Monday, July 13, 2009

Previews and Reviews with Gore Jones

Whuddup comic book fans! another week down and here we are again. This week was kinda small but non the less some great stuff came out....

Green Lantern #43

It begins here! The first Black Lantern is born. William Hand aka Black Hand becomes the first in line to become a Lantern of Death. This issue gives us a background on Black Hand and how all along he was destined to become the messenger of death. Amazing! Geoff Johns is the man! This week "BLACKEST NIGHT #1" COMES OUT!

5 out of 5

Wednesday Comics #1

This week, DC started their new weekly series simply called "Wednesday Comics". I was skeptical to buy this due to the fact that "Trinity" was terrible and I didn't want to get sucked into buying another weekly book that wastes my time and my money. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this newspaper comic. It's very nostalgic to be reading comics in a newspaper medium.
Kudos go out to DC for trying something new and remembering their comic roots. Good stuff! My only complaint is $3.99 for a "Newspaper" is a little steep..

5 out of 5

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36

Peter Parker meets the Reilly's. Peter annoys JJJ. Spidey gets some love from Boston and learns that Ben Reilly aka The Spider Clone isn't dead and may be out there in the world causing trouble. This is what an annual should be. I was a fan of the "Clone Saga" and I'm excited to see how this adds to the already out of control saga that is Spider-Man.

4 out of 5

Dark X-Men The Begining #1

We saw the formation and first mission of the newly formed "Dark X-Men" in the Dark Avengers / X-Men Utopia one shot, now we get to see three individual stories focusing on Namor, Mimic and Dark Beast. Paul Cornell has a great way of making Norman Osborn seem like his intentions are for the better of society when in reality he's just moving people like chess pieces on a board. In the Namor story (which Namor is in the shower and naked during the whole conversation) Norman plays like he knows why Namor is really joining this team, not for the benefit of the Atlantean people but for the simple fact that he's the first documented mutant. In the Mimic story he's trying to help Mimic come to terms with being bi-polar and tells him that he can help him. In the Dark Beast story he tells "DARK" Hank McCoy that he can test on mutants. Thats all he needs to persuade him to join up. All in all really cool, sucks that it's only a three issue mini but who knows what'll happen.

5 out of 5

Gravel #12

All I'm going to say is black magic involving smoking crack with aborted fetuses. Warren Ellis is a mad genius and I strongly urge you to go and check out this and all his other comics. You will not be disappointed ever!

5 out of 5

Now what I'm Jonesin' for this week!

BLACKEST NIGHT #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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