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What's happening Ladies and Gents, I'm your host Gore Jones and I'm proud to announce that I'll be bringing back this fine blog every week live from Comic Book Jones..well at least I'm writing it at the store right after I read the back issue that I'm speaking about. This first edition of Tales from.. comes from the M section of the back issue bin. The first book in that section is none other than..


Back in 2003, Top Cow/Image Comics and Harris Comics brought together two of their occult heroines in a one shot that in my honest opinion really wasn't worth any shot.

The two are both chasing a a long thought dead menace of France known as "Le Demon Boucher De Bourgogne", The demon butcher of burgundy. A demon who was thought to be unkillable until he was burned at the stake and dismembered. His bones were spread throughout The Catacombs underneath Paris, only one rib was put in a secret Vatican vault underneath Vatican City in Rome.
Vampirella and Magdalena are in pursuit of this "Demon Butcher" as his victims continue to show up throughout the city, devoid of flesh and mutilated. Evidence points them both to the underground Catacombs, where after a brief battle between themselves they quickly dispatch the Demon.
It's a very short and to the point issue with no real value as far as story is concerned. The artwork is really good, thanks to Joe Benitez (current artist and creator of Lady Mechanika). Aside from the artwork, like I said this issue really isn't that good and really shouldn't have happened as far as I'm concerned. It's really very lack luster and does nothing for either character aside from an attempt to basically steal $2.99 from us simple comic fans.
Do yourself a favor though and check out the current series of both woman, respectively titled "Vampirella" and "Magdalena" if you want to read some quality stories about these awesome female characters.
On a scale of 1-10 in the awesome factor, this back issue gets a
2 out of 10 AWESOMES! only because Joe Benitez does some great splash pages and good gore scenes.

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