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Busy week this week in comics and at Comic Book Jones. Wednesday had some pretty serious books hit the shelf and Dennis Calero dropped by and hung out. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to meet him but from what I heard from the guys, he was a really cool guy. Hopefully, he comes back again and I'll get to see him then.
Thursday was the KICK-ASS Tailgate and 12am showing of the movie. Again, something I missed out on and I truly do kick myself in the ass for missing it. I heard it was a smash and everyone had a great time.

So, this weeks books were pretty heavy, Brightest Day, The Flash and Iron Man Legacy all debuted this week. The third chapter in the new X-Event, "Second Coming" came out along with three new one-shots focusing on different characters in Asgard during "SIEGE" and a tie into "World War Hulks".


Following on the still cooling heels of "Blackest Night", comes "Brightest Day". After the events of Blackest Night, this issue reintroduces twelve characters who have died and are now being re-acclimated with their former friends, family and lovers. Dead-man now just plain old Boston Brand plays the role of our tour guide as he checks in on the twelve returned heroes and villains and see's the potential roles they may come to play.
Geoff Johns wrote this next chapter in the DC universe and does an excellent job of jumping off Blackest Night and gunning right into Brightest Day.
Overall this issue lights the match for the bon fire that is to come, each character's small story gives way to a greater whole, what that final outcome is, we don't know just yet but the ride is going to be fun.
I really liked the fact that they brought back Maxwell Lord and in his piece of the story, he hooks himself up to make the biggest use of his telepathic powers but to what end? What does Max Lord have up his sleeve that he's going to unleash later down the line? I for one am excited about that.
I'm really excited about this direction John's is taking the DCU and using Dead-Man as the tour guide is definitely a good pick but this almost has the feeling of the first issue of 52. Almost like Dead-Man is mirroring Booster Gold.
We'll see what happens.

5 out of 5


I'm all about the Young Avengers and any book with them is automatic gold with me..
Allan Heinberg is writing it.
I really didn't like the "Dark Reign: Young Avengers" mini and I really didn't care for this one shot either. I don't like how they keep writing these characters as unsure and overly teen angsty. Yes, I understand they're just teenagers that have been given special abilities and they've taken on the role of being the next generation of Avengers but with all the chaos and growing up they've had to do as a team and as individuals in such a short time between Civil War and now should really make for better usage of the characters. Patriot and Hawkeye are trapped under rubble trying to find a way out all the while bickering at each other which is really Patriot expressing his love for Hawkeye awkwardly, mean while, Hulkling and Wiccan are on what remains of Asgard looking for survivors and come across The Wrecking Crew looting the place.
I don't think this issue was really necessary other than showing how tied to Asgard Wiccan is with his father telling him stories about the Norse Gods as a kid and also being a magical hero who was supposed to be the Young Avengers version of Thor.
I wish they would integrate these kids into a book already and stop guest starring them in these mini's and one-shots. Get Allan Heinberg back in the writers chair and get to moving with issue #13 of YOUNG AVENGERS!

2 out of 5


Another book we could've done without. Both Bucky and Steve were on Asgard when the Sentry brought it crashing down. This issue not only deals with that but with Bucky feeling like he really doesn't deserve the mantle and the shield and thinks that Steve should take it back since in his mind Steve is and always will be Captain America.
This issue offers up nothing as far as adding anything to the story or breaking new ground with these characters. It's whole purpose was to create and talk about a conflict within a conflict, like I said, Bucky thinks Steve should be Cap and Steve thinks Bucky should be. In the end, they come to the conclusion that Bucky is going to continue being Captain America. Didn't we already establish this in the "Who will wield the shield" one shot?
Christos Gage is normally an awesome writer and usually does a great job but this time around he really didn't keep up his A game.
Anyways, this issue wasn't very good.

2 out of 5


Now this is what I'm talking about. This issue not only shows what Loki has been doing to Norman Osborn but also shows what he's been doing in the background while Asgard and it's inhabitants are being slaughtered. I don't want to tell you what happens because when you read it you're going to smile ear to ear. Keron Gillen does an awesome job of making this one shot worth buying. With characters like Loki, Dr. Doom, Norman Osborn, Hela and Mephisto involved, you know it's going to be something awesome.
This one shot not only adds to "SIEGE" but it also adds to Gillen's run on Thor before Matt Fraction takes over.
Absolutely Amazing!

5 out of 5


Picking up from last weeks Uncanny X-Men, this third chapter in the new X-over is really starting to take shape. The X-Men show up and save Cable and Hope from the purifiers only for them to make a run for it, while, The New Mutants are tasked with attacking a weapons manufacturing facility run by Cameron Hodge.
The game of cat and mouse is starting to take shape as Bastion and his army have begun to make their moves on Cable, Hope and The X-Men.
What I really find interesting is that characters are beginning to see what Cyclops has been training them for and how quick they're able to cross the line between not killing enemies to killing enemies. Not only do they see that they're not only fighting for themselves, they're fighting for the existence of their species.
The threat of genocide has really brought the X-books in general to a point where it's kill or be killed and I like it.
There are so many elements and moments in this issue that I really like and that stand out to me.
One being, how Nightcrawler is dealing with the fact that the X-Men went from peace keepers to assassins and killers. I don't think Kurt will stick around after everything is done knowing that his friends and team mates are killers and he's not.
I also like that the Purifiers used magic to send Magik to limbo. They're not just using guns and conventional warfare, they're adapting to the situation and the enemy, this really gives way to so many guns and weapons they can unleash on our mutant heroes.

5 out of 5


With the second movie less than a month away, Marvel capitalizes on Iron Man's popularity by dropping another monthly book. I really didn't care for this book and I don't think it was really necessary to make another monthly. This book takes place out of continuity somewhere along the line and deals with someone stealing Stark Iron Man tech for terrorist acts. It's along the same lines as "The Armor Wars", "The Armor Wars 2" and most recently Matt Fraction's story with Obadiah Stane's son stealing Stark Tech in "The Invincible Iron Man" monthly.
With all that's going on in the Marvel Universe and the deconstruction and the rebuilding of Iron Man and the Avengers going on, this story seems to get lost by the way side.
Fans of Iron Man will enjoy this book but I wouldn't look for it to really WOW anyone.

3 out of 5


Another book that stars Deadpool. After the Gamma Ray goes off and gives several super heroes "Hulked out powers", Deadpool is one of the recipients and becomes Hulkpool. He grabs his buddy Bob of A.I.M, heads to Thundra's secret hideout where she and RED Hulk hid Dr. Doom's time platform and has Bob send him back in time to kill Deadpool.
Deadpool get's sent back to 1717, where Ben Grimm was sent back by Dr. Doom way back in Fantastic Four and the two become pirates. They gallivant through time picking up Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur all in an attempt for Hulkpool to kill Deadpool.
Yes the book is funny but with so much Deadpool going around, it's overkill and I wish Marvel would get the idea and stop putting this character in every title and story they can squeeze him into.

4 out of 5


Spinning out of "Flash: Rebirth" and "Blackest Night", comes this new ongoing series staring Barry Allen as The Flash.
Barry has been gone a long time and tells everyone that he was in witness protection and get's his job back at the crime lab. Someone posing as Mirror Master was murdered and Barry is tasked with finding out what happened.
Geoff Johns brings back the element of Iris West playing a very crucial role in not only Barry's life as a police crime lab scientist but also as The Flash. Absent from this issue are the rest of the "Flash Family" but I'm sure they'll all show up as the book continues.
If you've never read The Flash before, this is a great jumping on point. For fans of The Flash, I don't think any of us will be unsatisfied.

5 out of 5

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