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Not too much to talk about this week. Books were kinda light and kinda lackluster.

so on with the show we go!

S.H.I.E.L.D #1

"This is not how the world ends." is the tagline to this new series by Fantastic Four scribe Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver. Taking important historical scientists from throughout time and banning them all together as unknown members of the greater organization, SHIELD.

The story is a mix of flash backs into history as The Order Of The Shield is created and we see just how it all begins.
The main character of this first issue and potentially the series is Leonid circa NYC 1953, he is picked up by SHIELD agents and brought to Rome where the underground city that houses SHIELD is. Leonid is a strange character because he seems to be some copy of the Beyonder or possibly a younger version.
Leonid is brought up to speed by the elders and informed about SHIELD, it's creation and it's overall purpose, which in short is to save the world.

The book bounces around during different time periods showing just what SHIELD and it's cast have had to endure during the years, from Imhotep battling back the invasion of the Brood to Leonardo DiVinci fighting off Galactus devouring the planet.

Jonathan Hickman is very well versed in his Marvel history and this book is his literary homage to many years of being a loyal Marvel fan come to fruition. In using great figures in science to battle back the onslaught of death and destruction the earth has fared since the dawning of time, it also links this book to another big book that Hickman writes; The Fantastic Four.
Dustin Weaver does an excellent job bringing Hickman's expansive worlds to life. The splash page of Imhotep fighting atop the Brood horde is amazing.

In short this could potentially be your new favorite book!

5 out of 5


I'll be totally honest with you, when I saw this book was coming out I was excited because I thought there was going to be a story inside of a story. I thought that somewhere in the first meeting of the Avengers, that something was lost and never told, some big secret that this book was going to reveal and share to serve some higher purpose....

Sadly that isn't the case at all. This book is a bastardized modernization of the original meeting of the Avengers. Everything is basically the same, Loki uses the Hulk to draw out the Avengers, Rick Jones tries to send a message to the FF for help in dealing with him and Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Antman all meet up to fight the Hulk. Yes it's a great story but it sucks when this is supposed to be 1963 and Iron Man is telling his armor to download information. I'm sorry I just think certain stories and meetings shouldn't be remade or retold, this being one of them.

Like I said it's 1963 and everyone is using computers, and texting or talking about some technology that didn't exist in this time period. For whatever reason Marvel has for allowing Joe Casey to modernize this story, I for one don't like it.

It's a great jumping on point for new readers sure, but for die hard fans it's almost a slap in the face because does it carry over into the real Marvel U? or is this just another way to grab people's attention towards the Avengers and give new readers a jumping on point? If that's the case then sorry but grab a Masterwork or an Essential and read the stories as they were told by STAN LEE AND JACK KIRBY. I'm sure Jack Kirby is turning over in his grave.

1 out of 5


Another book to come out this week with a high hope and potential of what's to come but alas another EPIC FAILURE!
Rob Liefeld did create Deadpool sure, but, he shouldn't be allowed to draw anything ever. This book is marred by bad artwork along with a terrible storyline and sad to say bad characters. The typical funny laugh out loud Deadpool is crushed by the many versions of Deadpool's walking around. Victor Gischler writes Merc With A Mouth and it's really funny and enjoyable to read yet this book is so weighed down by the fact that you have five different Deadpools all dropping the funny at the same time it's almost not funny and made me cringe as I forced myself to read the rest of the book.

The story is almost non-existent. Deadpool and Deadpools are tasked with saving the universe from some unknown threat by the Contemplator.

The artwork and story are enough to keep even the bravest or stupidest reader away but if you're a Deadpool fan, I guess you've got to check it out but don't say I didn't warn you.

1 out of 5


Yet another book that had a lot of potential and HUGE hopes drops the ball big time. After everything that's happened up until this point has been amazing. Parker, Loeb, Pak and company have been doing an amazing job of revitalizing the Hulk and his cast of characters. After the last issues of Incredible Hulk and Hulk, with the Intelligencia setting off their Gamma Ray and turning The New Avengers, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four into Hulked out versions of themselves, this issue had some big shoes to fill.
Sadly it fails.
This issue is cut up into six separate stories that are all back stories that aren't very necessary to tell and fall back instead of moving forward in the grand scheme of things.
I was kind of disappointed with this book but there's always the next issue of many Hulk books that grace the shelves right now.

3 out of 5

Uncanny X-Men #523

Picking up from last weeks one-shot, this issue is explosive and fast paced from the get go. Cable and Hope are on the run from the Human League, while Cyclops and the X-Men try to make it to them before something happens.
A lot going on in such a short amount of space. Cyclops makes the big reveal to Nightcrawler about Wolverine and X-Force but in the same sentence tells him to "Stay focused on the mission at hand."
Matt Fraction does an excellent job of keeping the issue moving along at a fast pace but still taking the characters and the story itself slow so nothing gets left out.
It's nice to see a different writer handle Hope in a different light. Duane Swierczynski wrote Hope as a soldier in a child's body, where as Matt Fraction writes her the other way around, a child in a soldier's body. She has no clue as to how important she really is.
This is just the beginning to a real ride I'm sure. Any fan of X-Men has been dying for this story since Messiah Complex. If you've been looking for a good jumping on point, this story is perfect for new readers.

5 out of 5

and that's all for me folks!


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