Monday, January 10, 2011

Events in the coming weeks!

Green Hornet Tailgate Party this week & big announcement involving our weekly shipments!

January is looking to be an awesome month already. We've got some great books, statues, figures and other wonderful things coming at you this week as per usual but we've also got some big announcements!

First off, we are extremely delighted to inform you that starting this week we'll be getting our shipment of books in on Tuesday afternoon (for sale on Wednesday) instead of Wednesday morning. What does this mean for you? Well, when we open at 10:00am every new release will be on the shelves and ready for you to pick up. No more waiting to put everything out! Also, all the pull lists will be done and ready to be picked up as soon as we open. Happy days are here again!

This week also marks the return of our movie tailgate parties. We'll be having the first one of the year for Green Hornet this Thursday, January 13th. Awesome! Don't forget to grab your midnight movie ticket and come down for some free refreshments and special sales, read more about it below.

We've also announced the date for our Don Knotts and Barry White Retirement Ceremony where we'll be raising their banners to the rafters and unveiling our new $5 coupon for the year. The festivities will be held on Friday, January 21st kick starting at 9pm. Again, keep reading below for more information!

Finally, at the end of the month we will be celebrating the release of the newest Magic the Gathering set, Mirrodin Beseiged with a Pre-Release Tournament on Saturday, January 29th! We have tons of prizes and promos to give out so make sure you come down. For all the rules and additional information keep reading this here newsletter.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at the store (718-448-1234) or e-mail us at


It's our first tailgate party of the new year! Join us on Thursday, January 13th as we celebrate the release of Green Hornet in theaters. Grab your ticket to the midnight showing and come down to the store starting at 9pm for some free refreshments and nice sale where everything in the store is between 10% - 70% off. Wow! We'll also be running specials on all Green Hornet comics (and there's a lot of them) so be sure not to miss it.


Those of you who have been with us for awhile know that every year we change the person who adorns our $5 coupons that we give out. Well, for the first time ever we will be having a special ceremony on Friday, January 21st to commemorate their service to Comic Book Jones by retiring our old friends Don Knotts and Barry White. As you see in many sports arenas, we'll be raising a banner to the rafters for each of them, retiring them from service forever. We will also be unveiling the celebrity to grace our brand new $5 bills for 2011. Attendees will have the honor of being the first to get our new $5 bills. The date for this is still in the works but it will be within the next couple of weeks so sit tight and keep your eyes open for updates!


Alright boys and girls, Magic players far and wide, the new set is almost upon us. On Saturday, January 29th we'll be holding our Pre-release Tournament for the upcoming set, Mirrodin Besieiged. Entry for this sealed style event will be $25. All entrants will receive 3 Scars of Mirrodin booster packs and then choose between the two warring factions of Mirran and Phyrexia. Based on your choice you will receive a specific card promo, card box and three additional booster packs. The two different packs will only contain cards associated with the chosen faction.

Prizes will include boosters, faction packs, and promos. Also, the first 10 players to enter will receive a special promo poster. In addition we will be debuting our level up program for all Magic players. Definitely not an event to be missed!

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