Sunday, July 19, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

I don't even want to waste your time yammering on about nothing..lets get into the books dagnabit!

Blackest Night #1

I've been thinking all week what I'm going to say about this book... I can't think of anything better than.. OH MY F_ _ KIN GOD!!! haha.. This book has been a year or so in the works and all us loyal Green Lantern fans have been eagerly awaiting it since the end of the Sinestro Corps War. The Black rings are distributed and the chaos ensues. If you love Zombies and want to see a new and creative way of the "Undead Medium" This is the book for you. My Girlfriend who has never read GL or any real superhero book in her life loved the book and can't wait for more. Do yourself a favor and get into this now before it sells out and you're that poor sap who missed out!

5 out of 5!!!

Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #1

Continuing Blackest Night, we get a glimpse into the different colors of the emotional spectrum and how key players got their respective rings. Awesome stories explaining who's who and how they got their rings. Everything Blackest Night has my approval thus far!

5 out of 5

Dark Avengers #7

This being the 3rd installment of the "Utopia" storyline things are starting to really take shape. Emma is begining to really see Norman Osborn for what he really is, Beast isn't doing to good, Daken is starting to be resented by his fellow "Dark Avengers" and Cyclops tells Osborn to SURRENDER!. AWESOME!

5 out of 5!

Deadpool #12

This issue got under my skin a little. The fact that Bullseye and Deadpool are pretty much evenly matched in battle is pretty basic knowledge, yet Daniel Way felt compelled to make Deadpool the winner in this fight between the two. The fact that it is Deadpool's book and it would suck for him to lose in his own title but the fact that Bullseye buys Deadpool out of killing him is really stupid. I'm sorry, Bullseye would've thrown a grain of sand in his brain or something to get out of losing the fight the way he did. As I said before this issue got under my skin when I finished it and yelled "Bull$%&@".

3 out of 5

Creepy Comics #1

Wow! This book had me from the first page to the last page. I really enjoyed every story and I'm mad that the next issue doesn't come out til October!.. Books like this are far and few between nowadays. This had the art, the story and UNCLE F'N CREEPY to keep the blood chilled.. hahaha. Fans of horror, good stories or something NEW / OLD that gave their parents a fright should go and get this now!

5 out of 5!!!

Now the books that I'm Jonesin' for this week!


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