Friday, January 28, 2011

Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release & Release!


Pre-Release Tournament
Alright boys and girls, Magic players far and wide, the new set is almost upon us. On Saturday, January 29th we'll be holding our Pre-release Tournament for the upcoming set, Mirrodin Besieged at 1:00pm. Entry for this sealed style event will be $25. All entrants will receive 3 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs and then choose between the two warring factions of Mirran and Phyrexia. Based on your choice you will receive a specific card promo, card box and three additional booster packs. The two different packs will only contain cards associated with the chosen faction.

Prizes will include boosters, faction packs, and promos. Also, the first 10 players to enter will receive a special promo poster. In addition we will be debuting our level up program for all Magic players. Definitely not an event to be missed!

Release Tournament
Inevitably the Pre-Release is followed by the Mirrodin Besieged Release Tournament! This will take place next week - Friday, February 4th at 4pm. It will be a draft format and have an entry fee of $15 per person. As always there will be tons of prizes, promos and other goodies to grab so make sure you come by. On this day we'll also be able to sell you packs, boxes, intro decks and fat packs for the new set. We will also have buy-a-box promos on hand.

Level Up Program & Gaming Mailing List
This week we are also debuting our Level Up program which gives Magic players the opportunity to earn points based on how often they play, what they purchase, etc. More info on this will be given in-store and you can find out more about it in the coming week online via our new Gaming Mailing List. To join just send us an e-mail at stating just that! In the weeks to come it will contain any information on gaming events at the store as well as any related news.


That's right folks! Stop in this Sunday, January 30th for a look at a new set of long boxes featuring tons of back issues all for just $1.00 a piece. We will leave them out until Friday afternoon so make sure you stop in and go through them for some sweet deals!

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