Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Gaming Goodness!!

For those of you NOT following the goings on at E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo going on in LA this week)you may have missed out on the news that Microsoft is releasing a new version of the X-Box 360. The smaller, shinier Xbox 360 has built in WiFi, 5 USB ports, 250 GB, touch controls, and retails for $299. Best of all, it is already on it’s way to stores!

In fact there is a lot of good news related to the new, slimmer X-Box. Reports are that Microsoft has solved the heating issues that have plagued the console from the earliest days and made the term “Red Ring Of Death” THE most dreaded phrase in gaming history. I, myself, have had my X-Box repaired THREE times because of the RROD issue so this is great news.

Another issue that goes under the heading of SOLVED is the noise the darned thing makes. As any X-Box user knows, when you boot it up the unit sounds somewhat like a Saturn 5 rocket at lift-off! Well, Gizmodo reports, “We did turn on the Xbox (touch with audio feedback when you press!), and it sounded very quiet. Almost silent in the somewhat noisy room, but this is just at bootup, with no DVD spinning and nothing really happening.

Still the new unit IS much quieter AND the huge power brick has been reduced in size as well.
Also the new motion sensor, Kennect controller will not need and external power source with the new console (though it will with the older X-Box consoles).

And there is still MORE good news! If you want to buy an X-Box Elite, Limited Edition, or Arcade console, you are going to find that THEY have been slashed by a cook Fifty Bucks! Not bad for a back up unit!

With my Elite slowly wheezing it’s way to a final demise, I for one plan to grab a new console in the very near future!

That’s 30!


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