Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Collection Gallery! YOU can show off your stuff!!!

Face front ya Gold Brickin' Yahoos!

I thought I'd start something new here on the goold old Comicbook Jones Site. Each and every week I'm going to post five scans from my colelction just because I like to show off!

But! Here is where YOU come in! If you send me scans of YOUR favorite books I will bump my scans and show yours instead! Here are the rules:

1) Send your scans to
2) They can be back issues or new comics. ANYTHING that you want to show off from YOUR collection!
3) If you give me your name or user ID I will include it with your scan!

It should be lots of fun.

THIS Week - Some scans from my Golden Age Archie collection with covers by the great Bob Montana!

Now get in there and SCAN you (aforementioned Gold Brickin' Yahoos!!!)

That's 30!


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