Monday, January 24, 2011


This week I got the chance to check out two new Stephen Lindsay books before they hit the shelves!! Buck #1 and Warriors of the Dharuk #1

BUCK #1 (OF 4)

This book is Stephen's epic "Sci-Fi Channel movie" story. It takes place in Pititchuu, Washington. The story is based around The Sheriff, his daughter Hanna, The Deputy; Mike and his scientist wife Diana and the waitress at the local diner Carla McMerchant.
A giant deer has suddenly shown up in the north woods and has already killed a full grown black bear. The story centralizes around the characters thus far building relationships and giving a typical "Sci-Fi Channel" love story within a terrible situation. The artwork is very basic and nothing to really write home about. It may actually turn some people off at first glance but once you actually read the story and see that it's meant to be simplistic and very basic for a black and white book with blood red being the only color, you'll actually appreciate it and kinda dig it.
Stephen does a pretty good job of making a go at his first over the top sci-fi story. This first issue reads really fast and leaves you wanting more. At first I thought it was just a one shot and I was really pissed because when you get to the last page, you feel cheated because nothing really happened, then I realized that it is in fact a four issue mini and that this was just the tip of the iceburg.
As I said, at first glance Danny Kelly's artwork may throw people off and they might just dislike the book because of how simple the art is but once you actually read this first issue, you just may find yourself coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

4 out of 5


I really liked the idea of this comic long before I actually read it because it involved Stephen's son Ayden being the real mastermind behind the project. Any creator who actually takes the time to pick their kid's brain and use their ideas for a story is a-ok in my book, I mean look at Axe Cop and how cool that comic is.
That being said, this first issue is a homerun. It starts off with a young warrior being attacked and saved by an armadillo. I don't want to spoil the fun of actually reading the issue but I highly suggest picking this book up when it finally hits shelves. Not only is it a solid story that leaves you wanting more but if the book does well Stephen is going to get Ayden an I-Pod touch (which I think he already got him for Christmas..) or something sweet for doing such a good job.
Fans of Stephen Lindsay's will love this book and fans of Mice Templar and Mouseguard will enjoy this book just as well. So do yourself a favor and check this ish out!

4 out of 5!!

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