Friday, April 23, 2010



The most fun day of the year is only a week away! Join us at the store on Saturday, May 1st for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! For those of you unfamiliar with FCBD, let me put it into perspective for you. Every major publisher releases a book or two for free, absolutely no cost to you! Just come down to the store and pick out what you want. There will be a limited amount of books per customer and only until supplies last. First come, first served. In addition we will have a few creators down at the store to sign books (including some done for Free Comic Book Day) and do some sketches for you! Included are some of the guys from Zuda Comics, DC's awesome web comic hub! Here's the lineup:
  • Evan Dorkin (Dork, Milk & Cheese, Simpsons)
  • Steve Ellis (High Moon, Zuda Comics)
  • David Gallaher (High Moon, Zuda Comics)
  • Lauren Monardo (Det. Ham & Eggs, Chip & Ding Dong)
  • The Timony Twins (Night Owls, Zuda Comics)
What? Free comics and tons of creators aren't good enough for you? Fine, on top of all this there will be a 10% discount on everything in the store throughout the entire day! Be sure not to miss this once a year event that everyone will be talking about.

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