Monday, July 6, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Happy Belated Birthday America! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend, now onto this weeks picks....

Greek Street #1

At the recommendation of Socko, I went and spent the whopping dollar for the first issue of this new Vertigo series. Peter Milligan takes the concept of the greek tragedies and gives them a modern day spin. To be honest if you don't know anything about greek mythology you're going to be kinda lost at first. It's a little confusing and isn't really a first issue setup like most books start out but non the less it's a really good read and with Davide Gianfelice's artwork, makes it stand out and force you to want to turn the page.
3 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #38

Goddamn!! Blackest Night is going to be the sickest storyline DC has given us since Crisis On Infinite Earths. In this issue we find The Green Lantern Battery destroyed on Oa, The Corps in shambles spread throughout the galaxy fighting Red and Yellow Lanterns and The Alpha Lanterns executing the escaped prisoners from the science cells (which is how the Black Lantern's are going to have a massive army...) Damn! I cannot wait for the actually series to come out already. Geoff Johns is killing it over in GL and Peter Tomasi is doing just as well with the GLC. Get these lead-up issues now before they become impossible to find and you're left out in the cold!
5 out of 5!!

Justice League Cry For Justice #1

Series like this, be it a mini or a maxi usually don't go over well because they have a sense of out of continuity storylines. This book being the case in point. We find the League on the Watchtower talking with Hal Jordan (who is nowhere near the Watchtower or the League in GL) about how things have changed and how Hal feels that the League should be taking a proactive stance as opposed to just sitting around for the bad guys to start trouble. Hal brings up a lot of good points about how they just seem to always sit around and wait for something to happen and look what happens..they're always losing friends because they didn't act when they had the chance. Aside from that it's all little side shots of different characters all seeking the same thing "Justice". I really like the concept of someone finally addressing the fact that that they do essentially sit and wait for something to happen but at this point in time it seems pointless because most of the League isn't really in the League, particularly GL and Superman. I'm not going to bash it because it is only the first issue but unless your a fan of the DCU or the Justice League, you may be lost or really disappointed.
2 out of 5

Captain America Reborn #1

I'm going to make this short and sweet because I could spend all day talking about this comic and Cap in general. Do yourself a favor if you've been watching from the sidelines or your behind on Cap...Go get all the Trades and then read this book. There are a lot of references to stuff that happened in the series that didn't make sense til now. So many things are happening at once that unless your up to date you'll be scratching your head as to what's going on. And thats that! Brubaker makes me wanna punch him because it's just so well thought out and structured.
5 out of 5

Uncanny X-Men #513

Continuing "Utopia", San Fran is put under martial law, The X-Men are wanted criminals and the White Queen finally shows her true colors.. Norman Osborn..I love you!. Read this book or else! I can't tell you anything because there's so much revealed it would ruin the story for you.
5 out of 5

My picks for this week in comics:

Green Lantern #43
Batman #688
Red Robin #2
DArk X-men #1
The Darkness #78

thats all for me..til next week. LEAVE ME SOME LOVE AND COMMENTS!

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