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Happy Belated Father's Day to all the dads out there. I hope everyone enjoyed the Plastic Farm signing on Saturday. I, myself couldn't make it but I heard nothing but good things about it. Also, Happy Summer everyone. I really hate the summer because I hate the heat but I love going in the pool and enjoying BBQ's with friends and family. This weeks books was pretty awesome to say the least. Not only did The Hulk return this week but Avengers Mansion is back and Luke Cage moved in.
Let's get to it.. I've got something to say!


This storyline just gets better and better as it goes along. The X-Men are trapped behind the dome that Bastion unleashed and are facing off against wave after wave of Nimrod Sentinels. Cable and X-Force are literally killing their way to the source of The Sentinel army and Hope and Rogue join the rest of their mutant brothers and sisters in fighting back possible extinction.
On Utopia, Scott and Emma are doing their best to coordinate whoever they can to attempt to put a dent in the onslaught of Sentinels making their way through the wormhole from the future as more and more waves come through. Colossus and company are taking a beating, literally and it gets to the point that all hope seems lost. Seeing Colossus have his arm broken while in his steel form really gives us readers the sense that this is no joke and if something doesn't turn the tide soon, extinction is closer than we think.
Hope stormed off after watching Cable get sent into the future on a suicide run. Cyclops sends Rogue after her because the two share a connection after Hope seemingly wiped out all of Rogues extra personalities during "Messiah Complex". The two girls talk and again, Hope shows how she is just a girl inside of a soldiers body. A quick pep talk and the two get ready to join the rest of the team on the Golden Gate bridge.
In the future, Cable and X-force kill their way to the Sentinel Hub where they see thousands of Sentinels getting sent into the past. Their objective is to kill Master Mold and destroy the wormhole on this side. My favorite part of this issue was when the team sees the infamous DAYS OF FUTURE PAST "dead or apprehended" wall on which all of them and the rest of the X-Men are all dead. Seeing this really gives the sense that they are on a suicide mission and no matter what at some point they are all going to die if they don't do something about it now.
I cant wait for the next part because eventually we're going to see Hope either fail or succeed as the Mutant Messiah.
At this point, if you're not reading this storyline then I strongly suggest you get down to the store and do some serious catching up. This story will have serious ramifications on the future of the Mutant species and the X-Men as a whole.

5 out of 5


Rounding out the tidal wave of "new" Avengers books, this week we got the final book, The New Avengers. Steve Rogers asks Luke Cage to head up his own team of Avengers because he feels that Luke has stepped up not only as a hero but as a leader since Steve was assassinated. At first Luke isn't interested but after a little incentive he takes the position and begins to fill his roster. Luke not only gets his own team of Avengers but he also gets the AVENGERS MANSION! He buys it from Tony Stark for a dollar. Luke, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones begin to move in when they are threatened at gun point by Victoria Hand, whom Steve has appointed as their liaison. After smacking her, she leaves and Luke gets a note from Steve asking him to take her in and give her a second chance. Luke then begins recruiting for his new team of Avengers. On the roster we have Luke, Jessica, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Wolverine and rounding out the team none other than The Thing.
All the while behind the scenes, something is trying to break through to our dimension and is seeking out the Eye Of Amagotto. Taking over Stephen Strange, Damion Hellstorm and Dr. Voodoo.
In the middle of talking in the Mansion, The Eye Of Amagotto shows up out of nowhere and then Dr. Strange, Hellstorm and Dr. Voodoo show up but they aren't themselves. They've been possessed by whatever force is trying to take over.
I'm so excited about this book. It's like being a kid all over again and reading the Avengers for the first time. With each page, I got chills and goosebumps. Out of all the Avengers titles I think everyone should be reading this and if you're not then your a fool plain and simple.

5 out of 5


Everyone's favorite Disney Caped Crusader finally makes his way into the comics medium. Drake Mallard has since retired as St. Canard's masked avenger, Darkwing Duck and is now working for Quackwerks, a security company that developed crimebots that basically replaced the police force. Throughout the issue, Drake has many flashbacks to his time as Darkwing because he's miserable with the life he leads now. St. Canard hasn't seen any Super Villains in five years time which means there is no need for Darkwing Duck. In his office none other than MegaVolt, now reformed and working for Quackwerks is Drake's cubical partner. Launchpad is no where to be found other than in flashbacks and as always Gosalyn is causing trouble at her school. A strange memo keeps Megavolt after work where he's kidnapped by his fellow Super Villains, Bushroot, The Liquidator and Quackerjack. They inform him that it's time to get back to work. Back at the Mallard house, Crimebots come crashing in, looking for Honker for downloading music. Gosalyn thinks this is the perfect time for Darkwing Duck to make his re-appearance.
I was a big fan of the cartoon as a kid and to see Darkwing Duck back in action brings back so many memories of running home from school and being glued to the television. Everyone should be reading this book. It's fun, exciting and laugh out loud funny. Thankfully, Boom Studios!, decided to turn this book from a four issue miniseries into an ongoing. Get your copy now before they fly off the shelf.

5 out of 5


It's been well over a year since The Red Hulk drained Bruce Banner of all of his Gamma radiation and prevented him from turning into his green alter ego The Hulk. This issue marks his triumphant return to comics, not only do we learn about how Betty Ross got transformed into the Red Hulk but we also see Bruce absorb all the Gamma radiation out of all the Hulked Out Heroes and the Hulked Out A.I.M soldiers. Freeing Hank Pym, Hank McCoy, Reed Richards, T'challa and the other abducted heroes, they along with Doc Samson help Bruce reverse the process of the Cathexis Ray. Battling the Leader and M.O.D.O.K and winning, the heroes reverse engineer the Ray to absorb all the Gamma radiation. In doing so they overload the system and an explosion is immanent. Bruce being the crazy hero that he is jumps into the ray and begins absorbing the radiation into himself trying to stop the machinery from overloading. Doc Samson in a last ditch effort to help Bruce does the same but unfortunately meets his own demise.
The stage has now been set as The Hulk has returned and Skaar is looking to settle the score finally. Next issue is going to be nothing short of epic on every scale. The Intelligencia defeated, The Hulk returned and the identities of the Red Hulks revealed, this book is going to burn your finger tips it's going to be so HOT!

5 out of 5


Things are really heating up in this book now. Hawkman and Hawkwoman travel through the gateway of their bones reliving each and every incarnation of their lives, ending up on the other side in a strange land known to us as Hawk World. Ronnie Raymond is attacked by Jason's dead girlfriend and is covered in salt after she disappears. If you remember, Black Lantern Firestorm turned her into salt when he killed her during "Blackest Night". Some fisherman are out on a boat when they are attacked by some Atlantean's but who could they possibly be and what ramifications do they have for Aquaman and Mera?
The white ring brings Deadman to Dove where he explains what he knows is going on so far and asks for her help. At the same time, Hawk shows up because he senses Dove is in trouble. After a quick fight, the three make their way to Hawk's brother's grave, Donald Hall the original Dove. If you remember during "Blackest Night", a black ring hovered over Donald's grave calling out to him but never resurrecting him. What secrets does he hold and what do it have to do with the White ring and the White Lantern Corps?
This book is heating up like I said and I for one cannot wait to see what Geoff Johns and company have in store for these recently resurrected characters. We haven't even seen what Captain Boomerang is up to and unless your reading "Titans" you have no idea that Osiris is working for Deathstroke in an attempt to help return his sister Isis and Black Adam to the land of the living.
This book is awesome and just like "Blackest Night", this book kicks your ass every issue.

5 out of 5

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