virus that Bastion and Co. used to bring back key figures in the X-books. She begins her assualt on the newly formed Utopia, attacking the X-Men while they're on some well needed downtime for the moment. It's a great one shot and really cool story because we get to see the who's who of dead mutants come back and cause havoc but I feel like this is Marvel's answer to Blackest Night. There are too many elements that echo the series. The fact that both hero and villan are coming back under Selene's control yet they still retain some semblence of their former selves is the only thing that stands out at this point. I hope during the course of this crossover they really begin to grow in a different direction all together because we're all already reading a story about dead super powered beings coming back to life.

3 out of 5

Another book dealing with Necrosha this week is New Mutants #6 where we follow Douglas Ramsey aka Cypher on his mission to kill Selene's grand daughter the New Mutant known as Magma. It's an odd story because the team just got back from dealing with Legion and they're still slowing coming back together as a unit. During their reunion with Professor X, Cypher watches and deciphers their body language as to what it all truly means. Cypher then makes his presence known as he bludgeons Magma to death. The team fights him but because he can read body language they get their asses handed to them like rookies. Warlock the phalanx life form shows up because he senses Cypher and attempts to stop him from whatever is controlling him but to no avail, he gets decapitated. Being a fan of The New Mutants from way back when, I really enjoy how Zeb Wells brings in elements from the old series and is incorporating it into this new one along with the story line of Necrosha. This is a good example of how I said I'd hoped that they strayed away from the Blackest Night elements. Cypher retains key elements of his former self along with the possibility of being able to overcome Selene's influence. We'll see where this continues as the story progresses.

5 out of 5

Blackest Night #4

Blackest Night Titans #3 of 3

Green Lantern #47

This week we're given 3 big helpings of Blackest Night. First up is the Blackest Night proper itself. This issue is jam packed with action as the shit hits the fan and things really make a turn for the worse as Barry Allen, Ray Palmer and Mera attempt to rally all the remaining superheroes as to the situation and what they think should be done to attempt to stop the Black Lantern menace. A little side note, as Jean Paul Azrael walks around killing in Gotham City, The Scarecrow wants in on the action but gets no attention as to being emotionless. This is going to play a role in the later conflict I can feel it now. As the end of the issue comes, Black Hand brings the Black Battery to earth and rises up Nekron Lord of the dead and the master he's been communing with these past few months. This series gets better as it goes. Marvel's got some serious competition.

5 out of 5

Blackest Night Titans #3 finishes off this mini dealing with the Titans and their skirmish with reanimated members. I think this series actually didn't need to be any longer than 3 issues. They surmised everything they needed to hint or touch on quite well in the span they had and gave light to some new revelations like Donna Troy being bitten and now having some strange connection to the Black Lanterns and Dove being able to disconnect the rings from their undead hosts and become a serious weapon for our heroes.

5 out of 5

Green Lantern #47 rounds out this weeks Blackest Night banquet. I'll make this one short sweet and to the point. We find out that combining the different colors of the emotional spectrum defeats the black rings. Hal, Carol, Sinestro and Indigo-1 head over to Odym to gather Blue Lantern Saint Walker and we learn that The Red Rage Lanterns have no hearts and therefore are a viable weapon if they can get them to help without getting killed themselves. Geoff Johns knocking out of the park left and right.

5 out of 5

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