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Another week and another dollar spent...or not? This week I'd like to address something I watched at the store on Wednesday.
Not only is Comic Book Jones everyone's favorite hangout spot and your local comic shop but it's also Socko's dream come true and everyone that works there's livelihood.
Every time you spend money in there it goes to help pay for something. Whether it be the electricity or the weeks books, every dollar this store makes goes right back into itself. My point is, some asshole decided it was a good idea to STEAL from them. He got a fraction of what we all would've liked him to get. Without getting all preachy and sentimental, Don't ever think about stealing from Comic Book Jones because if you do, you will get caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent and on top of that you might find yourself in dire need of a new face because if not one of them, one of us, their friends, family and loyal customers might be right behind you ready to beat the living crap out of you. This place means so much to so many. Don't even try to F_ _ K with it. The end!

now with that said, this week was kinda small but pretty awesome regardless.


If you've been living under a a rock or just completely ignoring The Guardians of the galaxy and Nova for the past three years then you know this is the book to be reading right now.
From Annihilation to now, everything has been set so that this story can happen. Abnett and Lanning are master wordsmiths and have completely revitalized the galactic side of the Marvel Universe. This book is nothing short of amazing. Recently during the "Realm of Kings" story line, a fault line was opened up in the universe after Vulcan and Black Bolt fought to the death and detonated a gene bomb. The bomb opened a rift in the universe which leads to another world exactly like our own except death doesn't exist and all of our heroes have become demonic versions of themselves led by none other than Captain Marvel.
With the fault line open, this Cancerverse is making it's way into our world and trying clear the way so that it has room for none other than all the alternate versions of everyone we know and love...doesn't this sound like "The Infinity War", where doppelganger versions of everyone fought their 616 counterparts? yes it does except this time around Thanos isn't trying to get the Infinity Gauntlet, he's the avatar of death and everyone's gunning for him. Luckily for our heroes they have him in custody and are about to bring him to the Cancerverse to attempt to stop everything at the source
This story has been building for three years and with minor similarities to older cosmic stories aside, it's pretty damn good. Do yourself a favor if you've been sleeping on the Cosmic Marvel Universe, then go pick up "Annihilation Vol. 1 HC" and I promise you'll be hooked and burning through everything to get to this mini series.

4 out of 5


I'll be honest, out of all the new Avengers titles coming out, I was pretty excited to read this one because I wanted to see exactly how bad the rift between Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers had become since Thor's apparent death in "Disassembled".
Both Steve Rogers and Iron Man attempted to help Thor battle back the oncoming of Ragnarok but ultimately were sent back to Midgard aka Earth because Thor knew that eventually everyone would die because that is the cycle the Asgardians must make.
During the aftermath of Civil War, Thor was reborn into this world and Steve Rogers was dead. Iron Man asked Thor if he wanted in on what he was doing and then when Thor declined, he threatened him. Iron Man doesn't remember anything he's done because of the events in "America's Most Wanted". This sets the stage for these characters to try and make amends with one another.
These three heroes haven't been together in a long time and to finally see them all together is exciting.
That part was excellent about this book, the thing I really didn't like was that due to the damage caused by Norman Osborn and the fall of Asgard. The Rainbow bridge which was a pathway to the Nine Worlds was damaged. All three heroes were talking about how to help Thor deal with it and what they could do when they're whisked away to different Asgardian worlds and are forced to again be in some kind of conflict other than the problem at hand which is repairing their fractured society.
Another reason why I really didn't care for this story (so far) is because it doesn't fall in line with anything else. If it had come out and finished before the launch of ANY of the new Avengers books it would have been great but the fact is it didn't.
Overall not a bad issue but just really bad timing.

3 out of 5


Slowly but surely the mystery is unraveling around why 12 specific people were brought back after "Blackest Night". We see some serious interaction between the White ring and Deadman as he faces off against The Anti Monitor. Ronnie and Jason are in the hospital after the explosion where The Atom split the two apart from the Firestorm matrix. Aquaman and Mera's part in this issue is probably the best part. They're standing on a beach and Aquaman's trying to call out to the sea creatures and continues to call upon UNDEAD sea life. He's the first out of everyone who, after this decides to start figuring out what really is going on. Martian Manhunter follows the trail and sees that he's not the only Martian that made it through to Earth. Hawkman and Hawkgirl see what Hath Set wanted with them remains. He created some kind of doorway with the bones of each and every lifetime they've lived.
This book is good. Hands down. I just cant wait for something big to happen already though. It's a great paced book.

4 out of 5


This book is awesome! So we all know that in between Crisis on Infinite earths and Infinite Crisis that because Earth 2 Superman made a break in the shell that encased them off from the rest of the earths that some people were able to elude death. Jason Todd is one of those people who shortly after his death came back and clawed his way out of the grave. This story pretty much picks up from that point and divulges how Talia Al Ghul finds Jason catatonic after escaping a mental hospital and brings him back to the League Of Assassins. He's completely out of it but can defend himself when attacked almost like a second instinct. Ra's Al Ghul wants nothing to do with Jason other than finding out how he cheated death and just deals with him because of his daughter's infatuation with Batman. He tells Talia that she has to get rid of him. She does the opposite. She dumps him in one of the Lazarus Pits. This story should have come out a long time ago but finally after the long wait we can finally see what happened between his apparent death and now. Jason Todd has been a really cool character since his return and turn to the dark side and I think this has something big to do with Bruce Wayne coming back. Definitely check this book out!

5 out of 5


It's about time Hawkeye got his own book again and this time he brought Mockingbird. This is another great book mixing Superheroes and Spies. Hawkeye and Mockingbird own and work for their own unit called The World Counterterrorism Agency, W.C.A for short. It's a mix of ex S.H.I.E.L.D members and the armed forces and of course everyone's favorite spy to hate Dominic Fortune. There is so much going on in this book at once it's like a remember the 80's super flash back. Years ago, Mockingbird was raped and drugged by the Phantom Rider and now his ancestor has mysteriously showed up. Someone else from Hawkeye and Mockingbird's past as well Crossfire. I know your probably going who? what happened? well Marvel decided to give you a history lesson in the end of the issue by going over the couples lives.
This book is awesome and everyone should read it! period! tell your friends!

5 out of 5

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