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Another exciting week in the world of comics. This week we finally get the scoop behind who the Red Hulk is and why he is the Red Hulk also another awesome chapter of Second Coming and The Avengers have to fix the time stream, not to mention that Green Arrow's new series kicked off this week. So let's get right to it.. I've got something to say!


All seems truly lost as the waves of Nimrod Sentinels keep coming through the worm hole and beating the hell out of the X-Men. Cable and X-Force are battling for the fate of the Mutant species as they battle none other than Master Mold and Hope steps up to the plate and shows everyone what Cable has been teaching her since her birth and disappearance.
In the present, wave after wave of Nimrod Sentinels keep coming through and are stronger and stronger each time because they have the capability to learn from one attack to another. Every time one person destroys one with their powers or their surrounding the rest learn how to counter that attack and gain yet another advantage. Magneto, weak and still recovering from bringing the missile that held Kitty Pryde, joins the fight and isn't going to lay down and die along side his fellow mutants.
After Rogue talks to Hope, the two women join their comrades and fight back the Sentinels, to Hope's advantage, she has a gun from the 27th century, so the Sentinels cannot learn how to counter her gunning them down.
In the future with the help of Cypher's ability to talk to machines, they shut down the worm hole and destroy Master Mold. They also break Bastion's control over Trask just to watch the man kill himself because he doesn't want to be a part of Bastion's minions anymore. The only thing that really sucks is that the worm hole won't allow anything organic to pass through, which means that after everything they've done to save everyone, they can't save themselves.
My favorite part is when Hope confronts Cyclops after the worm hole is shut down. Cyclops attempts to console her about Cable but to no avail, Hope is just about ready to tear his head off his shoulders when the last person they expected to see passes through the shrinking worm hole....Cable.
This story just gets better and better and as much as I'd like to guess what could happen next, I cant. Two more parts to the story left, so lets hope this story goes out with a literal bang!

5 out of 5


After Kang showed up last issue and told the Avengers that they need to find a way to get to the future and stop their own children from destroying the future, the Avengers seek out whomever they can to help them create a time machine. Luckily, they get in contact with Marvel Boy who is now going by the name The Protector and ask him if he's able to create a time machine in which they can travel to the future to set things right. Protector agrees to help them but refuses Iron Man any usage of any Kree technology because he says that the world isn't ready for it and they would kill each other with it. Protector creates the time machine and they begin to view several different time lines in the future. If you know your Marvel futures, you can see the 2099 universe, Days of Future Past, Future Imperfect, The Avengers Next, Iron Man 2020, Spider-Girl's universe, The Age of Apocalypse, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Death's Head 2's universe.
They find the future they're supposed to go and fix, they witness Immortus get killed by their children and see that in doing so, something broke the time stream. Leaving behind the image of the Maestro from the Hulk's Future Imperfect future. As the team is about ready to get everything they need in order to go on this mission, none other than Wonder Man comes crashing through the machine and destroys everything and battles the team telling them that he told Steve Rogers "so". He fights the team to a stand still and really gives everyone a good beating when there's a flash of light and out of nowhere pops up Apocalypse and his horsemen who resemble to me: Wolverine, The Silver Samurai, Scarlet Witch and the Red Hulk. What does this all have to do with The Avengers kids? What does this all have to do with Kang and Immortus? What's Wonder Man's beef with the Avengers and potentially what they might do? Who knows but I can't wait to find out. The Avengers are back and better than ever!

5 out of 5


WOW! That's what I really have to say about this issue. It's amazing from start to finish. Writer J.T Krul sets up so many plots in this issue alone that I can't wait to see what he's got in store for the emerald archer. Ollie is now a fugitive and what better place for him to hide than in the newly grown forest that popped up after the events in "Justice League: Cry For Justice" and "Blackest Night". He's literally become Robin Hood of the 21st century.
Queen Industries has been sold off since Ollie's been outed as Green Arrow and the new owner of the company is an overly eccentric woman named Isabel Rochev, who has some mysterious ties to Ollie's father Patrick Queen.
After a press conference talking about what the Mayor and Police Commissioner are going to do to help the people of Star City after the tragic bombings due to Electrocutioner, The Police Commissioner gets stabbed and dies. He was a dirty cop anyways and many people had it out for him, especially Ollie since he was the one who took his mask off and outed him.
Ms. Roschev unveils to the Mayor her new addition to Queen Industries in the hopes of helping Star City in it's time of need...Queen Industries Police Force or as she puts it "Queen Industries Royal Guard".
Hal Jordan shows up to talk to Ollie about what's been going on and to talk about the forest that mysteriously popped up. He enters the forest and loses all his powers. He finds Ollie standing next to a tree with the White Lantern symbol on it.
What's going on? What's this forest got to do with Star City and all the people that died? Why did Hal lose his powers when he entered the forest? All questions that will be answered. This is my new favorite book and I'm sure it will be yours too.

5 out of 5

HULK #23

The question that's been on everyone's mind for the past two years is "WHO IS THE RED HULK?". Well, after last issue's shocking last page reveal, we finally know that General Thadeus Ross has been the Red Hulk.
Since The Hulk's creation all those years ago, General Ross has had a strong hatred for not only Bruce Banner but for his green alter ego The Hulk. He's longed for the power that The Hulk has. Growing up in a Military family and joining the Military himself, Ross has always longed to be the strongest. "Might makes right, that's the American way." Every time Ross would go up against the Hulk, he always lost. No matter what The Hulk always came out on top and made Ross look like a fool which in his mind made America look like a fool. Ross has gone to great lengths to destroy the Hulk and uphold his reputation. He released the Abomination in a failed attempt to kill him. Ross would again and again go to great lengths to destroy The Hulk and try to save face along with some how saving his daughter Betty. After losing her the first time, Ross was hellbent on killing The Hulk. When she returned, he sacrificed himself to save her. Time and again Ross would go toe to toe with the creature and fail miserably. The Leader at one point, would turn Ross into a weapon to defeat The Hulk, as always he failed. After the assassination of Captain America, Ross had finally had enough. He was approached by The Leader and M.O.D.O.K with a plan that would finally rid the world of The Hulk and make Ross the hero he thought he was destined to be. During the events of "WORLD WAR HULK", The Hulk was blasted with the Catharsis Ray, which drained him of his powers, just enough for him to be brought into captivity. Little did everyone know that this same ray retained that energy and it would be used to power up Ross turning him into The Red Hulk. A life model decoy would replace him in the world as he would do The Intellligencia's bidding in return for the chance to finally kill The Hulk.
His first mission was to get revenge on The Abomination for failing him so many years ago, The second mission was to get a base for The Intelligencia. After going head on with The Hulk and losing, Ross was taunted by an L.M.D of himself with M.O.D.O.K's voice telling him he was a failure. This sparked him to turn against his former allies and to align himself with the one person he hated more than The Hulk, Bruce Banner.
Now on a mission to stop The Leader and his gang, The Red Hulk has taken out M.O.D.O.K, left The Leader a simple man once again and destroyed their L.M.D of Glenn Talbot on national t.v., letting the world know that he's in charge now.
This issue was amazing, with so much back story and insight into General Ross, it couldn't have been better. The story was awesome and the cast of artists was incredible. The next chapter in the story of The Hulk and company is going to be ridiculous.

5 out of 5

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