Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here Comes The DC Rollback!

For those of you who do not already know, DC has rolled the price of their standard comic back to $2.99. This is a full buck off the competition! Can Marvel be far behind? DC is marking the occasion with these great white background covers so they are EASY to spot on the store shelves.

The new price point makes this a perfect time for non DC readers to give the granddaddy of comic companies a try. You may be surprised to find that, right now, DC offerings are superior in almost every way to Marvel. Art, stories, cross-over events, you name it.
Even the price point.

DC is POUNDING Marvel these days.

Oh and before all those Marvelites start chomping at the bit I want to point out that I myself am a Marvel collector from WAY back and still read a bunch of marvel titles. I suspect that if I missed an issue of Spidey or Cap I might spontaneously combust!

But this is not to criticize Marvel. It is to celebrate DC! There has never been a better time to read DC comics. From Brightest Day to Superman’s “walkabout”, to Batman Incorporated, to Wonder Woman’s new look and direction, the company is BRIMMING with new ideas and concepts. The art has never been better and the writing throughout the line is just first rate.
And speaking of writing, DC also boasts comic’s very best writer in Geoff Johns who has successfully rebooted both Green Lantern and The Flash.

DC has even reinstituted the LETTERS PAGE!!!

So at $2.99 a book, what are you waiting for?

Give the best line of comics on the stands a try!

( And yes, I still love Marvel too! )

That’s 30!


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