Monday, June 14, 2010


What up world!
Another week goes by and damn was it good, not only was this a pretty awesome week in comics but The World Cup started this week and True Blood season 3 started up on Sunday!
Plenty to talk about so here we go!


Even with all the new Avengers books coming out, I've really been looking forward to this book. It's the perfect combination of Young Avengers, Runaways and honest to god teen angst. This book is centered around Aranya and Nomad, these two young ladies are finally coming into their own after battling back the Secret Empire in the backup stories in recent issues of Captain America. The two girls are swinging around the city when an attack draws their attention to Midtown Manhattan. They aren't the only one's to heed the call of every super hero. Gravity, Firestar and a brand new hero by the name of Toro are also drawn to the fight against none other than the unknown children of some notorious villains callings themselves The Bastards Of Evil.
Everything about this issue was great. The story is very quick paced but isn't rushed along. Writer Sean McKeever delivers a little history on the new guy Toro and how this small child can transform into a Bull / Man half breed and at the end of the issue there's a guide to reading up on all the young heroes.
It's great to see things come full circle since Civil War and with the Heroic Age in full swing things are looking up even if something major were to happen which is the case at the end of this particular issue. Do yourself a favor and make sure you add this book to your pull list and stat!

5 out of 5


I've been talking to people about this book for YEARS and finally it's made it's way to Image where hopefully it will get more mainstream attention than at it's previous publisher Devil's Due.
Writer and Creator Tim Seeley along with artist Daniel Leister delve head first into the tragic events that sent innocent Cassandra Hack from quiet school girl to Slasher Killer.
This issue shows Cassie's not so secret origin as she kills her mother "The Lunch Lady" and saves some of the girls from her school only to be ridiculed and secretly blamed for these tragic murders. Cassie does what most people would love to do; She fights back and hard. She comes to the conclusion that no matter how much pain she's in physically or emotionally that she now has a mission and she's going to fight and kill every slasher she comes against.
I do believe this is the start of the new series of Hack / Slash at Image but even if it's not and it's a mini series leading up to the Third installment of the book, do yourself a serious favor and get this book. I promise you will not be disappointed at all. In fact you may find just like I and many others did that this book will become the top of your pile every month.

5 out of 5


This book was so worth the wait and totally not what I thought it was going to be. The Heroic Age being in full effect, The Avengers are now taking all the recruits that Norman Osborn kidnapped and experimented on and are trying to shape them into the future of The Avengers and heroes in general.
Justice, Henry Pym, Tigra, Quicksilver and Speedball are the teachers for the new generation of heroes at the Avengers Academy where we're introduced to the new students: Finesse, Mettle, Striker, Hazmat and Veil along with Reptil.
These young teens have all been taken from their homes and their dormant superpowers have been kicked into high gear by none other than Norman Osborn himself. In doing so Osborn also forced them all to have to learn and deal with their new found powers quickly with little to no training.
The main focus of this book is that they don't want these kids falling in with the wrong crowd because of their power sets, each one of them could at any given time turn sides and become a greater threat than a help. That's the secret the teachers keep from the kids until they snoop around and find out for themselves.
I was expecting something more along the lines of Avengers: The Initiative but as you read this issue you come to realize that centering on a smaller group of characters and having more of a reason to do so makes more sense and it makes it easier for us readers to follow than to have to remember 20 different new characters names and stories all at once.
Christos Gage and Mike McKone do an amazing job on this book so far and I cannot wait to see what they've got in store for us!

5 out of 5


Chapter 10 of the "Second Coming" storyline and things are on fire! Literally. Bastion's force field is holding in everyone from Utopia and San Fransisco and holding out The combined forces of The Avengers, The Fantastic Four and The X-Club. Meanwhile, X-Force makes their way to the "Days of Future Past" future on their suicide mission to stop Bastion's army of Nimrod Sentinels from continuing their way into the past and head first into the X-Men battling back the tide on The Golden Gate Bridge. Hope has a serious fight with Cyclops about sending Cable into the future knowing damn well that he only had one jump left in his time jumper and no way back. This story line just gets better and better. The outcome will truly be nothing short of epic. Being a really big fan of the future time lines seeing the giant wall of wanted posters with all the dead mutants on them gave me a serious chill. I cannot wait to see what happens next to X-Force in the future..Do they succeed or are they all killed? We'll all just have to wait and see. My real question is when are we going to see Hope actually do something other than sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone around her dies or disappears.

5 out of 5


Magik got sent to Hell and a team has been sent after her. The X-Men are in dire need of a teleporter since Bastion had them all taken out or taken off the playing field. Now on a mission to locate and retrieve Magik; Pixie, Cannoball, Anole, Gambit, Dazzler, Northstar and Trance are literally fighting back Hell itself as they search for their missing team mate. While everyone is coping with their current situation, Gambit turns into his horseman persona Death and somehow turns on his team mates and begins recruiting them for whatever cause he's suddenly got. Things are not looking good for the group and if something doesn't happen soon they'll all be stuck in Hell and who knows what will happen then. This book is really weird and very quick. This mini being only three issues long, things need to move fast and they do but at times you're almost lost as to what the hells going on. It's not only disorienting for the characters but also for the reader as well. I hope in all the rush, that this story doesn't get lost in the grand scheme of things and actual parts such as Gambit losing his friggin mind play out in the long run of the story.

3 out of 5

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