Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Well here we are. Christmas 2010 is only days away and the end of another year is upon us. I certainly hope that it has been a healthy and productive year for all of you and your families.

I should also add that you are all on Santa’s NICE list simply for reading the ramblings that I have been tossing over the fence all year. Talk about HEROES! Sheesh!

It certainly has been a GREAT year for our hobby!

Batman is back!...and Xeroxed! In fact there promise to be SO many Batmen that you will need a score card to keep up!

DC has rolled back the price on their regular comics to $2.99 which is welcome news!

Daredevil certainly made a mess of Hell’s Kitchen and is off on sabbatical as we speak!

The X-Men are still so plentiful as to be…confusing…BUT entertaining!

Hell!...even ARCHIE is getting a lot of play in the media.

And NEAL ADAMS is BACK!!!!!!!!

Marvel has been teasing us with a bunch of one line …ummm…TEASERS for the coming story arcs among their major characters. Can this truly be THE DEATH OF SPIDERMAN? All I can say is if Superman, Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Spock, and Buffy can die (Buffy died TWICE by the way) than so can Spidey. Though rumor has it that it is the Ultimate Spidey’s demise that is in the offing. Stay tuned.

Superhero and comic related TV and film rocked again this year with Iron Man 2, Kick Ass and Jonah Hex on the big screen and Walking Dead (which has been picked up for a 13 episode season two in 2011), Smallville on TV. Not to mention Superman/Batman Apocalypse and Superman/Shazam on DVD! 2011 promises even more video goodness with Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America, Green Hornet and X-men: First Class all releasing in the months ahead! Personally I think the real plumb of 2011 COULD be the animated version of All Star Superman! The footage at NYCC looked GREAT. All Star Superman releases direct to video in February so watch for it!

The new MMORPG DC Universe Online is set to release in 2011 and the advance buzz is so positive that I may just have to subscribe myself!

2011 promises to be a banner year for comic fans, that’s for sure.

And now for some random thoughts:

For those of you who are DC and/or Marvel only readers only may I recommend giving Witchblade a try? I picked it up this year and was hooked from day one. In fact that entire universe is very interesting and there is a massive tie in among the major players called Artifacts happening right now. You won’t be disappointed!

Not that I am NOT a great fan of Jeanty’s art on Buffy Season Eight but let’s try drawing some actual FACES in more than half the panels! Having said that I am absolutely looking forward to the finale of “season eight” and the new “season NINE” books. You DID know Angel is leaving IDW for Dark Horse didn’t you?

I see where Batman is now “incorporated”. Can the public buy stock? Voting or non voting shares?

I have come to the conclusion that being a Green Lantern has to be the best superhero gig. Not only do these space cops have great powers, they have their own CLUB of other Green Lanterns! Plus I hear they get free donuts in five different space sectors.

How many titles does Wolverine appear in these days? The poor guy doesn’t have enough time to go to the bathroom!

You really CAN’T screw up more than Matt Murdock did in 2010 can you?

If you are interested in “fast” girls, you may want to check out Velocity! Tell ‘em Mitch sent you!
When in the name of Odin will I be able to pick up my Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Statue!!! …the word is SOON!

I never knew that Jim Kirk’s dad was the God Of Thunder. Cool.

Finally thanks to all the great people at CBJ, the creators of the comics that give me so much joy and to you, my fellow hobbyists for giving me people to share it with. Have a flagon of mead and a heaping bowl of GagH on me.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a pleasant Ragnarok to you all. I’ll see you all on the other side of New Years!

That’s 30!


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