Friday, May 21, 2010

Upcoming News for the Week of 5/26/10


After reading Avengers #1 all of us here at CBJ are hungry for more. We all thought it was a great start to the Heroic Age and we can't wait for all the other new books getting ready to kick off. Luckily we won't have to wait very long because Secret Avengers is the next new Avengers book to come out this month. The team has been revealed and it's interesting to say the least. Hopefully Marvel can continue the great trend they started.

This week one of the Marvel U's most popular characters makes a return in a book bearing his name - Thanos Imperative! This is another one of those books that's been a long time coming and it also features fan favorite Silver Surfer. Add this all up with the newest Green Lantern and another installment of the Return of Bruce Wayne and we're looking to have another fantastic week of comics. Very exciting stuff indeed!

To all of you who voted in Dark Horse's Facebook poll - THANKS! For those who don't know, Dark Horse asked New Yorkers what their favorite comic shop in NYC was and we asked you all to kindly vote for us and many of you did, so thanks again! Our last tally had us up by a good margin. We're not sure if this thing is still going or what the deal is but I won't deter you from voting if you already haven't, the link can be found right here! Keep it going for good ol' CBJ and representing the lost borough!



Comic Book Jones isn't just about comics! We can also save you money on other things like your gas and electric bills. It's true! Just bring a copy of your electric and/or gas bill to the store and we can guarantee you savings on both your bills every month with absolutely no cost to you and no contracts whatsoever. In addition to this if you bring in your bills we will extend your Wednesday discount up to 14% off everything for life! We want to help you guys save some extra money! If you have any additional questions feel free to ask Socko or Tiger at the store or by shooting us an e-mail at

In addition, feel free to come down to the store every Thursday night for some free food and drinks starting at around 9:15pm to learn even more about this opportunity with some special guests!


That's right folks, the raffle is back! Starting this Saturday, May 22nd throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win your choice of either the JLA Trophy Room Superman Cape (Retail Price $294.99), Watchmen Movie Rorschach Grapple Fun & Mask (Retail $249.99), or the Angel 1/1 Scale Puppet Replica (Retail $324.99)! Tickets are only $1 and you can buy as many as you like! This raffle will end on Wednesday, May 26th.


The next tailgate extravaganza of the summer has been locked in. Come join us at the store on Thursday, June 17th starting @ 9pm (tentatively scheduled) to check out Jonah Hex! Starting at 9pm, join us for some free food and drinks and our special tailgate sale where we pick a number out of a hat and everything in the store will be between 10% - 70% off! Wowee! We're still not sure if there is going to be a midnight showing for this movie or not but we will keep you posted! If you haven't been to one of our tailgates before, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

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