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Another exciting week in comics. I'm not going to ramble on like I usually do.. This is what I had to say about this weeks books.


I really liked this issue. The whole point in a nutshell was Spidey and Ms. Marvel fighting Mac Gargan / Venom as he rampages through Asgard and Broxton. Not only does Ms. Marvel get taken over by the alien symbiote and taken for a ride in her own body but the symbiote reveals to Spider-man that Ms. Marvel has feelings for him. This stems from the short high schoolish courting they had in the pages of Ms. Marvel. Brian Reed wrote this issue and he also wrote the Ms. Marvel series.
As far as this issue really having anything to do with "Siege", that's where the issue falters, having only the background location and Venom eating a few Asgardians, that was the only real tie-in to anything involving SIEGE.
Honestly, this should have been a Ms. Marvel SIEGE book because in my opinion, she was the main attraction, not Spider-man.
Brian Reed did a nice job of tying up the loose ends between Ms. Marvel and Spider-man in this one shot stemming from Ms. Marvel's series. He also tied in the "DARK REIGN: Spider-Man" mini, where Venom posing as Spider-man harassed JJJ and even ate squirrels.
In short it was a way for Brian Reed to tie up all his loose ends but as far as Siege goes, this really didn't do anything for the overall story.

3 out of 5

DV8 Gods and Monsters #1

I was really looking forward to this book when I heard it was being done by Brian Wood. I'm a really big fan of the original series from the 90's. Although I'm upset that it's not being done by the original team of Warren Ellis and Humberto Ramos, Wood would be my next best choice for these characters.
However, I've read this issue three times and I still don't understand what's going on. The original story was about a group of teens who had the Gen Factor and had powers. They were taken in and originally intended for the government to use and abuse when Bliss and Threshold took them and used the team for their own twisted needs as mercenaries. The book was pretty much sex, drugs and powers.
This story so far drops the team in a "Northlanderish" world where the teens are worshiped as gods while Gem aka Copycat is debriefed about what happened to the team in this world by some unknown person or persons.
I understand that since being brought over to DC when Jim Lee sold his WILDSTORM characters that nothing from the previous series would carry over or be the same. I understand that most people may not even remember these characters and it's easier to give them a fresh start and fresh faces but I don't get why they couldn't just keep the characters in the same vein. This team was a team of misfits and killers hence the name DV8 or Deviants. These kids are supposed to be straight up crazy killers who were supposed to be polar opposites of the other teen team GEN 13.
This is only the first issue and I'm curious to see what Brian Wood has in store. If you've never read the Warren Ellis / Humberto Ramos run on the book, the trade paper back is available and I highly recommend it.

3 out of 5

X-Men Legacy #235

Part Four of the Thirteen part saga "Second Coming" and things are really making some serious headway in the story. In Cameron Hodge's manufacturing plant, The New Mutants are literally fighting for their lives. Karma's leg has been cut off by Hodge and he's really kicking the crap out of the rest of the team. Cyclops gave the kill order and Cannonball realizes that it really is do or die.
While that is going on, Cable and Hope are still on the run from The Purifiers and can't figure out how they keep tracking them down. Little do they know that Bastion with the help of the Techno-Organic Virus can pinpoint Cable anywhere, anytime.
The X-Men realize this after Bastion shuts down Cerebra with a psychic shockwave and the teams are now basically blind.
They finally catch up to Cable and explain what's going on. He has one option and that's to put Hope in the care of Rogue who absorbed Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Archangel and Psylocke's powers.
Back at the weapons plant, Cypher realizes how to stop Cameron Hodge once and for all and he needs Warlock to do something he never thought he'd ask his friend.. He needs Warlock to infect Hodge and kill him otherwise they're all going to die at his hands.
With Hodge out of the way and Cerebra down, this story just gets better and better as it goes.
I'm really glad that Marvel is taking the necessary steps as far as the X-Men go to really out do any other storyline with this one. The fact that even now The New Mutants realize that in times of war death is a necessity just goes to show that "Second Coming" is totally revamping the entire scope of just how far Mutants, no matter hero or villain are willing to go to survive as a species. The X-Men have been getting their asses handed to them for so long and not willing to cross that line of willingly killing the enemy finally being blurred is outstanding. They understand that if they hope to survive and continue as a species and as a team they are going to have to go to measures they never dreamed they would. Wolverine and X-Force aren't the only killers anymore.

5 out of 5


Where has Jennifer Walters been since "Incredible Hulk #600" you ask, well, she's been in the captivity of The Leader and M.O.D.O.K aboard the decommissioned S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier The Red Hulk brought down in "Hulk #2".
Lyra, Titana and Hulk's daughter from a possible future reveals that she became part of The Frightful Four so that she could locate and save her friend She-Hulk.
Bruce Banner however, persuades her not to jump the gun and let his plan play out before she makes her move.
For the most part, this issue is all about Lyra explaining to Jen how she was kidnapped, what happened while she's been The Intelligencia's prisoner and why she's been doing what she's doing.
Just as you thought things were safe, who shows up but none other than The Red She-Hulk. The last time Jen fought her (in a simulation), she killed her so next issue should be a great fight.
Not a bad issue, not a great issue but it's nice to finally have the REAL She-Hulk join the fight.

3 out of 5


Picking up the pieces and cleaning up the devastation in the aftermath of "Blackest Night", Hal Jordan and The New Guardians deal with life after everything that's happened.
In the lost sector on the planet Ryut, some mysterious figure has Parallax chained to some kind of statue with the Yellow Lantern symbol on it, around him are other statues with the rest of the different Corps insignia's on them. What does this mean and what is going to happen?
Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris are in a bar talking about the events that just past. They hop in their jets and fly around when they are "attacked" by Sinestro, who explains a White Lantern has shown up and they need to figure out why and for what.
Lex Luthor is attacked in his lab as he's studying some remains of a Black Lantern by Larfleeze who wants more of everything Earth has to offer. At first, Lex says that power is what Larfleeze seeks, then he suggests Larfleeze needs land.
Saint Walker and The Flash are helping clean up a cemetary, where Saint Walker is praying for the dead and their desecrated graves.
Meanwhile on Ysmault, Atrocitus is talking to Ganthet and Guy Gardner about something having to do with Earth and something about betraying Hal Jordan and destroying the Green Lantern Corps once and for all.
Geoff Johns continues the best book in comics today. You have to know at this point that Blackest Night didn't answer everything and that there's still so much more to be revealed. I can't wait and I know you can't either.

5 out of 5

and with that said, That's all folks.

On a side note, I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my fiance. I commissioned my awesome friend Ms. Lauren Monardo to do a picture of me and the Mrs. as our nicknames. I thought I'd share it with you all because it's so awesome. If you like it, feel free to hit up Lauren on Facebook or in the forums. She will hook you up with some AMAZING WORK!!


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